Monday, May 6, 2013

First Grand Flores de Mayo, successfully celebrated

“Flores de Mayo” also known as “Flores de Maria” is a popular celebration to give tribute to the Virgin Mary every May.

This year’s celebration which is the First Grand Flores de Mayo was successfully organized by the Boracay Foundation Incorporated (BFI) led by their President, Jony Salme.

During yesterday’s Santacruzan, young beautiful ladies represented different sectors.

The Ati Community also has a special number prepared for them.

According to the BFI the First Grand Flores de Mayo has been launched as an additional tourist’s attraction.

Meanwhile, the group has the Parish Church’s approval for the celebration and also was graced with their participation.

In fact, last Saturday, those who joined were gathered by members of the church for an orientation about “Flores de Mayo.”

The procession started at Boracay Regency Resort in Station 2 and ended at the Balabag Plaza, where the “Reyna Elena” was presented.

The First Grand Flores de Mayo is a part of the activities for the coming Boracay Day by the LGU Malay.

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