Wednesday, August 24, 2011

From Your DJ

Your opinions are valued. For as we always say, there are no DJs if there are none of you, our listeners. No station could survive without its supporters and no figure would rise if not for her long throng of followers. It brings us joy and pride knowing that our every effort and hardships are noted and applauded. The time when we had to make our adlibs sound fine though we are hurting inside, making an effort not to cry though we are struggling inside is a great deal of work and we had to battle with it every day for ours as a job is not just something we do for a living but is also a way of life.

We do not blame you for being unable to see that as figures  and sounds heard from your radio, we are also hurt and we cannot just be happy at all times no matter how we try for that is how life goes. I recognize your intelligence and knowledge about the media and how we should sound to your delicate ears but it is quite insulting that you have to point them out as personal discrepancies of a person like diseases that is inflicting and needs to be treated immediately for fear of spreading.

 We are humans and we are deemed to be corrected. After all, we recognize that we are not perfect and oftentimes we make mistakes. We are very patient people, but there are times that we reach the end of our patience. Please do recognize we are also humans that get het hurt with your “below the belt” allegations. Sometimes, we also feel that we had so much of your insults. It does not actually make us better media personalities, but instead your uncaring unthought-of opinions destroy our self-worth and defies our very purpose of wanting to bring you joy the moment you turn on your monitors everyday and it kills our positive view and our will of wanting to try over and over again.

Maybe more often it is our fault that you see and less of the things that we can do right, maybe that really is life- way back unfair. But I call on a little more prudence, understanding and care for feelings of beings that you do not know personally. You may have the right to judge but it is not your business to crush our spirits. I still and we will always be welcome in receiving your opinions. And we are always grateful of your continued support though I hope sometimes you need to put your views lightly and professionally. 

God bless us all!

Louise ^^