Saturday, June 1, 2013

E-Trikes’ technical side, explained

Information on technical capabilities of Electric Tricycles or E-trikes can further widen the understanding of the public, particularly the commuters.

In an interview with Gerard Villoria of Gerweiss Motors, during Friday’s distribution of e-trike certificates, he explained the benefits of the units.

Electric tricycles can save up to 80% gasoline, has zero emission, comfortable for commuters and its center of balance demands less efforts from drivers.

When asked about its capability to take uphill courses, Villoria said the unit is capable of carrying 9 passengers if for example taking the Mt. Luho path, and has more power compared to an ordinary tricycle.

Going down is more dangerous, he added, however the e-trike has its Regenerative braking which has two functions:  recharging the batteries and engine brake which makes its safe.

The e-trike also has a tracking system or GPS and it updates every 25 (5-30) seconds determining its location and even speed. It also has 3 cameras or CCTVs.

Friday, May 31, 2013


Christafari , the first Christian artist to ever top the Billboard with their album “Reggae Worship: a Roots Revival” is in Boracay for a one night free concert for Reggae fans and lovers of music.

Najee Chua, Marketing and Promotions Manager of Becca Music which brought Christafari to Boracay and Kalibo together with Boracay International Island Caretakers (BIIC) said in an interview on Friday afternoon, that Becca Music company did not contact Christafari to bring the band to the Philippines, but that the band, which has performed in about 45 countries wanted to share their music to the Philippines and contacted Becca Music as a production team.

According to Chua, the band even shouldered their plane tickets just to share their music to the country.

Chua also said Mark Mohr, one of the vocalists and the founder of the band, has been in the music industry for 24 years, and that Mohr believes he has a mission, and that Christafari, the international multicultural band with 8 official members, is trying to lift up someone else’s name which is Jesus Christ thru music.

When asked what the overall message of the band was, Chua said: "God loves you."

The band, which has a Filipino lead guitarist, performed a concert in Kalibo on Thursday, May 30.

The concert which drew about 500 fans and lovers of music had 17 songs played according to Chua but that she did not have an idea on how many songs would be performed in Boracay.

Nevertheless, in an earlier interview with Izy Jingko of BIIC she said the band would be having a longer concert in Boracay.

The concert in Boracay Island is scheduled Friday night, May 31 at Exotic Island Bar, Station 2 at 6pm.

Written and Contributed by: Rodel J. Abalus

BanKO supports Malay LGU’s efforts for a cleaner, greener Boracay

The local government unit of the Philippines’ premier tourist destination finds another ally in its efforts topreserve its ecosystem and promote environmental sustainability.

BPI Globe BanKO, the first and only mobile-based, microfinance-focused savings bank in the country, ventured into a tripartite agreement with the LGU of Malay, Aklan and Gerweiss Motors Corporation to finance the purchase of electric tricycles or “e-trikes”.  Certificates of credit line approval were recently granted by BanKO to the first batch of tricycle operators in Boracay.

The e-trike project is an initiative of the LGU of Malay headed by Mayor John Yap, who conceptualized the idea of turning Boracay into an “e-trike island” as early as 2010.  The project will not only increase profitability for tricycle drivers and operators, but also drastically reduce carbon dioxide emissions on the island. 

10 e-trikes from Gerweiss Motors have been ferrying tourists around the island since December 2011.  The durability of the e-trikes, which are made of fiberglass and specifically built for Boracay’s terrain, has been proven as all units remain fully operational to this day.  The Boracaye-trike was developed by Gerweiss Motors, headed by its president and CEO Gerard Villoria, with the needs of the island’s tourists in mind.  The e-trikes can seat 10 passengers, and are spacious enough to accommodate heavy loads such as luggage and water sports equipment. 

Malay LGU, BanKO and Gerweisscollaborated to design an ecosystem that includes a fleet management system, a battery station and a maintenance hub. 

BanKO’s participation involves granting loans for Boracay’s tricycle operators, as well as loans for battery stations.  With this, the operators will be able to comply with the LGU’s policy to replacefuel-powered tricycles to the energy efficient e-trikes that reduce air and noise pollution.

BanKO has been at the forefront in providing financial inclusion to the lower income classes, offering loans to microentrepreneurs in order to raise additional capital for their businesses in cooperation with microfinance institutions. 

BanKO President Teresita B. Tan explains, “While financing for electric vehicles may be viewed as risky because its use is not yet widespread in the Philippines, BanKO is committed to its partnership with the local government and Sangguniang Bayan of Malay, Aklan because we support their goals and objectives towards environmental sustainability.Boracay is also the ideal community to pilot this project as we plan to replicate it in other places.”

BanKO VP for Emerging Markets Gigi Gatti adds, “This partnership banks on the strengths of each implementing partner – Maly LGU for its policies and incentives, Gerweiss Motors and its technology partners Toyota Tsusho Asia Pacific and Singapore Technologies for their expertise in e-trike development, and BanKO for its innovative financial products.  Eventually, we plan to expand our sustainable energy financing projects to business establishmentsin Boracayto help them save on energy costs.”

The Malay LGU maintains a very strong positioning on “greening” the environment and the move to replace Boracay’s536 tricycles with e-trikes is viewed as fully complementary to the tourism business, as more tourists flock to destinations that actively promote eco-tourism.
Mayor Yap has always been vocal about pursuing his vision for Boracay as the first major tourist destination in the world to become an “e-trike island.”

“More of our tricycle operators will be able to own an e-trike with the help of BanKO.  Because these vehicles are energy efficient, their income will be higher and they will have a better quality of life, as it is more economical to power an e-trike than a petrol-fuelled tricycle,” Mayor Yap says.
Sangguniang Bayan-Malay’s e-trike committee chairman Hon.  Dante Pagsuguiron agrees.  “In the policy that we have drafted, we plan to gradually phase out all conventional tricycles and replace them with e-trikes by 2015.  We will also be giving incentives to the first 100 operators who will participate in the e-trike program and we hope that in the coming months, there will be more operators who will be be able to secure a credit line from BanKO.”

The Malay LGU, BanKO andGerweiss Motors look forward to the success of the e-trike program. “Hopefully, our program will become a model for other communities in the country,” Mayor Yap concludes.

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Boracay Water donates two drinking fountains to Barangay Manoc-Manoc

Water and wastewater operator Boracay Water recently turned over two drinking fountains to officials of Barangay Manoc-Manoc.

Turned over by BIWC COO, Ben Maniosca during Manoc-manoc’s fiestaon May 24, 2013, the drinking fountains, which is a part of BIWC’sLingap Barangay Project of Manila Water foundation was received by Mayor John Yap, Manoc-manocBrgy. Capt.Abraham Sualog, and members of the LGU.

The drinking fountains will be located at the multipurpose gym for the use of players and of the public whenever an activity will be conducted.

This will be connected to BIWC’s line for free. Boracay water also proudly explained that the water passing though a dispenser-like mechanism will come out clean and cold keeping true to their promise of a high standard quality.

Meanwhile Brgy, Chairman Abraham Sualog and Mayor Yap extended their gratefulness for BIWC’s continous support for the island of Boracay.

AKELCO, conducts power interruption today

The Aklan Electric Cooperative or AKLECO has postponed and re-scheduled its intended power interruption today, May 31, 2013.

The interruption started off at 6:00 early this morning and will end at 5:00 this afternoon.

The previous schedule which was supposed to be yesterday May 30, was moved due to the rainy weather, therefore if the same will be experienced today, they might cancel the power disruption.

This Power Interruption is in accordance with the NGCP’s implementation of an Annual Preventive Maintenance Service (PMS).

Meanwhile, the following areas will be affected by the said brown out: Island of Boracay, Malay, Buruanga, and some parts of Nabas like Libertad, Unidos, Rizal, Tagaroroc and Union.

For more inquiries the public is advised to contact Hotline no. 144 or at 09074223629 and look for Engr. Joel Martinez Arnaldo Arboleda or at Boracay Subsation at 288-3373.


The launching of the electric tricycles (e-trikes) in the Island of Boracay has been set.

The launching will be held on Friday, May 31, 2013 at Casa Pilar Beach Resort, station 3 at 9:30 in the morning.

Since the previous year the changing to e-trikes as a solution to air and noise pollution generated by traditional tricycles which ply the streets of the island, has been discussed by the Local Government Unit (LGU) of Malay.

The launching is expected to be attended by the LGU of Malay, Boracay Land Transportation Multi Purpose Cooperative (BLTMPC), and other personalities concerned or interested with the e-trikes.

It can be recalled that the LGU of Malay, spearheaded by Town Council Member Dante Pagsugiron, had been persistent in convincing tricycle operators in Boracay to change their old units to e-trikes.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

DOT, conducted a Tourists Bus inspection

The Department of Tourism conducted an inspection on Tourist Franchise buses that transports tourists to and from Boracay.

According to DOT Officer-in-Charge Tim Ticar, this was conducted nationwide for the Tourist Franchise proper unit of the DOT which is in charge of the accreditation.

Ticar added that it is important that the tourist will be well taken care of, especially those who are traveling to Boracay through buses from the Kalibo International Airport and other neighboring provinces.

The said inspection’s aim is to ensure the orderliness of every unit as well the proper hygiene of Tourists Bus drivers and personnel.

Meanwhile, Ticar advised those who are planning to invest on the mentioned field next year, to check the Belt Model of the unit and to make sure it is registered on the same year that it will be operational.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


The request of Boracay Foundation Incorporated (BFI) regarding height requirements of buildings in the island is still pending.

In an interview with the BFI Executive Director, Pia Miraflores on Wednesday, May 29 by Yes FM 91.1, she said that currently it was not clear to the BFI what the answer the Town Council will give about their proposal.

It was learned that the BFI had approached Mayor John Yap long time ago regarding the proposal.

However, even during the Town Council session held yesterday, the matter was not discussed.

Nevertheless, Miraflores said BFI still hopes that the proposal will be approved by the Town Council.

The proposal of BFI aims to make the existing fourteen (14m) meter maximum height of buildings in Boracay Island, be increased to sixteen (16) meters for what is referred to as “Development Needs” of the island.

DOH Preparedness for Class Opening

Classes are officially opening on June 3rd, 2013.

Most students have mixed feelings when they resume to their classes. They are excited but cautious.

Like the Department of Health (DOH) who is careful for class opening since it's also a rainy season.

Municipal Health Officer, Dr. Adrian Salaver, reminded the public to habitually clean the school surroundings particularly the mosquito breeding areas.

Dr. Salaver said that they are anticipating the incidence of Dengue cases for the rainy season.

He also reminded that schools should follow healthy lifestyle such as exercising and proper hand washing.

DOH will also assign staff to go in each school, to check the toilets if it has hand washing soaps, and if the school's canteens are following food safety techniques.

He added that vendors outside the school should have the Health Card and that the food handler should follow proper food preparation to ensure the safety of the public.

(Contributed by: Kate Panaligan)

Deputy Travel Editor, Catharine Hamm, questions Boracay’s acquired awards

Overcrowded and overdeveloped.

This is the thought of how author Catharine Hamm of the Los Angeles Times described Boracay in her article.

According to SB Member Rowen Aguirre, in Hamm’s article titled as “Trouble in party paradise: Boracay Island in Philippines” published in LA, the author questioned Boracay’s acquired awards like the best island in the world and Travelers' Choice 2013.

Hamm stated a number of reasons why she is not in favor of the awards given and described the negative things she has observed on the island.

SB Rowen Aguirre did not deny these claims; rather he considered this as a wake-up call to sustain the island’s beauty.

Nonetheless, this negative reaction towards Boracay was taken in positively by the SB Malay as this would serve as a lesson.

Meanwhile, Boracay has already received a new record for this year as it was dubbed as Trip-Advisor’s Travelers' Choice 2013 winner.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) is continuously fixing roads at the province of Aklan in preparation for the opening of classes in June.

According to Eng. Neri Miranda, the putting of Pedestrian Lane, and warning signs on roads that students need to follow were started in the previews week.

Also, to be given focus are roads in the Island of Boracay, particularly those going to schools, since these roads are narrow and causes traffic which in turn causes delay for students.

Meanwhile, Miranda reminded parents to advise their children who are going to school to follow the Pedestrian Lanes put up by the DPWH to avoid accidents.

Akelco’s combusted electrical wiring, caused heavy traffic in Balabag last night

An electrical wire on Akelco’s post went aflame and caused a heavy traffic at Zone 5, Balabag last night.

According to Boracay Bureau of Fire Inspector Joseph Cadag, the line combusted at around 6:55pm and has caused alarm to the residents in the area.

In line with this, a number of establishment’s electric supply has been cut off.

The firemen of the Boracay Action Group responded immediately to avoid the fire from spreading, while Akelco personnel went to work on their post.

Meanwhile the motorists eventually came at ease as the traffic went back on to normal.

A group of Korean Print and Broadcast Media, to arrive in Boracay today

Today, a group of Print and Broadcast Media from Korea is going to arrive in the island of Boracay.

According to Department of Tourism (DOT) Officer-in-Charge, Tim Ticar, the group is one of the 14 Korean Media Groups that the DOT has invited for the promotion of Boracay and the Philippines.

The other groups will be visiting different areas in the country such as Cebu, Subic, Davao, Metro Manila and Palawan, while four of them will be visiting Boracay in separate schedules.

The first group arrived on the island last Thursday; the others will be on May 30 and 31.

Meanwhile, Ticar said that these media group’s expenses such as fares and accommodations are paid for by the DOT.

Ticar believes that since many Koreans haven’t been to Boracay or the Philippines yet, these Korean Media will be able to help promote and encourage their people to visit the country.

Monday, May 27, 2013


The Department of Education (DepEd) Aklan is ready for the opening of classes in June.

According to DepEd Aklan Education Program Supervisor, Michael Rapiz, their first program for this year “Brigada Eskwela” held at different schools in the previews week, was successful.

The Program Supervisor said Monday, May 27 is the start of enrollment and the enrollment will be until Friday, May 31, and that many students and parents are expected to turn up for the enrollment.

During the enrollment, the Local Government, the Police, village officials, the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) will be DepEd’s partners according to the Program Supervisor.

He further added that no problems related to the forthcoming enrollment had been received thus he expressed confidence that everything will be orderly during the opening of classes.

In addition, the Program Supervisor appealed to parents that if they had the means to send their children to school, to convince their children to study, since according to him, education is very important at present.

Dump truck driver in an accident last Thursday in Manoc-manoc, offered a mass for the victim

Last Thursday, May 23, an accident occurred at Sitio Ambulong, Manoc-manoc.

An accident which has cost the life of 16-year-old Gabrielle Salgado of San Jose Mindoro, after a Manoc-manoc MRF dump truck backed up and run over the tricycle that she was on.

The incident caused tremendous grief to the victim’s family and despair to the truck driver, Ronny Panagsagan.

The same anguish pushed the driver-suspect to visit the Boracay Holy Rosary Parish Church yesterday to ask for a mass for the victim.

In an interview with Mang Ronny, he said he wanted to offer a mass for the rest of Gabrielle’s soul.

This is also his way of showing gratefulness to the forgiveness that the family has given to him.

He tearfully extended his thankfulness to Gabrielle Salgado’s mother who did not file a case against him, and forgave him instead.

Panagsagan added it would be better if he will offer a mass every Sunday.