Saturday, November 3, 2012

Empty, Incorrect CDs from Helmet Dive Operators Complained by Tourists

By: Ver Esclamado
Easy Rock Boracay / Yes FM Boracay
November 3, 2012

Boracay tourists complained of seasport operators’ and commissioners’ false promise of providing them CD with accurate pictures.

This was learned when two groups of tourists from Manila found out that their activity CD was blank or has the pictures of different people.

Back in June this year, Dimple Argao and his group complained that their helmet dive operator provided them their activity CD without their pictures. Similarly, the group of Joan Javier’s also had their helmet dive with the same operator and complained because she found out that their activity CD was empty.

The incidents were reported to the concerned helmet dive operator. The operator asked the complaining groups to submit the “CD number” printed on their issued CD for reference and for easy search. The two groups however ceased to make follow ups and has since have not sent the requested information.

Just recently, another group from Manila complained that their commissioner failed to show up to deliver on the agreed time the promised CD of their helmet diving pictures. The group’s activity was operated by another helmet dive operator but they could not tell if their commissioner was an employee.

 According to Anna Leona, their commissioner was no longer responding to their text messages as their departure time approached. Anna has assigned a drop post for the commissioner to deliver the CD but as of press time, no activity CD was handed over from the said commissioner.

The tourists suggested that operators should allow them to check their activity CD for accurate content before parting ways or before leaving their premises.

DTI Aklan calls upon motorists to submit their helmets for inspection

 The number of helmets that the Department of Trade and Industry /DTI have inspected is nowhere near half if it is to be based on the number of motorcycles in the whole province of Aklan.

This is what DTI-Aklan Director Diosdado Cadena has revealed during an interview.

Recently, the helmets that the department had inspected and affixed with stickers for passing the quality for the safety of the motorists and their passengers, is just around 6,500, while the Land Transportation Office (LTO) has a record of more than 17,000 motorcycles in the province.

For this reason Cadena is calling the motorists attention, particularly those who are from the island of Boracay, to spare time and have their helmets inspected before its deadline on December.

He also reminded about the LTO's strict implementation of apprehending motorcycle drivers whose helmets were not certified by the DTI and these includes the back riders.

Cadena also expressed his disappointment because for the past months there are barely those who goes to the DTI office to have their helmets inspected and stickered.

Friday, November 2, 2012


A simple annoying conversation led to deaths.

This was what happened to a group which was drinking together early morning Friday at Sitio Kabangeosan, at the Village of Union, Nabas.

Dead on the “Day of the Deads" were Ceceron Calimpin and Renaldo Bandiola.

It was learned from S/Insp. Reynante Matillano, Chief of Nabas Police that the group of the suspects/victims was drinking together and an annoying conversation transpired which lead to a heated argument.

The heated argument resulted to the family members Renaldo, Premo and Anofre Bandiola going to the house of Ceceron to challenge him and led to the shooting and the 2 deaths using their guns.

Calimpin and Reynaldo Bandiola rightaway died at the compound of Calimpin.

Recovered from the crime scene were a 9mm gun believed to have been used by Calimpin, and empty shells of caliber 45 which were possibly from the Bandiola family.

At of press time, Anofre Bandiola was at large, while Premo Bandiola was being treated at a medical facility at Kalibo. Anofre and Premo are being investigated and things are weighed by Police to find out what corresponding cases would be filed.

PRC Boracay-Malay chapter ready for Boracay's Inaugural Festival of the Winds

As locals and residents of Boracay we had our share of pride every time the island receives praises, awards, and other acknowledgements.

We say thank you, most of the time to those who gave the awards, and sometimes forget to extend our appreciation to the very reason of that praise. Boracay.

However, there are those who remembers it, and even celebrates the elemental forces that enriches the island's very life, and this time it’s for the Wind and Water.

The Philippine Red-Cross Boracay-Malay Chapter in cooperation with the Provincial and Municipal Government, the DOT and other private sectors will be celebrating Boracay's Inaugural Festival of the Winds on November 03-04, 2012.

The festival's opening ceremony on November 03, Saturday will start at 8:00am at a certain establishment in Station 3, Boracay, where Malay Mayor John Yap will give his inspirational message. This will be followed by fun competitions and activities which will mark the celebration of the wind and water elements.

The events which will occur on the mentioned consecutive dates includes Junior and Senior Life Guard Competitions, Paraw Regatta, Lantern Parade, Ocean Swim and Adventure Run, Underwater Ocean Clean-up and Kite flying Competition. 

The Festival will be taking place at PRC Boracay-Malay Chapter's partner resorts and or establishments.

Some politicians in Aklan acted “nosy” during All Saint’s and All Soul’s Day

Some politicians in Aklan were on their feet following voters even at the office of the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) until the registration ended last October 31st.

Even the following day, 1st of November, the All Saints’ Day, which is an important day for Catholic Filipinos, did not slow them down.

A number of provincial and municipal political candidates even campaigned at the cemeteries.

On that same day, some parts of Aklan received what was dubbed as a “blessing” as free water, noodles, and fans – with pictures of candidates for the 2013 midterm elections- was given out.

These free stuffs even reached the Municipality of Malay.

This had drawn varied reactions. While some were happy with what they received, some responded to it with raised eyebrows.

Meanwhile the COMELEC has previously announced not to use the All Saints’ Day for an early campaign.

Thursday, November 1, 2012


It is not in the culture of Boracay Atis to beg. This was what Delsa Justo, clarified.

Justo is the Chieftain of Boracay Atis at Sitio Tulubhan, Manoc-Manoc village. She clarified the matter since allegedly their group is usually mistaken to be going around and begging in Boracay Island.

In an interview with Justo, she explained that even in the past, even if they would eat just once or twice a day, they endure.

According to her, they never thought of begging since they work, they catch fish, they plant- in order to live and support their family.

During the month of December, natives appear unexpectedly at the front beach of Boracay and set up a place to sleep and go begging.

Although Justo does not know where the natives come from, she emphasized that they are not Boracay Atis since it is not their way to just wander.

She hoped that this would also be realized by the Local Government.

The Social Welfare and the Police of Boracay had admitted that the natives who beg, like the Badjaos, are not Boracay Atis.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


The Atis in Boracay are living simply.

Even if it said that they lack education, they are doing what they could to follow the rules or any ordinance.

Even on building their hut on the land given to them, they still follow the ordinance and get permit from the Village Office as much as possible.

These were the statements of Delsa Justo, the Chieftain of Boracay Atis, regarding the problem they are allegedly still experiencing wherein the piece of land given to them by the government is still being claimed by someone.

Justo also articulated that it seems the Local Government does not care when the welfare of Atis is being talked about. But allegedly when they commit a mistake like in building a hut, they are right away interrogated.

Although no particular person was being referred to or mentioned, allegedly there were times when the Atis would hear insults.

The given example was on registration in order to be allowed to vote. As a result, they just find the means to be informed about registration by themselves in order to help the government by voting.

However, she admitted that during election time, only then that they are noticed and even hauled by vehicle. But when election is over, they are no longer remembered.

She added that no matter how much hardship they encounter as they strive in the island, they do not mind, and that they would not leave Boracay since their means of livelihood is here and that they believe the place is where they belong.

Prices of Flowers in Aklan, spiked up

The Department of Trade and Industry/DTI-Aklan acknowledged the fact that the prices of flowers this Halloween has become more expensive.

According to DTI-Aklan Director, Diosdado Cadena, based on the monitoring they have conducted, the prices of flowers in Kalibo had indeed increased.

Ordinary flowers like “Mansanilya” or Chamomile could cost as much as Php150.00, while those which can be considered posh could be at Php250.00 per bundle.

Those which are already arranged now costs Php200.00 to Php800.00, depending on the decoration, arrangement, and kind of flowers to be used.

Cadena however said that they could not tell as to how many percent the prices has increased to, since it varies depending on the kind, color and where the supplies are from.

The Director added that the increase is understandable, particularly because it’s the All Souls’ and All Saints’ Day, and the indisposed products is a drawback for businessmen.

In line with this, Cadena suggested to the public to use the flowers in their own yards, and that consumers must be “wise” by purchasing only that which are necessary. 

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


The brewing problem between the Local Government of Malay and the Philippine Coast Guard Caticlan regarding the cancellation of sea travel on Thursday, October 25 was right away answered.

Sea travel was cancelled due to storm “Ofel,” and Boracay and the whole province of Aklan was under Storm Signal #2 on Thursday.

Regarding the incident, Town Council Member Jupiter Gallenero asked the resource speakers at the beginning of the Basic Intermediate Incident Command System Training Course held by the National Risk Reduction Management Council on Friday, October 26.

Gallenero’s question was on who should be followed and who has the directive in the cancellation of boat trips.

According to the Town Council Member, because of the complaints of passengers who were stranded at Caticlan Jetty Port and it was observed that there were no strong winds and waves were not dangerous for seafarers, allegedly Mayor John Yap made a decision that if possible trips would be allowed because of the situation of tourists at the port.

Nevertheless, the Coast Guard did not allow this to happen, giving the existence of Storm Signal as the reason.

As an answer to the question of Gallenero, Director Rosario T. Cabrera of the Region VI Risk Reduction Management Council, who was present at the training, said that during such situation, it is not possible to just take the rules implemented by the Coast Guard, which is their mandate, for granted.

The Director added that when it is pronounced by the agency that sea travel is prohibited, it should be followed for the safety of all.

DOT admits Boracay is not going to be “100% problem free”

It is a fact that Boracay is not going to be “100% problem free” more so that it has an arrival of a million tourists.

However, whatever the extent the problems in Boracay might be, Department of Tourism Regional Director, Atty. Helen Catalbas, explained that these problems can be addressed accordingly if the National, Provincial and the Local Government of Malay will work in unison in taking actions.

Not only, Catalbas added, in preparing the island for tourists arrivals but also in giving solutions to the island’s problems.

Meanwhile, on the DOT’s part, they are continuously coordinating with other departments, like the Public Works and Highways, Justice, Environment, Transportation, the Local Government, and even with the National Police to respond to the difficulties and or dilemmas that Boracay experiences.

Moreover, even if the solution of a certain problem in the island is not on the DOT’s mandate, these other government agencies could collaborate and work it out.

Monday, October 29, 2012


After 2years of aspiring to reach the 1Million tourist arrival for Boracay, finally, it was realized.

A Korean national was the 1Millionth tourist arrival registered on the list of the Municipal Tourism Office (MTO).

Yuki Mau, who arrived at the Caticlan Jetty Port at 2:36pm, Friday, October 26, 2012, was the much anticipated 1millionth tourist for Boracay Island.

The milestone delighted Atty. Helen Catalbas, the Regional Director of the Department of Tourism (DOT).

According to the Regional Director, the 1Millionth tourist did not even include the more or less 2thousand passengers of the Caribbean Cruise “Legend of the Seas” which visited Boracay on Saturday, and that the feat was achieved 2 months before the year ends.

Catalbas also praised the officials of Malay and the Province of Aklan for the landmark achievement.