Friday, October 10, 2014

Operation of Petro Wind Energy Plant in Nabas and Malay prepared for 2015

Posted October 10, 2014
Written by Jay-ar M. Arante

The operation of Petro Wind Energy Plant in the town of Nabas and Malay, Aklan is now being prepared for this coming year 2015.

As required by the National Grid Corporation (NGCP), Petro Wind Energy Plant has already installed its Fiber Optic Cables.

They have also raised the 18 wind mill or turbine in Nabas and Malay, expected to add energy needed by the NGCP Visayas grid for next year.

On the other hand this also the reason why the Aklan Electric Cooperative (AKELCO) have scheduled a power interruption affecting the town of Nabas, Malay, Buruanga and the entire island of Boracay to give way to the configuration of the lines.

Aside from being a big help for the energy needs in Visayas, the Petro Wind Energy Plant is also expected to become another tourist attraction in the province similar to the famous wind farm in Bangui, Ilocos Norte, which is also a big help for their economy.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Basement construction in Boracay will be prohibited

Posted October 9, 2014
Written by Jay-ar M. Arante

Basement construction of establishments in Boracay will be prohibited as soon as the Sangguniang Bayan of Malay has its final decision on the issue.

Basements are believed to cause flooding during heavy rains.

As rain water enters the basement, establishments then pumps them to the drainage system, causing the drainage to overflow.

SB member and Chairman of the Committee on Laws Rowen Aguirre said on his committee report last Tuesday that it needs to be prohibited rather than to be regulate.

This matter was also discussed and prohibited by the Zoning and Engineering Department of Malay after they found out that water comes out from the ground even with just shallow excavation.

Aguirre also stressed that the volume of water coming from the underground is very strong.

Several major hotels on the island have been found to have constructed their basements for their generator sets.

Meanwhile, the Malay council is yet to discuss the matter for the second reading during the next regular session.

Aklan Irrigation Management Program intensified

Posted October 9, 2014
Written by Gloria Villas

To sustain self-sufficiency under the government’s program, the Irrigation Management Office (IMO) started implementing irrigation projects.

In this regards, office of Division Manager Engr. Rizalo Conception from IMO sent an endorsement letter to the Sangguniang Panlalawigan (SP) Aklan for the adoption and approval of the System Management Committee (SMO) Resolution No. 01 Series of 2014 on the policies of Aklan League of the Federation of Irrigator's Association, Inc. (ALFIA).

According to the letter, “Irrigation Management Program aims to expand and enhance Aklan Provincial Government and community-level capacity to manage water resources to improve agricultural production and productivity.”

Under the task order, IMO work will include capacity-building and institutional strengthening services in the agricultural, irrigation and livestock management sectors, coupled with civil engineering support.

However, although it was already discussed, SP Aklan agreed that it will be initially referred to the Agriculture and Environment Committee.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Supplemental budget for some projects in Malay approved by the Sangguniang Bayan

Posted October 8, 2014
Written by Jay-ar M. Arante 

The supplemental budget No. 1 of the LGU Malay for Calendar (CY) 2014 is approved by the Sangguniang Bayan.

SB Member and Chairman of the Committee on Laws Rowen Aguirre approved this yesterday at the SB Session.

The total amount of the said budget is P91, 690, 075.06 which has been allocated for major infrastructure in the town.

Among the projects appropriated funds are the roads in mainland Malay and the island of Boracay which are not covered by the national road owned by the Department of Public Works and High-ways (DPWH).

LGU also funded the project in some barangay in Malay for more rapid development of the area as well as for the various programs and services of the Local Government.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Problems’ concerning the drainage system ends on October 15, 2014

Posted October 7, 2014
Written by Bert Dalida

Heavy rains in recent weeks have revived a longtime situation of poor sewage drainage in Boracay Island which officials delve into the real cause of the problem.

However, this time Boracay Island Administrator Glenn Sacapaño said, “That after the commitment of Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority (TIEZA) in a meeting together with Boracay Redevelopment Task Force (BRTF) and stakeholders in the island, it drives solutions that should eventually alleviate the problem.”

He further explains that “it also answers questions about different matters about the drainage system and to avoid argumentations and misunderstandings to such problems.”

Sacapaño added that “specifically the meeting was scheduled this coming October 15 even though TIEZA has already answered those questions raise by the Boracay Foundation Incorporated (BFI).”

Meanwhile, it will be recalled that officials of Department and Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) and other government agencies also conducted their conversations last November 15.

Sacapaño said that, “they expect to submit their plans and hoping for a permanent solution to Problems’ concerning the drainage system.”

Translated by Gloria Villas

Public warns by APPO against “Budol-Budol” gang

Posted October 7, 2014
Written by Jay-ar M. Arante

Do not just trust strangers.

This is the public reminder of Aklan Police Provincial Office (APPO) against the “Budol-Budol” gang in the province that usually victimizes senior citizens.

Recently, a 65-year-old identified as Felipa Enriquez was duped by Budol-Budol gang taking her P400 cash and two jewelry worth of P14, 000.

APPO information officer PO3 Nida Gregas said that the favorite victims of the group are the senior citizens coming out from banks and church specially this “Ber” months.

She added that this group goes out with their modus operandi pretending to ask for help from their victims.

Meanwhile, police investigation to the said incident is still going as they remind the public to be vigilant at all times and accompany their elderly who are carrying huge amount of money.

Meanwhile last Wednesday a 63-year old woman from Kalibo was duped by Budol-Budol gang taking her P49, 000 cash after a retiree from the same town fell victim to three swindlers, losing P100,000 worth of cash, jewelry and watches.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Aklan Media, attended DOST Seminar on Responsible Weather Reporting

Posted October 6, 2014
By Bert Dalida 

Members of Aklan Media attended DOST Seminar on Responsible Weather Reporting.

During the seminar DOST imparted to the participants the different knowledge on weather reporting or forecasting.

DOST said media particularly the radio has a vital role in giving public safety and disaster preparedness information.

The two-day seminar was held in Mandaue, Cebu City and was also attended by different media group from Visayas.

Municipal traffic code of Malay and Boracay, now subject for deliberation

Posted October 6, 2014
Written by Jay-ar M. Arante

The municipal traffic code of Malay and Boracay is now subject for deliberations of the Sangguniang Bayan of Malay.

SB Member and Chairman of the Committee on Laws Rowen Aguirre said Tuesday that they had a draft and an ordinance for the traffic code that includes specific driving rules and ordinances.

A technical working group was also created to study the traffic code.

Meanwhile, Vice Mayor Wilbec Gelito recommended the said ordinance for second reading at the next regular session.

It was found out that Malay Transportation Office (MTO) faces different problems regarding the traffic code in the island and in the municipality.