Friday, June 29, 2012

E-Trikes to Fully Replace Traditional Tricycles on the Streets of Boracay by 2015

The allowance set for the traditional tricycles in Boracay will be almost three (3) years before they will be changed to the new and electric powered E-Trikes.

This was the agreement reached by the Department of Energy (DOE) Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the Town Council of Malay Thursday morning in the E-Trike public consultation to change the means of public transportation in Boracay. The E-Trike is foreseen as a solution to noise and air pollution in the island.

It is the target of the Local Government of Malay that by year 2015 only E-Trikes will ply the streets. The current five hundred (500) units of traditional tricycles which have a franchise and registered to Boracay Land Transportation Multi-Purpose Cooperative (BLTMPC) are planned to be replaced by the E-Trikes.

During the presentation Thursday morning, the Officer in Charge, Assistant Director Jesus Anunciacion of the DOE said that the government has a program which is being implemented by the Department. In the program, five hundred (500) units of E-Trikes are allocated for Boracay for public transportation and these units are not to be sold to private individuals.

Each of these E-Trikes costs two hundred thousand pesos (P200, 000) to be paid within five (5) years by the existing operators with franchise and who are registered with the BLTMPC.

Firing Range in Boracay, A Profitable Business – PD Defensor

Police Senor Superintendent Cornello Defensor, Provincial Director of Aklan Provincial Office refused to interfere about the issue on the construction of an indoor firing range in Boracay because he has no authority on this matter.

According to him he is not in the position to put a stop to this plan, for the reason that it is the Higher Headquarters that will grant this proposed firing range’s operation a permit.

But on his personal opinion, having a firing range on the island is a profitable business especially if this is for the tourists, as there are places or countries where firearms are really prohibited.

He however said that this depends on the headquarters’ approval.

This will affect the campaign of Boracay Police of a gun free island, as they cannot prohibit anyone from carrying a gun especially if this has a permit and is licensed.

This past week the Town Council had approved the endorsement of the construction of the said firing range in Barangay Yapak.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Public Consultation on Proposed E-Trikes by the DOE & ADB Held

The first part of the public consultation on the proposed E-Trikes this morning was heated but fruitful.

The public consultation was filled with questions from the Town Council Members of Malay who attended as well as from individuals from the private sector.

The raised questions ranged from the E-Trikes’ operation to its capability. Most of the questions were based on experience on the existing and currently operating ten (10) units of E-Trikes supplied by Gerweiss Motors.

However, the Department of Energy clarified that the existing ten E-Trike units is not its project. Further through the consultation, the DOE, which is assisting the proposed E-Trikes, together with the Asian Development Bank (ADB), its partner in the project, promised that the E-Trikes to be brought to the Island of Boracay will have quality especially on battery matters.

The public consultation was held to aid the Town Council of Malay in its decision making to adopt the E-Trike. This is to slowly replace the traditional tricycle in the island.

Aside from the DOE and ADB, representatives from the Department of Finance, Land Transportation Office, Land Bank of the Philippines and the Local Officials of Malay were sent.

Boracay targets to be gun free, but this could be difficult - PNP Provincial Director

The Aklan Police targets to make Boracay a gun free area as this is a tourist destination, this however is not easy to achieve.

According to Police Senior Superintendent Cornello Defensor, Provincial Director of Aklan
Police Provincial Office, not until the law relating to gun carrying will be refilled to exempt Boracay they cannot prohibit anyone who enters Boracay possessing the said weapon, especially if it is licensed and owned by a security agency.

He added that because the issuance of permit to carry continues, they can’t stop those who bring a firearm whilst entering Boracay.

Nonetheless the Provincial Director said that they are doing everything to make this tourism area a gun free zone.

This explanation by Defensor was stated during an interview yesterday morning followed after subsequent accounted cases on the island like the indiscriminate firing last week, complaints about a stray bullet, and the harassment of a certain security guard against his colleague using a gun.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

"Filipinnovation on Coral Restoration Program" for Boracay: the DOST

Coral restoration is the current aim of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) in Boracay.

The DOST’s project is called “Filipinnovation on Coral Restoration Program.” With the program it is bringing, the DOST is expected to spend a year in the island.

Apparently, the aim of the program is to give solution to the problem of coral destruction. The hope is that with the help of attractions from underwater activities, tourism in the island would be made stronger for the livelihood of the people.

It was learned that the national government gave the fund to the DOST to conduct the program in Boracay as one of its Pilot Technology Demonstrations or Models for the promotion of Science-based coral reef management.

Senator Loren Legarda, Aklan Congressman Florencio Joeben Miraflores, Governor Carlito Marquez and other members of the Philippine Congress and Senate support the program.

In Boracay, its local partners are Sangkalikasan Cooperative and Boracay Association of Scuba-diving Schools (BASS) from the private sector.

Apparently, the benefits the program will bring to Boracay, if successful, are employment and profit for the people of Boracay.

The DOST’s program, headed by Cesario Pagdilao, was presented at the Town Council session yesterday.

Dr. Salaver: Cleanliness is still the solution for dengue

The Malay Municipal Health Office (MHO) will not get tired of informing and reminding that nothing will change or the only thing that could actually help to prevent dengue is to clean our surroundings.

This is what Municipal Health Officer Dr. Adrian Salaver had clarified as a response to the alarming cases of dengue not only in Caticlan but as well as other places.

That is why, through a campaign, they are pressing on this matter, reminding the public that the cooperation of the whole community is needed in this kind of problem.

According to him it is not just the MHO that should take action, as it would be better if the whole community and the barangay officials would also take the initiative.

For instance, he said, with cleaning of surroundings, those who are not doing their part should be reported to the Barangay so that the officials will be responsible in dealing with them.

As the mosquitoes, as a vector, are transferring from one place to another, it would be useless if a single household would clean their area, while their neighbors won’t actually do their part.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Dengue Claims the Lives of Three Kids at Barangay Caticlan

It was confirmed by the Secretary of the Caticlan Council that there have been three (3) registered deaths from Dengue at Barangay Caticlan.

According to the Secretary, one (1) was in the month of May, and the two (2) were just this past week. The fatalities were six (6) year olds. The two fatalities were stricken with Dengue almost at the same time and both were residents of Sitio Tabon, Barangay Caticlan. The two were neighbors.

Because of the alarming incident, the Barangay Officials, spearheaded by the Caticlan Barangay Captain, Julieta Aron, are now said to be making moves to convince their Barangay to clean their surroundings.

Aside from this, an inspection has allegedly been conducted at the vicinity of the Dengue victims and found that places where mosquitoes could lay their eggs and garbage existed.

As a result, a thorough campaign is now being held to give warning to residents at the Barangay. Schools are also included in the campaign in order to avoid further deaths from Dengue.

Operation of Motorcycles in Boracay Is Prohibited and Impossible to Be Legalized

It is against the law to use single motorcycles as a means of public transport that is why it is prohibited in Boracay said Malay Transportation Officer Cezar Oczon.

According to Oczon, the operation of the said motorcycles as a public utility vehicle is against the national law, and even this town has its ordinance about this matter.

He explained that these motorcycles, unlike the tricycles, cannot be issued a franchise for its operation to be legal.

In line with this, Oczon referred to the Land Transportation Office (LTO) to answer similar questions as this subject is under their expertise.

However, he clarified that the case for motorcycles is a different case with the motorbikes for rent. The latter is legal as it is not used as a commuter vehicle.

Meanwhile, although prohibited, a number of commuters are actually defending the operation of these motorcycles.

For them single motorcycles are of a big help especially during the night time, as the tricycles do sometimes have preferred passengers making the motorcycles in demand.

Oczon added that it is impossible for these motorcycles' operation to be made legal on the island despite of the convenience it gives to commuters.

Monday, June 25, 2012

BLTMPC Ready To Act On Any Irregularity

The Boracay Land Transportation Multi Purpose Cooperative (BLTMPC) is ready to discipline if there is reported breaking of rule or if unsatisfactory service is rendered by a tricycle driver in Boracay Island.

According to the BLTMPC Manager Ryan Tubi, this includes choosing passengers, overloading, not letting students from Boracay get a ride, not wearing the correct uniform and other violations.

Tubi revealed that there have been instances wherein drivers and operators of the cooperative have been penalized or suspended after complaints were made and the complaints were confirmed in the cooperative’s investigation.

He added that many have been given warnings to be reminded of the correct service and how to follow the cooperative’s rules.

Meanwhile, it was made clear by Tubi that only six (6) persons are allowed to ride a tricycle from the designated tricycle queue area to avoid overloading. This consists of two (2) passengers in front, three (3) passengers at the back and one (1) on the back ride.

The statement was made by Tubi following an observation that there are some tricycles carrying more than six (6) passengers. Upon reaching Manoc-Manoc at the area where there is higher road level, if the tricycle could not carry the load, passengers are told to alight to push the tricycle.

20 seized motorcycles to be transported to Mainland Malay

The Local Government of Malay recently holds 20 units of impounded motorcycles.

The motorcycles which were apprehended due to the lack of permit to transport are intended to be dispatched back to the mainland.

This followed after the local government has strictly implemented a rule for motorcycles and other types of vehicles which are already quite numerous for the island.

Those which will fail to provide the proper documents will be transported out of Boracay to lessen the traffic.

According to Island Administrator Glenn Sacapano, these 20 apprehended units are without a permit to transport and will be sent to the mainland to settle the violations committed.

However he doesn’t know when these units will be transported.

Earlier this month Malay Mayor John Yap’s Memorandum order has been implemented. The memorandum declares the suspension of issuance of permit to transport by the LGU, which covers all types of vehicles, and will be effective until the end of this year.