Saturday, December 22, 2012

Firecrackers, still unavailable in Boracay

Firecrackers are not unavailable in Boracay yet.

Three days before Christmas and more than a week before New Year, there are still no fireworks and the likes that are being sold in the stores in the island.

This is because, according to Boracay Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) Boracay Inspector Joseph Cadag, at the moment, those that they have given a permit to sell the product are still preparing their stalls and or places.

Where in, in the island of Boracay there is a designated place for these items to be sold, and that is beside or near the Fire Station.

While in the mainland this can be seen at a spacious area at the Caticlan market, the Chief of Boracay Fire Station added.

He clarified that the mentioned areas are the only places where firecrackers can be sold and bought.

This is prohibited in any other random sari-sari stores.

Friday, December 21, 2012


It will not be that easy for professional Australian Lifeguard David Field, the Life Guard and instructor of the Philippine National Red Cross, to leave the island of Boracay.

This was learned from Field, adding that although he will be going home to Australia to celebrate Christmas, he will be coming back in February.

Field gave assurance that he will be coming back to continue his mission of teaching security at the beach of Boracay in order to prevent accidents.

Aside from teaching the Life Guard of the Local Government of Malay in the island, Field has also been the trainer of Life Saving to students of different schools, to employees of resorts in the island and other volunteer organizations.

Many plans have also been made by Field to ensure the safety of the beach of the island. And he has given continuous support to the programs of the Red Cross Malay-Boracay Chapter for almost fourteen (14) months.

In his return to Boracay in February next year, he will allegedly continue to teach.

BFP Boracay doubling up the campaign against firecrackers

Each Barangays will be providing a designated area where firecrackers can be lit or used.

This is what Fire Inspector Joseph Cadag of the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) Boracay wants the public to understand for a safe Christmas and New Year celebration in the island of Boracay.

Cadag said that the government, specifically the Department of Health has a number of programs against accidents due to firecrackers and pyrotechnics.

In line with this, Barangay officials do provide a specific place where it can be used, and this is usually at the Plaza.

He added that they at the BFP Boracay are doubling up their efforts for this campaign.

Cadag also advised the Boracay and Malay community to alternatively use the traditional way of creating noise during the New Year, which are the lids of pots and pans as well as the trumpets.

Aside from this he added that, people could just opt to dance and music instead to avoid any accidents and for everybody’s safety.

Thursday, December 20, 2012



By: Rodel J. Abalus

Christmas is celebrated in the Philippines with different decorations put in display like in other countries.

But perhaps the Philippine Christmas display that can best be associated with the celebration is the Christmas Star or “Parol.”

According to Wikipedia, “The design of the paról evokes the Star of Bethlehem that guided the Three Kings to the manger. The “Parol” “also symbolizes the victory of light over darkness and the Filipinos' hope and goodwill during the Christmas season.”
The word paról is derived from the Spanish word farol which means "lantern".
Patterns of the paról evolved from the five-pointed paper star lantern originally crafted by an artisan named Francisco Estanislao in 1928. His creation was made of bamboo strips covered with papél de japón (Japanese paper), illuminated by a candle or kalburo (carbide). This kind of lantern was used by barrio folks to light their paths during the ritual yuletide dawn Masses called Misa de Gallo,..Electricity was yet unavailable at the time in many rural areas”
Boracay, the country’s premier tourist destination and the World’s Best Island of 2012, according to Travel+Leisure, has “Parols” lining the Main Road in Balabag. One just have to look up.
The “Parols” are in red, green and gold. One Parol hangs on each light post along the road. The stars’ diameter is about 5 inches and the tail is about 3 inches.
Brightly lighted “Parols” also line the right hand side perimeter of the Balabag Plaza which were officially lighted in the evening of December 15.

X-ray examination for employees in Boracay, a requirement for Business Permit

Starting on January 2013, all employees in Boracay, particularly the “front liners” will undergo x-ray examination.

This is for the employees to acquire a Health Card and is also a requirement for the renewal of business permits of the establishments they are working for, explained Malay Administrator Godofredo Sadiasa.

He added that although this would be another expense for the employees, but this is also for their health’s benefit.

He also said this will be implemented in 2013, when in fact, having reviewed the Sanitation Ordinance, it showed that this was already included on the list of requirements for the annual business permit renewal.

Its goal is to ensure the health of the employees and to make certain that they do not have any contagious diseases, particularly the food handlers.

More so that Boracay is a tourist destination.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


The creation of an appropriate Municipal Environmental Code of Malay and Boracay is planned by the local government of Malay.

This is the reason why the Chief Executive of Malay wishes to start working on the plan.

First item on the plan is to appoint an expert consultant to assist in giving solution on environmental issues of the town of Malay and Boracay.

Because of this, an authority to enter into an agreement with an environmental specialist was asked by Malay Mayor John Yap from the Town Council.

Dr. Miguel Fortes of the University of the Philippines Marine Science Institute is being eyed to become the Consultant of the planned Environmental Code.

Garbage mismanagement in Boracay, fault of locals not tourists

Along with the influx of tourist in Boracay this super-peak season, is the possible worry of the trash they may leave behind.

However, this is not a problem, according to Island Administrator Glenn Sacapaño.

In fact he said, that these tourists are already informed, not only through the reminders they may meet along the way as they travel to Boracay - by means of signage and the likes - and the reminders of the resorts or establishments they've booked into.

But most of these travelers have been in other tourist’s destinations, both locally and internationally, thereby understands the manners when it comes to garbage management.

The problem of the proper waste disposal, Sacapaño added, actually lies on the locals.

In others words, tourist appears to be more disciplined compared to some locals who seemed to just let the constant reminders pass the other ear.

According to the Island Administrator they conduct a regular meeting and or seminars to resorts and establishments on the proper waste management and disposal, adding that assessors and or inspectors are also in action monitoring both the front and back beach areas.

When asked about the Municipal Tourism Office’s Beautification program, he said this is one of the LGU’s ways to inculcate to the local community the significance of their cooperation.

And this is to instill to the public that tourism is our major livelihood, and that we want the tourists to arrive at a clean and secure Boracay, fitting its title as the best beach in the world.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


The proposal which will give free patent to owners of land in Boracay is likely to fail.
This is because the House Bill 4796, submitted by Aklan Representative Florencio Miraflores, a few days after being passed in the Congress and supported in the Senate by means of Senate Bill 3275, was blocked by Senator Sergio Osmeña.
The bill aims for the free registration of land to the name of the person who has been renting a land in Boracay.
Contained in the bill is the requirement that the land should not exceed twelve (12) hectares and the person who has been renting the land should have rented it for more or less thirty (30) years.
Although the bill is supported by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Secretary Ramon Paje, Osmeña blocked the bill with no apparent reason.
The House Bill 4796 is seen as a solution to the problem of land titling in Boracay. 
Before thisOsmeña criticized Miraflores when the Senator blocked the Congressman’s proposed House Bill 3860 which aims to divide Aklan into two legislative districts.

Malay, second with most number of voters in Aklan

It is possible that politicians will be aiming for Boracay.

Not as a vacation destination, but to pursue a campaign.

This is because the Municipality of Malay has now surpassed Ibajay, New Washigton, and Banga in terms of numbers of voters.

Wherein Malay leads with 200 voters over Ibajay, said Malay Comelec Officer Elma Cahilig.

According to Cahilig Malay comes second after Kalibo which is the province’s capital, and has maintained being on the first place.

In 2010, records showed, in order, that Kalibo tops as the town with most number of voters followed by Ibajay, New Washington on third, fourth was Banga, and Malay on fifth.

However in the conducted registration of voters this 2012, statistics show that Kalibo remained first, followed by Malay, Ibajay, Banga and New Washington of fifth.

It was learned from Cahilig that migration to Boracay is the reason of the sudden inflation of registered voters in Malay.

Monday, December 17, 2012


It seems that the province of Aklan will no longer be divided into two (2).

It was learned on December 10 that the resolution creating another Congressional District in Aklan was yet again blocked by Senator Sergio Osmena.

House Bill 3860, supported by Mayors of the province, was put forward by Aklan Representative Florencio Miraflores at the Lower House.

Every Congressman has a Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) of P70 Million per year but due to the blocking of the resolution by Sen. Osmena, Aklan is set to lose P210 Million.

The House Bill is seen as one of the solutions in order for Aklan to have a better economy since if the Bill is approved, two will be representing the province in the Congress. Nevertheless if the House Bill is continuously hindered, the hope for two Districts for Aklan is doomed to failure.

Senate Local Government Committee Chairman Sen. Bong Bong Marcos had brought the resolution of Miraflores to the Senate in the hope that it would become a law if approved.

However, despite the aspirations of Local Officials of the province for the Bill to be passed before the filing of candidacy in October, Osmena blocked the House Bill. As a Result, the Senate was forced to suspend the hearing for the Bill.

Red Cross Boracay, gearing up for 2013

The Philippine Red Cross Boracay-Malay Chapter is already getting ready for 2013.

Although they are busy conducting trainings for volunteers, resort life guards, and many others, with the assistance of Australian Life Guard David Field, the PRC has already laid out their programs and activities for the following year.

This includes the much improved and much bigger celebration of the 2nd Festival of the Wind in Boracay, and a Fun Run which will be the country’s entry for the Guinness Book of World Records.

For the 2nd Festival of the Wind in Boracay, Mr. David Field plans to bring into the island, life guards from Thailand who will be competing against the Life Guard Boracay in a contest of saving lives on the beach.

Meanwhile these two huge activities are also the reason of Field’s going back to the island.