Friday, April 5, 2013


There is no “Suspension Order” from the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) Aklan against Malay Mayor John Yap.

This clarification and declaration was given by the DILG Aklan Director, John Ace Azarcon in an interview by Yes FM News Center on Thursday afternoon, April 04.

The statement was in relation to the question of the public in Boracay about the circulating news that apparently the Mayor of Malay and Boracay was suspended.

According to Azarcon, their office did not receive any complaint against the Mayor that merits the issuance of suspension order on the Chief Executive.

Nevertheless, Azarcon was allegedly not certain if there were complaints made against Yap in other agencies of the government.

He added that if there is a suspension issued by a court or Obudsman against an official of a town, it will be impossible that a copy of the order will not be given to the DILG.

He further added that as of press time, there was no suspension order.

The Mayor was earlier reported to have allegedly been on frequent vacation which was immediately clarified by Malay Administrator Godofredo Sadiasa.

Sadiasa said that it is the right of the Mayor and the Mayor had not neglected his obligation to the town. He also said that some of the Mayor’s trips were Official trips.

MHO advises the public on how to avoid “Heat Stroke”

The Malay Health Office advises the public, particularly the tourists to be cautious enough in order to avoid “heat stroke”.

This is in line with the extreme heat that may be experienced during this summer as the influx of tourists - many of them came from countries with very cold weather - continues to increase.

On a phone interview with MHO- Boracay Nurse 1 Mae Bandiola, she advised that it is important to be well hydrated. She said water therapy can be of great help.

She also said to make sure that you are protected from the sun by using sun lotions and bringing along with you an umbrella and hats or caps.

According to Bandiola, people ages 20 and up are the usual heat stroke victims, but those who are aged 40 and above and or are has a weak defense are most prone to it.

Heat stroke, she said is prevalent when the sun is on its heights, around 11a.m. to 2p.m. and even those who are swimming may suffer from it because the water temperature during these times are also higher.

The MHO- Boracay Nurse 1 added that since they particularly cater for outpatients, so far, there have been no cases of heatstroke reported to them.

Meanwhile, when asked about their advice for “henna tattoo” enthusiasts – following the news about a 5 year old in the US who suffered from allergic reactions to it- she said that people should be more vigilant.

They should check if their henna tattoo artist has secured a Health Card and the ink they are using are approved by the authorities as it may contain chemicals that could be harmful for the skin.

Thursday, April 4, 2013


The simple offer of free ride on the day of election can be considered a vote buying.

This was made known by Acting Malay Comelec Officer Feliciano Barrios in an interview by Yes FM on Tuesday, April 2.

According to Barrios, the simple offer for a ride from a candidate to voters is regarded as one of the means of vote buying not just the giving or accepting of money.

Moreover, Barrios made it clear that as of press time, there were no foreseen problems for the upcoming May elections in Malay and Boracay.

Allegedly, no complaints had been received or no one had been seen to have broken the campaign rules set by the Comelec for local candidates.

Nevertheless, since Barrios just assumed his post on March 20 of the current year, he admitted that he had not roamed Malay villages including those in Boracay to monitor election paraphernalia and campaign posters of candidates.

Nailing of Campaign Materials on Trees, prohibited, said CENRO Boracay

Securing or nailing of posters and other campaign materials on trees are prohibited.
This is what Boracay Forester Delilah Maugery of CENRO has clarified during yesterday’s interview.

According to Maugery they are pulling off posters that are nailed on trees just like what they did in the previous election.

This time however, she said, so far they haven’t seen the likes of it in Boracay.

Moreover, they haven’t received any formal complaints relating to this, aside from text messages sent to them complaining about a certain candidate for Aklan Congress who was said to have committed this violation.

But she said, whenever they will observe further violations, under the mandate of the DENR, they will immediately act on it and tear down these election campaign posters.

She also further explained that they are focusing on trees that are on the roads or street sides and areas declared by the government as wet land and forest land.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


The money of the town should be given back to the people.
Why is the project not implemented when there is fund available?

Those were the statements made by Malay Vice Mayor and Presiding Officer Ceciron Cawaling in reaction to the report made by Town Council Member Dante Pagsuguiron at the weekly Town Council Session held on Tuesday, April 2.

During Pagsuguiron’s report, it was discovered that there were many Continuing Projects of Malay which have not been implemented despite having been funded since 2011, including 2012 until 2013.

The list of projects was allegedly taken from the Municipal Planning Office by Pagsuguiiron.

The Town Councilmen wondered what had happened and who had the shortcoming. Since, supposedly, if the projects had been implemented, the public would have benefited.

As a result, the Presiding Officer decided to call the Department Heads from the Engineering, Accounting, Municipal Planning Office and the Treasurer to give clarification and explanation on the matter.

Nevertheless, Pagsuguiron clarified that as press of time the fund was still available, but that it was not used and the projects were on standstill, hence the Council was surprised.

Most of the projects were meant for the laying of concrete on roads on different villages and the repair of infrastructures of Malay. 

SB Malay, readies for possible Power Shortage in 2014

The Municipal Council of Malay is set to call a meeting with Akleco on April 12.

This followed after worrying reports of possible critical situation for Boracay in relation to power shortages has surfaced.

This is in line with the Department of Energy’s report that Visayas is likely to experience electric supply deficiency.

As a preparation, the SB Malay would like to learn from the distributor, Aklan Electric Cooperative, about the truth on this matter as this issue is seen to greatly affect the stakeholders, residents, and investors in Boracay and the whole municipality of Malay.

With this, stakeholders and other associations and or organization on the island will be invited to the said meeting.

The SB’s invitation for Akelco also aims to find out if the cooperative has some actions of preparation regarding the matter even if it is anticipated to occur in 2014. 

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Young individuals who stir garbage at the beach front will be focused upon.

Currently, not only posters at the “Not Common Poster Area” will be the focus of the Solid Waste Management.

According to Sacapaño, they are not going against the source of living of the concerned persons who look for plastic bottles.

Rather, he believes that the activity could even be helpful.

However, according to Sacapaño, what the Local Government Unit does not want is that the contents of garbage is being stirred and just left behind, and this has currently become one of the LGU’s problems.

Their plan to watch tightly over the activity is supposedly so that garbage collectors will not have a difficulty in their work and for an orderly Boracay especially for tourists.

Tourists in Boracay, 9% higher on Holy Week

An increase of 9 percent on tourist arrivals in Boracay has been recorded on March.

This is compared to the same period of last year, wherein the possible reason is the early start of the Holy Week which is usually celebrated in April.

According to Grazel Taunan, of the Malay Tourism Office in Caticlan, for the Month of March there were 128,627 tourist arrivals in Boracay.

This is 9% higher compare to last year’s 118,177.

Meanwhile as of the number of tourist arrival during the Holy Week, dating from March 25 to March 31, the office has recorded almost 40,000 foreign and local tourist arrivals.

Wherein the data of the Malay Municipal Tourism showed that there were 39,512 tourists that have entered Boracay in the span of only 7 days.

Monday, April 1, 2013


The implementation of the ordinance banning the establishments in Boracay from using plastic bags has been put on hold.

This is because the office of the Chief Executive of Malay is doubtful if Municipal Ordinance 320, which has been approved by the Provincial Council of Aklan, can be implemented during this peak season.

In an interview with Yes FM News Center on Tuesday, March 26, Malay Administrator Godofredo Sadiasa clarified the matter saying there is still lack of information dissemination to the public in Boracay.

Sadiasa added that the current focus of attention by the Local Government of Malay is on security because of the record breaking arrival of tourists.

He also added that allegedly, the Chief Executive hopes that before the ordinance is implemented, there is cooperation on all sectors especially with the community.

The Malay Administrator further pointed out that not only establishments should move, since residents and other sectors in Boracay also have a big role in minimizing plastic garbage in the island.

Usually, during Peak Season together with the influx of tourists, garbage also increases.

Holy Week in Boracay, generally peaceful and successful

The celebration of Holy Week in Boracay was generally peaceful and successful if based in order and tranquility.

This is how S/Insp. Joeffer Cabural, Boracay Tourist Assistance Center (BTAC) Chief describes the commemoration of the Holy Week despite the influx of thousands of tourists in the island.

According to Cabural, although there were reports of lost items and recorded cases of theft, these can be considered as petty crimes.

He was also thankful that no major incidents have occurred.

The Police force, with their aggressive approach ensures the security of the public, particularly the tourists, and maintain order, however the number of arrested and or detainees at the BTAC’s detention reached up to 16.

Some of these arrested individuals were caught carrying weapons and the likes, some of stealing, and cases were set to be filed against them today.

There were also some reports of drunken scenarios.

In line with this, the BTAC Chief said that they are continuously implementing a strict security on the island, noting that after the Holy Week, more local and foreign tourists are expected to come since summer is just beginning.

Cabural added that, like the Holy Week, they are hoping the Summer Season will be as peaceful and in order.