Saturday, March 9, 2013

Boracay, No. 1 in 2013 Travelers’ Choice best beach in Asia

Because of its white sands and crystal clear waters

These are the reasons why the already known “2012 Best Beach in the World” that is Boracay was once again recognized.

For the first part of the year, the online travel guide, TripAdvisor  has named Boracay as its “2013’s Traveler’s Choice best beach in Asia.”

The mentioned features of the island, plus the temperate water of its beaches are the reasons why majority of the travelers and tourist has chosen Boracay as the “best beach in Asia” and would always return to.

The island has been the web site’s Traveler’s Choice for three times now, because of its picturesque view and perfect sunset scene which is excellent for honeymooners.

Also although “Puka Beach” in Brgy. Yapak is in Boracay; this has been one of TripAdvisor choices in its survey and has landed on 10th place, recognized for its gigantic waves.

TripAdvisor added that Boracay was also known, since, though a small island, the tourists has a number of choices like the Puka Beach which was also identified for its white sand and beautiful shells.

Meanwhile, the basis of the award depends on the publications from 2011 to 2012.

Friday, March 8, 2013


Patrolling the beach of Boracay is planned to be made more extensive by the Life Guard Boracay starting Friday, March 8.
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This is to ensure that swimmers are safe especially that summer season is near.

According to Life Guard Boracay’s Supervisor Miguel “Mike” Labatiao, they are aware of the incident wherein a female Chinese tourist named Ye Win drowned at Diniwid Beach on Wednesday, March 6.

Because of this, the Diniwid beach, allegedly, will now be included in their patrol.

While for Puka Beach, there will already be Village Watchmen to patrol the area to make sure that swimmers there will be safe.

Labatiao added that Security Guards can also have a big contribution in safeguarding their own area, especially for the safety of swimmers.

Bamboo culms transported via the main road, to be regulated

"Risky and bothersome" 

This is how the local legislative body of Malay describes the bamboos and other bulky construction materials being transported particularly on the main road.

For this reason, the Municipal Council of Malay is now on the process of submitting an ordinance that would regulate the delivery and or transfer of the mentioned materials, more so that the roads in Boracay are quite narrow.

The practice would further put a busy street or main road in disorder, added the councilors.

With this, it is a part of the council’s proposal to conduct the delivery at 4 or 5 in the morning to avoid causing more traffic.

Thursday, March 7, 2013


The Alvares family at New Buswang, Kalibo was wondering why the eyes of the Virgin Mary was swollen and was believed to have cried tears of blood.

Based on the information gathered at noon time Monday, March 4, 14 year old Samuel Alvares noticed the bleeding image located at their altar.

According to the teenager, while he was taking a rest after lunch time, before going back to school, he felt a cold wind.

The wind had allegedly caused whatever that was on the laminated paper to be blown away.

The laminated paper’s size was ¼ of a bond paper.

This followed with something which seemed to have told the teenager to go near the altar.

After getting near the altar, it was then that he saw the bloody image of the Virgin Mary.

He allegedly attempted to wipe the red colored liquid, but the liquid was inside the laminated image.

From there Samuel felt nervous and showed the image to his mother.

From a bright color, allegedly the blood dried.

Samuel’s family wondered where the red liquid came from when the image was white and black.

The image belongs to Samuel's father, and  mother Ofelia and they got it at Capiz Divine Mercy on December.

The family apparently used to pray to the image every night, but since they had been busy, they had not prayed for 3 days.

The incident had prompted the family to think of showing this to the Catholic Church on March 5 to look over the matter.

The plan was made by the family with the hope of finding an explanation on the unusual happening.

Ambulance Fees of Private Clinics in Boracay, to be probed

The Red Cross Boracay was asked to also delve into the private clinics in the island.

This followed after some reports regarding the costly amount that some private clinics are charging for the patients’ use of the ambulance.

Because of this, the Municipal Council queried Malay-Boracay Red Cross Administrator Marlo Schoenenberger during the council’s 8th Regular Session where he presented a report of their accomplishments for 2012.

For having supervision over one of the ambulances in Boracay, Schoenenberger clarified that private clinics indeed are requiring Ambulance Fees.

On the use of the Red Cross Ambulance however, he explained that they have a fix rate of Php1500 charge for tourist patients who has travel insurance.

On the other hand, if the emergency vehicle is being needed by a Boracaynon, they are requiring no fees.

Nonetheless, SB Member Jonathan Cabrera requested Schoenenberger to monitor the clinics in the island if they are charging a justifiable amount in every service of the Red Cross Ambulance.

SB Member Rowen Aguirre, also previously expressed disappointment of why some clinics and or infirmaries in Malay and Boracay still doesn't have their own ambulances.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


The Boracay Foundation Incorporated (BFI) condemned the killing of Ati Youth Leader and Spokesman Dexter Condez.
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The condemnation, stated on the released official statement of the foundation, also included an appeal for justice.
BFI allegedly believes that any form of violence and violation of human rights of an individual also affects the whole community.
Apparently, the murder of Condez on February 22 has shaken Boracay and has defiled Boracay’s reputation as an international tourist destination.                                                                
Regarding this, BFI appealed to President Aquino III, to the Aklan provincial government, Boracay PNP, LGU Malay, and the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) for the case to be solved and to give justice to the assassination of Condez.

The foundation also called for a thorough investigation for the capture of those involved in the crime.

Boracay Beach, watched over by 2 groups of Life Guards

There are now two groups of Life Guards keeping an eye on the beaches of Boracay.

This is what Philippine National Red Cross Malay-Boracay Chapter Officer-in-Charge Marlo Schoenenberger has stated on his report to the Municipal Council of Malay yesterday morning.

According to him, the monitoring schedule particularly on the swimming area has been subdivided to the two groups of Life Savers in the island.

These are the Life Guard of the LGU-Malay headed by Mr. Miguel “Mike” Labatiao, and the Red Cross Life Guards.

Schoenenberger reported that the times from 6 to 9 in the morning and 4p.m. to 7 in the evening are assigned to the Red Cross Life Guards.

The remaining schedule is that of the LGU Life savers.

With this, the swimming area is now being monitored and guarded for 12 hours for the safety of those bathing on the beaches of Boracay.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Although the spokesperson of the Ati Community in the island, Dexter Condez has been laid to rest on Saturday, March 2, the Town Council passed a resolution Tuesday morning, March 5, 2013.

There was no opposition when the resolution showing the sympathy for the death of the Ati spokesperson was passed by the members of the Town Council.

According to the author of the resolution, Town Council Member Rowen Aguirre, the Council was deeply saddened that a life had to be taken just because of land.

Moreover, together with the resolution, the Town Council approved a recommendation to the Police to have a thorough investigation to make the perpetrator accountable.

Condez was shot and died on February 22 and the motive being focused upon was allegedly on land dispute in Boracay Island.

“Aging Policy” for old tricycles in Boracay, final

Old and worn down tricycles in Boracay will only have 6 months whenever the E-trikes will be entering the island.

This is the final agreement between the E-trike adhoc committee regarding the old units in the island particularly those which could not be covered by the “Aging Policy,” set by the Local Government of Malay.

The Policy states that motorcycle units bought before 2008 will be allowed to operate, however this shall be limited and will be staying in the island for only 6 months.

According to Malay Transportation Officer Cezar Oczon, there are more than 100 tricycle units in Boracay which are beyond the limit of the said “Aging” basis as per the LGU’s record.

These units will then be transported to the mainland and will be auctioned by the financer or dealer of the unit depending on its amount for the operators to profit from it.

Meanwhile, as the arrival of the e-trikes in the island is still on process, it is being expected that by June that implementation of the said policy will commence.

Monday, March 4, 2013


There are still those who violate the regulation on building permit in Boracay.

This was admitted by the Municipal Engineer Elizer Casidsid on Tuesday February 26 in an interview related to the moratorium on building constructions on the island.

One of the examples Casidsid mentioned was the rampant putting up of extension of buildings even without appropriate permit.

He also admitted that there are buildings under construction which are almost finished but do not have the appropriate permit for expansion and building permit for construction.

Nevertheless, he said that everything is being done to monitor, and to give notice of violation.

Casidsid added that there are some cases wherein the structures have problems among the claimants, or there is property dispute.

He also added that their department is ready to face any notice by the court if the problem reaches the point where a case is filed.

The moratorium was passed by the Chief Executive to regulate and put a solution on the many illegal structures in Boracay Island.

Blaze in Boracay last Saturday, consumed about P240 thousand

An amount of around Php240 thousand was the damage cost by the fire that had occurred in Boracay two days ago.

This was learned from Bureau of Fire Protection or BFP Boracay Investigator FO3 Franklin Arubang, after a blaze consumed nine households at Sitio Tulubhan in Brgy. Manoc-manoc last Saturday afternoon.

Arubang said the investigation of its cause is still ongoing.

However, according to some witnesses, the fire started from a staff house of a spa facility in the island.

The mentioned staff house was owned by a certain Verlin Dela Cruz.

No injuries have been recorded due to the occurrence.

The fire incident last Saturday, March 2, is the first fire case recorded in Boracay since the Fire Prevention Month kicked off on March 1.