Saturday, May 11, 2013

24 hour watch for PCOS machines at polling places in Malay

Since yesterday, the Police force has been on guard in all the Polling Places in Malay and Boracay for 24 hours.

This is to ensure the safety of all the PCOS machines delivered to polling precincts in the mentioned areas.

According to Malay PNP Chief Police Senior Inspector Reynante Jomocan, since yesterday until the election ends, there will be police personnel at the Polling places as well as baranggay tanods.

The Malay PNP Chief also said that 10 police officers have already arrived as augments to the force in Malay.

Meanwhile, Jomocan said that as of the moment the security and safety are maintained for the May 2013 election on Monday.

Friday, May 10, 2013


Taking into perspective tourists’ point of view, and add to that an inclination towards “greenery,” what could be a result? – A Wave Shaped Vertical Garden in Boracay Island.

In an interview with Operations Manager, Carlos Victor Lavares, and Maintenance Supervisor, Dennis de la Torre of Patio Pacific, it was explained that the Wave Shaped Vertical Garden was conceived by the Resort’s owner Charles Uy mainly to provide refreshing view to the eyes, for refreshing feeling, and aesthetics for tourists and the public.

The additional purposes are for heat insulation, absorption of carbon dioxide (CO2) from vehicles and sound proofing since the area where the Vertical Garden set on the wall of Patio Pacific is located is along the busy Main Road of Boracay.

According to De la Torre, the garden’s shape, which is in the form of a wave, was also the idea of Mr. Uy in order to add some grace on the vertical garden arrangement.

Asked on the maintenance of the garden, De la Torre said it will be sprinkled with water daily, or as necessary, by means of two tubes.

The tubes will be setup across the building and water will flow from the tubes to the plants and through the pots.

De la Torre also explained that the soil they use is from their vermiculture which is added to the rice chaff to be put inside the pots where the plants are to be planted.

The pots are made up of recycled mineral water bottles and purchased plastic pots with holes underneath.

Piccara Anastacia, Golden, Miagos Copea, Violet, and Spotted were the plants chosen for the Vertical Garden since they are easy to grow and easy to maintain.

Written and Contributed by: Rodel J. Abalus

Baranggay Yapak, conducts beach clean-up as part of Boracay Day Celebration

As a part of the activities for Boracay Day Celeration, Baranggay Yapak conducts a clean-up today.

This was joined by Baranggay Officals, tanods, members of 4Ps, households, and BNS among others.

However, according to Yapak Baranggay Secretary, Gerlie Solano, this clean-up drive is not only for the celebration of Boracay Day because this will be the baranggay's continous activity.

According to Solano, during a previous meeting with the Municipal Tourism office, and as encouraged by the Mayor, it has been decided that they will conduct a clean-up activity every 10th of the month.

Solano also encouraged those in Yapak to participate and maintain the drive, and for the households to start the clean-up within their own backyards.

Baranggay Yapak has previously been awarded 1st place during the MTO's Baranggay Beautification Contest last December. 

Thursday, May 9, 2013


Hours before the implementation of liquor ban for the upcoming Midterm election, a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) was released by the Supreme Court.

Malay Comelec Officer, Felicianos Barrios clarified that the liquor ban was reverted to its original 2 day duration, which is in the early morning of May 12 until the midnight of May 13, 2013.

The Comelec previously released Resolution No. 9582 making the duration of the liquor ban to be five days.

However, according to Barrios, after the petition submitted by liquor companies to the Supreme Court, the court released the TRO.

Under the liquor ban selling, purchasing, serving and drinking of alcohol is prohibited, unless the establishment is accredited by the Department of Tourism and had applied for exemption to the Comelec.

Nevertheless, foreign tourists who are drinking are not included in the resolution therefore they are free to drink even during elections day.

Posters of Electoral Candidates in Aklan, cannot be stopped from spreading further

There are four more days to go before the May 2013 midterm elections.

However, candidates in Aklan are still competing in posting more campaign materials, while those posted in non-common poster areas have not yet been removed.

This is despite the notice that the COMELEC has sent to the candidates whose campaign posters were placed just about everywhere.

The Comelec’s instruction to take out illegal posters, particularly those placed near the schools where the pollings will be held doesn’t seem to have bothered them.

The reason why the commission was forced to do it their selves, said Mr. Getulio Esto, of the Provincial Comelec Office.

Despite the office’s demand letter, posters along the main roads and schools can still be seen.

An illegal posting is a violation against Comelec Resolution No. 9615 or the regulation of the proper campaign paraphernalia and common poster areas.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Plans for the annually celebrated Balabag Village Fiesta have not been finalized.

This is because the event falls on the May 2013 Midterm Elections which is on May 13, and because of the preparations for Boracay Day to be held on May 18.

According to Balabag Administrator, Jinky Alicante, the plans for activities for the Balabag Fiesta are not yet complete.

She explained that time is short for preparations and efforts are exerted so that preparations are done at the appropriate time.

She further added that aside from time constraints, the election has affected the fiesta preparations in financial aspect.

She said that currently no financial support could be received from candidates of the Midterm election.

However, she clarified that after the elections, donations or sponsorships can already be accepted.

Alicante further explained that because of the turn of events, the Balabag Fiesta celebration has been moved to May 20 to 23.

Despite this, Alicante assured that the highlight of the fiesta will be the coronation of Ms. Balabag 2013 which is to take place during the night of May 21.

The yearly Balabag Village celebration and Parochial fiesta of its Patron Saint, Our Lady of the Holy Rosary, is supposed to be held on May 10 until May 12.

Tree Planting for Boracay Day Celebration 2013

In line with the Boracay Day celebration, Local and Non-Local government Units held a tree planting yesterday May 7, 2013.

The main participants for the said activity are MassBoy or Group of Operators of Paraw, Seclesta - a bicycle organization- and Matoda, the tricycle organization in mainland Malay.

They are supported by DENR, Boracay Island Water Company (BIWC), and Barangay officials of Malay.

The tree planting started at around 8 am and ended at around 10 am.

These different organizations had able to plant 500 assorted fruit and forest trees at the Kabulihan, Malay.

According to CENRO Information Officer, Jonne Adaniel they will be doing more activities in support with Boracay Day Celebration.

(by: Kate Danice Panaligan)

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


In accordance to Comelec’s Resolution No. 9385 or banning period on spending funds of the Local Government Unit (LGU), the releasing of funds for the projects of the municipality of Malay has been strictly implemented.

The Malay Treasurer’s Office implemented the banning period on March 29, 2013 for projects which have not undergone bidding, and projects which have not been awarded to the winning bidder.

In an interview with Malay Municipal Treasurer, Didiosa Dioso, he said funds for financial assistance are also not being released unless it is for those who need financial assistance for the passing away of a person.

Comelec aims to avoid the funds of the municipality being embezzled, and to make sure the fund of the LGU will not be spent on election campaign of the incumbent candidate.

The banning period is implemented by the Commission when election is near, and for the current year the ban will end on the 13th of May.

DOLE Aklan, “Hands Off,” on employer to employee influence on voting

The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) Aklan is “hands off” on the subject of the employers to employees influence on voting.

This is because to intervene on the issue of employers compelling their workers to vote for the candidates they are endorsing is no longer within the scope of their task.

According to DOLE Aklan Provincial Director, Bediolo Salvacion, the labor code does not cover the intervention regarding this matter.

Instead it is the COMELEC’s responsibility to hold a certain employer accountable for the clear violation of an individual’s right as a voter.

Salvacion however said that if an employer dismisses an employee for the reason that the latter did not vote for the former’s supported candidate, then it is the time that DOLE will take action.

The Labor Code, he said, strictly prohibits the removal of workers without a valid reason.

Vote Buying, not a trend in Boracay

Boracay PNP Chief PS/Insp. Joeffer Cabural believes that vote buying will not work in Boracay anymore.

This is because, most people on the island have jobs, and that the competition of politics here are not that intense.

The Mayoral and Vice Mayor positions, for instance has no rivals.

This is what the chief said during an interview regarding the security that the Police Force will implement on the coming May 13 elections.

Meanwhile, considering that the island only has 3 polling precincts, Cabural do not see any problem regarding the distribution of the authorities, thus there is no need to add more police.

Monday, May 6, 2013


The 7th NABBA Asia Pacific International Amateur Body Building Championship was held in Boracay on Friday, May 3.

National Body Builders Association (NABBA) Philippines President, Engr. Juanito Tanyag opened the event at the Front Beach, La Carmela Station 2 on Friday afternoon.

With the famous powdery sand and clear blue waters of Boracay serving as background, the competition started with competitors of the Novice Class showing their well sculptured bodies through different poses.

Loud cheers could be heard from the impressed crowd while the contestants went thru their routines.

The contestants vied in different classes: the Masters Class, Ms. Fitness Class, Mr. Athletics Class, Ms. Shape Class, Mr. Physique Short, Mr Physique Medium, Mr Physique Medium Tall, Mixed Pair, and Women’s Open class.

Written and Contributed by: Rodel J. Abalus

First Grand Flores de Mayo, successfully celebrated

“Flores de Mayo” also known as “Flores de Maria” is a popular celebration to give tribute to the Virgin Mary every May.

This year’s celebration which is the First Grand Flores de Mayo was successfully organized by the Boracay Foundation Incorporated (BFI) led by their President, Jony Salme.

During yesterday’s Santacruzan, young beautiful ladies represented different sectors.

The Ati Community also has a special number prepared for them.

According to the BFI the First Grand Flores de Mayo has been launched as an additional tourist’s attraction.

Meanwhile, the group has the Parish Church’s approval for the celebration and also was graced with their participation.

In fact, last Saturday, those who joined were gathered by members of the church for an orientation about “Flores de Mayo.”

The procession started at Boracay Regency Resort in Station 2 and ended at the Balabag Plaza, where the “Reyna Elena” was presented.

The First Grand Flores de Mayo is a part of the activities for the coming Boracay Day by the LGU Malay.