Saturday, October 13, 2012

First ever DTI “Speed Matching Event” in Region 6, held in Boracay

For the first time, the Department of Trade and Industry/DTI has held its “Speed Matching Event” in Boracay.

The meeting of suppliers and buyers from different regions had been enthusiastic as each delegate has given an opportunity to showcase their product and to meet their possible new partners or associates in the industry.

The mentioned event, which is under the DTI’s Leveraging Industries for Supply Chain Program, was based on “speed dating,” said DTI Provincial director Diosdado Cadena, where an individual will be assisted in searching for a partner for them to establish a relationship based on their conversation.

But with the Speed Matching event, suppliers and buyers are introduced with each other to establish a connection or business relationship.

In the event which was held yesterday at a resort in station 3, Boracay, products brought by delegates from Regions 3,6,7 and 10 such as processed meats, sea foods, “pasalubong” or for “presents”, fruits and vegetables were displayed and presented to the possible buyers during the activity.

According to Cadena the activity was an initiative of Region 7 as a pursuant of the DTI’s way to expand the tourism industry and has been a success in Cebu and Bohol, the reason that they have brought this concept to region 6 and was held in Boracay.

Present are representatives of different resorts and hotels, as well as Boracay Foundation Incorporated/BFI President, Jony Salme.

Friday, October 12, 2012

BIHA Needs to Join the BAG

Boracay Island Hopping Association (BIHA) already needs to join the Boracay Action Group (BAG).

Boracay Island Administrator Glenn Sacapaño said this on Thursday, October 11.     
This is allegedly because all sea sporting activities in Boracay Island already need to be upgraded to tourism standard.

The recommendation is in relation to the regulations that were discussed at the meeting between the Local Government of Malay and the Boracay Island Hopping Association on Wednesday, October 5.

Meanwhile, Sacapaño was allegedly delighted that everyone agreed on the proposals of the Mayor of Malay at the meeting.

Included in the proposals were the painting of BIHA pump boats with blue and white.

Another is the implementation 200 meter setback from the shoreline of Boracay for the anchoring of boats anywhere in the island. This isto prevent disrupting the rehabilitation of corals.

Another in the agreed upon proposals is the implementation by the BIHA of the displaying of tariffs set by the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA). This is allegedly for the prevention of confusion and of tourists from falling victim to unscrupulous commissioners.

Sacapaño believed that the necessity of discussing about commissioners should not have been necessary if no complaints of abuse had been received. He added that BIHA should serve as police to their guests or tourists and help in the program of BAG by joining it.

Boracay Action Group, to place Ring Buoys at the front beach

The Boracay Action Group or BAG will be placing ring buoys at the front beach.

In fact the group had already set some of these buoys which are attached to a 12 meter nylon rope in the beaches of station 3 at Barangay Balabag.

The Community Advisory released by the Boracay Action Group states that the setting up of the said buoys or floaters is the conceived answer for the rising drowning incidents in the island.

These will be attached to the posts at the shores with a 100 meter distance to ensure that anybody or everybody can use it in times of drowning incidents.

Even the security guards of resorts and establishments can respond to like cases using these buoys.

It has been learned that some resorts displayed initiative by placing their own ring buoys as a response to the BAG’s project.

When it comes to the issues on theft, the BAG asked the resorts to watch over they own buoys and to put it away for keeping every 5pm.

Meanwhile the Boracay Action Group continues on requesting for the support of other private sectors on the island for the said project to be successful.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Aklan a Billionaire Province When It Comes to Tax Collection

By the month of September, the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) Aklan has already exceeded the target collection of the whole district of Aklan.

The matter has delighted the Revenue District Officer (RDO) Ricardo Osorio since there are still three months before the year ends, yet the P914Million target tax collection for 2012 has been exceeded.

According to Osorio, who was interviewed on the first week of October, the tax already collected was at P935 Million, a surplus of more than P20 Million from the target collection.

In relation to this, Aklan can now be classified to be among the Billionaire provinces when it comes to tax collection because by December, collection is expected to reach a Billion.

In addition, although from January to August the collection was only P804 Million and the target was expected to be met only by November, P76 Million from a Boracay Real Estate transaction was collected which enabled the target to be met and exceeded.

Meanwhile, the RDO expressed gratitude for the cooperation from taxpayers and the Media of Aklan for the assistance rendered to the Bureau to enable it to do well in its collection, and exceed its target despite their lack of manpower.

Uniform colored boats for BIHA, promoted by LGU-Malay

Blue for the lower part and white for the upper portion.

This will be the color of the boats that is expected for the BIHA or the Boracay Island Hopping Association to have these following days.

Yesterday, the Local Government of Malay has promoted or encouraged for the BIHA pump boats to be identically painted as an additional tourist attraction.

Aside from having it painted with blue and white the boats will also be marked with Boracay Beach Management Program or BBMP’s logo which says “Sali Ako Diyan.”

During an interview with Boracay Island Administrator Glenn Sacapaño, he said apart from being an attraction this could also help in identifying boats on operation which can be considered “colorum.”

The implementation of the said plan will commence on November 15, 2012, a Thursday, where in the first ten of the more than 200 BIHA boats will be painted.

Sacapaño added, to lessen the operators’ loads, Mayor John Yap himself will be looking for a sponsor for the said project, an idea which the members of BIHA has agreed to.

The mentioned agenda was only one of the topics which have been tackled in yesterday’s meeting between the LGU and Boracay Island Hopping Association.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Swimming at the Front Beach Will Be Strictly Prohibited If the Red Flag Is Up

Prohibiting the swimming at the front beach during bad weather will now be strictly implemented.

This is according to Chief Petty Officer Ronnie Hiponia, the Philippine Coast Guard OIC Station Commander of Caticlan.

The matter was allegedly discussed during the Emergency Meeting called for by Malay Mayor John Yap on the 4th of October.

The declaration was due to the successive drowning incidents recorded in Boracay within just a day, on October the 3rd in particular.

Aside from this, since tourists allegedly do not know yet the significance of Red Flag, a flag which is raised during bad weather prohibiting swimming at sea, a plan by the Chief Executive to better inform the public about Red Flag has allegedly been made.  

Effort will also be made to dispatch someone whose job is to prohibit and give warning to those who are swimming and those who are planning to swim at the beach front.

The red flag will also be made bigger for better visibility.

These matters according to Hiponia will be done thru the cooperation of the Boracay Action Group (BAG).

In addition, on the part of the Coast Guard, the agency is allegedly doing its part to ensure the safety of the public in Boracay

One month to go, 1 million targeted tourist arrivals in Boracay will be achieved

It is being expected that by the end of October the targeted one million tourist arrivals in Boracay will be achieved.

Since January till the end of September the Municipal Tourism Office of Malay had recorded more than 932,648 tourist arrivals.

Where in there are only about 67,000 tourists for the target to be completed, which is equivalent to a one month record of tourist arrivals.

The monthly record of tourist influx in Boracay is no less than 70,000.

If this month will end whilst maintaining the record and statistic trend of tourist arrivals, the mark will surely be attained.

Meanwhile, the Koreans still leads the most number of tourists in the island which is then followed by the Chinese and Taiwanese.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Issue on the P38 Million Land Fill of Malay - Clear -Town Council

No mistake was found from the contractor of the P38 Million Land Fill of Malay.

The contractor of the Land Fill, R2 Builders, was not found to have committed irregularities before implementing the project. This was the conclusion reached from the presentation of Engr. Edmund Sese, Authorized Managing Officer of R2 Builders in a presentation held at the session with regard to the allegedly questionable project. The presentation was on September 25.

The Town Council was convinced by Sese’s presentation and answer that the design for the project was not changed and the area was not made smaller. This was contrary to what Engr. Arnold Solano, Special Project Officer of Malay earlier reported.

Sese also clarified that the Land Fill design was approved by the Mayor, and that R2 Builders gave the permission to Sese to design and construct the project.

He added that the P38 Million budget is only for the Phase I of the project. 

The fund is not only for the Land Fill area for Boracay, but also includes the cost for the putting up of a building and the paving of a mountainous path leading to the Land Fill area from the Main Road.

In the end, it became clear to the Council why the area for Boracay’s residual garbage was smaller and was filled up earlier than the targeted year.

Since Solano attended the session, he was reprimanded for reporting about the alleged irregularities which was said to have brought worry to the Town Council.

Producers and Suppliers from different Regions in the country, to gather for a “Speed Matching Event” in Boracay

It is delicious to pair known Filipino foods “Puto” (Steamed cake) with “Dinuguan” (Pork Blood Stew/Blood Pudding Stew) and also “Suman” (rice cake) with Mango.

However this kind of “pairing” is not only applicable with native foods but is also done with products which promote tourism.

This coming Friday, producers and suppliers in the resort industry from regions 3, 4, and 6 which includes Bohol, Cebu, Palawan, Davao, and Cagayan De Oro together with Aklan will be gathered in an event.

Participants are encouraged to bring with them their “sample products” and promotional materials in order for it to be paired or matched with that of the other delegates.

According to the Department of Trade or DTI-Aklan, the said event is an opportunity for producers and suppliers to establish a “buyer-supplier” connection which could prosper to a continued “business agreements” which in turn could further stabilize the tourism industry.

The Speed Matching Event will be held in a certain resort in Station 3 in Boracay, from 11am until 5 in the afternoon and is under the Leveraging Industries for Supply Chain (LINCs) Program of the DTI.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Investigation on the Capsized Boat Carrying Taiwanese Nationals Not Over

The investigation by the Philippine Coast Guard of Caticlan on the capsizing of the boat Kevin 2 on Wednesday, October 3 at Tambisaan where 3 Taiwanese nationals died, has not been closed.

The island hopping boat was carrying 31 passengers consisting of tourists, tour guide and crew members.

According to Chief Petty Officer Ronnie Hiponia, OIC Station Commander of the PCG-Caticlan, a statement on what really transpired has not been taken from the Tour Guide of the Taiwanese nationals.

However, Hiponia promised that once the investigation is over and whatever the result is, the appropriate penalty to be given to the operator of the boat shall be given by the Regional Office of the Coast Guard.

For the meantime, allegedly there seemed to be no complaints received by the PCG from the victims that they were taken for granted by the boat operator. Hiponia added that the expenses of the victims were shouldered by the boat operator.

Meanwhile, since there were 3 incidents in just 24 hours on the same day -- the sinking of a boat at Tabon Port, the drowning of students resulting to 3 deaths at the beachfront, and the capsizing of the boat carrying the Taiwanese nationals were 3 died -- an Emergency Meeting was said to have been called by the Chief Executive of Malay.

The meeting was said to be for the proper action to be made regarding the incident, and to plan things to prevent a re-occurrence.

Comelec-Aklan, targets additional Polling Precincts

With the use of PCOS machines, the 2010 Elections was a successful.

Thereby, Provincial Commission on Election/Comelec Supervisor, Atty. Ian Lee Ananoria perceives that it will be the same for the 2013 mid-term elections.

However Ananoria had observed the very long lines in some polling precincts in the past
The matter which made them consider setting up some additional precincts for a more promptly voting for the public on the coming election.

This is the solution that they are seeing, especially that the number of voters had rise.

Back in the 2010, some difficulties had been encountered upon the implementation of the usage of the PCOS such as the lack of signal in some parts of Aklan. This had caused them to transfer to another area in order for the machines to transmit data. This had also caused some complexity among other individuals as that was the first election where the machines have been used.

Meanwhile, as the filing of the Certificates of Candidacy or COCs has ended last October 05, the Comelec has immediately opened their office for registrations, transfers, and re-activations of voters to be qualified in taking part for the 2013 mid-term elections.