Saturday, September 15, 2012

With McDonald’s entry in Boracay, BFI, no stand

Boracay Foundation Incorporated/BFI President Dionesio ‘Jony” Salme believes that “Free Entrepreneurship” prevail s in Boracay that is why those who wish to establish a business here can do so freely.

And with the entry of the giant food chain Mc Donald’s in the island, he acknowledges the fact that small entrepreneurs in Boracay will be affected.

However, with stockholders like them, he said they are open to such competition.

Except, he said, if there really is a law that prohibits fast food chains like Jollibee and Mc Donald’s to open up in Boracay.

With Mc Donald’s case however, this must undergo a Public Hearing before allowing its operation.

Nonetheless, he clarified that the BFI has no formulated stand or position regarding this matter yet.

Having noted how the businessmen in Boracay will be affected with the said food chain’s entry, he said the local government of Malay must study or give this a thought first.

Earlier, the Municipal Council had already expressed their opposition on Mc Donald’s entry in Boracay. 

Friday, September 14, 2012

77 Percent of the Illegal Structures at West Cove Demolished - Contractor

Seventy-seven percent (77%) of the illegal structures at West Cove has been demolished by the Local Government of Malay.

This information was based on the report that was submitted by the contractor to the Local Government Unit of Malay.

An update on the demolition was reported by Town Council Jupiter Gallenero at the session on Tuesday, September 11.

The demolition is funded by the LGU of Malay and it was learned that Legaspi Builders was the contractor tasked by the LGU to carry out the task.

In the report, by August 3, almost 77% has been demolished of the almost two thousand (2,000) square meter to be demolished based on the map submitted by the CENRO Boracay.

Based on the contract, every square meter demolished, P400 will paid by the LGU to the contractor.

Although the demolition is funded by the LGU, if the fund is not enough, the expenses could be passed to the owner of the establishment. However, since this will still undergo a long process, it is possible that the LGU will shoulder the expenses first and will collect the expenses from the owner of the structure later. This is seen as one possible solution regarding the demolition expenses.

Meanwhile, based on the visit by Yes FM 911, at the demolition site on September 06, the demolished illegal structure of West Cove based on the markings placed by the DENR had not reached fifty percent (50%)

Demolition expenses of illegal structures in Boracay, can be passed on to owners

If the Municipal Ordinance is to be based upon, the expenses of demolition of illegal structures in Boracay can be passed on to the owners to shoulder.

This is what DILG Provincial Director, John Ace Azarcon had revealed during an interview last Wednesday.

This is in relation to the plan of the Local Government of Malay to let the owner of West Cove shoulder other expenses of the demolition if the LGU experiences insufficiency in funds.

According to Azarcon, Boracay has an ordinance which states that the proprietors are to remove or demolish their own illegal structure on the island.

He believes that this will be the basis of Malay if ever there’s a need for it to be carried out.

However he admitted that although this is valid to be implemented, it will not be easy for the local government.

Nonetheless this must undergo appropriate process.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Artificial Reef of Sangkalikasan to Be Inspected by the Town Council of Malay

Town Council Member Jupiter Gallenero seemed to be bothered about the fund given by Senator Loren Legarda.

The fund was for the Artificial Reef of Boracay given to the Sangkalikasan Cooperative.

Gallenero would like to know the situation concerning the project allegedly because information reached the Councilman that some domes included in the project were seemed to be broken. These domes were said to be included in the P50Million funding.

It was pointed out by Gallenero that he is confident in the project implemented by the Sangkalikasan especially that he was convinced by the group that a secret formula, which has not been revealed until the present time, would be used to make the project successful.

However, according to Gallenero, it is the opposite of what he is expecting if it is true that the domes were broken.

Aside from this, he expressed worry on whether the broken domes could bring a bad effect to the shores of Boracay especially to the corals that need to be protected.

As a result, it was requested by Town Council Member Rowen Aguirre that the condition of the domes be looked into with the help of the divers from the Municipal Agriculture Office (MAO) to inspect the situation.

Earlier, it was reported that the corals in the island were getting destroyed, thus the domes or artificial reefs were created to serve as home for fishes in Boracay.

Local Government of Malay, inquiring the Province about its 15% share from the environmental fee

The Town Council of Malay seems to be asking the Provincial Government as to where the 15% of the environmental fee collectibles that the local government of Malay has been giving the province has gone to.

This is what SB Member Rowen Aguirre’s privilege speech contains during the council’s session last Tuesday wherein he recommended to his fellow councilmen to send a letter to the provincial government.

This is to ask that the town of Malay be given a copy of the projects where the province’s 15% share from the environmental fee has been used.

Aguirre said, according to the ordinance which states the division of environmental fee collectibles between the province and the local government of Malay, their shares should also be used for environmental projects and that this should benefit Boracay.

He added that if the province does not do the following, this is a clear violation of the ordinance.

Aside from this Aguirre had also assigned the Town Council Secretary to send an official communication to inquire from the Treasury of Malay on the total remittances to the province starting from 2006 when the collection of environmental fee was started.

iPhone 5 launched! Here’s what you need to know

Apple iPhone 5 was launched during a packed event last night and here is what you need to know of its features. You can take this as your guide to knowing more about the device before you decide to make that jump.

So what exactly is the difference between the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5? According to this article which pits both devices side by side, not much really.

If you missed last night's keynote launch, you may view it here.

After reviewing the specs, one question remains:
Is this the iPhone you've been looking for?  
During very brief hands-on time with the iPhone 5, this much is clear: it's the weight you'll remember more than its thinner profile. The iPhone 4S is already a svelte device: most people probably won't spot the difference if they see the new iPhone from the side. Read more here for hand's on analysis. 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

DOT's Targets for Boracay: Party Place & Relaxation Destination

The Department of Tourism of Boracay believes that to be included in the “Top 10 Party Beaches in the World” is valuable for the tourism industry of the island.

This is despite elements for the island to be included in the Top 10 Party Beaches in the World are in conflict with some ordinances of Boracay.

According to Tim Ticar, Officer-In-Charge of the DOT in the island, it would even be better if Boracay would be in number 1 in the survey.

Ticar said this would not bring negativity for tourism in the island since two things are being campaigned for in marketing Boracay.

Ticar was referring to being the Party Place for those who would like to enjoy especially for the young generation and tourists who have inclination for pleasure.

The other is the campaign and promotion of Boracay to be known as a place for vacationers who would like to relax.

He added that in the situation, the ordinances of the island should be looked into and the appropriate law should be implemented correctly.

This is to avoid conflict and everyone will be happy - tourists who would want to relax could relax, and tourists who would like to enjoy could enjoy without disturbance.

He added that enabling this to happen should not be a problem since the DOT and the Local Government of Malay are open for communication for the discussion of such matter.

On Friday, Boracay got a five star rating in an online newspaper, and the island is on the 2nd place as of press time in the “Top 10 Party Beaches in the World.”

Entry of a giant fast food chain in Boracay, opposed

A giant fast food chain’s entry in Boracay has recently been a topic of the Town Council of Malay.

This has drawn different reactions from the councilmen because in 2010 they have once disapproved a like application of a certain individual who wishes to open up a fast food chain on the island particularly at the front beach.

This is a big question mark to the SB, as to why this has materialized without a process with them and without their knowing.

In line with this, the council has created a motion to inspect on why it has been granted a permit, if it already has, as the SB have reports that the construction of the said establishment has actually been started.

Aside from this the council will hold a Committee Meeting after SB Member Rowen Aguirre proposed the passing of a resolution that opposes the entry of a giant fast food chain in Boracay.

This following Monday, the SB is set to call upon the representatives of the office of the Chief Executive, Engineering, Zoning and some from business sector in the island.

The council believes that this is a drawback for small businessmen in the island especially to the Boracaynons.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Drainage at Station 2 Spewing Water Again at the Beach Front

If solution is slowly being worked out to the flooding at the village of Manoc-Manoc at the Faith Village area, and the accumulation of water at the sector of Angol, the intersection of Tulubhan, by the Local Government of Malay, the water from drainage going to the swimming area at the front beach, Station 2, is still a problem.
This is especially a big concern since at the very side of the opening of the drainage, there are tourists sunbathing, taking a bath, and children playing in the water.
The situation, however, is not being minded by some tourists but it could not be taken for granted that the tourists are disappointed on what is seen especially when they happen to look at the situation.
Although this problem has occurred for a long time, there are also instances that there is no water going out from the drainage going to the front beach.
Meanwhile, the problem came as a surprise to the Department of Tourism (DoT) and it wondered why there were still those who dispatch water at the area.
According to Boracay OIC DoT Officer Tim Ticar, he would right away consult the Engineering Department of the LGU of Malay about the problem in order to solve it.

Waters in the Beaches of Boracay, still within standards

In a water analysis conducted by the Environmental Management Bureau (EMB) of the DENR, the waters of Boracay are still within standards.

This is according to Boracay Community Environmental Natural Resources Office/CENRO officer, Merza Samillano during an interview yesterday.

Samillano said that the water sampling in the island is being carried out twice a month to determine the safety of the bathing public, and as the waters of Boracay should live up to the recreational standard and tourism.

Based on the results of the water sampling this past month the waters in the island is still on standard therefore the public has nothing to be worried about.

In line with this, the official also revealed that the water sample analysis is actually being done at the Regional Office of the EMB/DENR, adding that the Provincial government had also proposed for a water laboratory in Boracay.

Meanwhile, on the issues regarding resorts dispatching waste waters, although these establishments has a discharging permits the office is still making sure that they would comply on what has been stated on these authorizations.

Thus, those who will be caught or reported of incompliance shall be issued a notice of violation.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Philippine fans gets to see their idol Jessica Sanchez in the flesh soon!

The top 10 finalists in Season 11 of “American Idol,” featuring winner Phillip Phillips and runner-up Jessica Sanchez, are coming to Manila for a one-night live performance on Sept. 21 at the Smart Araneta Coliseum in Cubao, Quezon City.
Joining Phillips and Sanchez are the other “American Idol” Season 11 Top 10 finalists: Joshua Ledet, DeAndre Brackensick, Elise Testone, Erika Van Pelt, Hee Jun Han, Skylar Laine, Colton Dixon and Hollie Cavanagh.
Tickets  are priced at P10,000, P9,500, P7,500, P5,500, P3,500, P2,000 and P800, and are available at Ticketnet outlets at all SM Department Stores.  Tickets may also be purchased through Call Ticketnet at tel. 9115555.

Solutions to Flooding Problems in Boracay Island Being Worked Out

The construction by the Malay Engineering at the Vilage of Manoc-Manoc to finally put a solution to the flooding experienced at the area, will not take thirty (30) days.

This was according to Engr. Elezer Casidsid, Municipal Engineer of Malay during an interview on Friday, September 07. He said construction has been ongoing for a week.

Casidsid added digging at the area was started since they plan to make an outlet of water from Faith Village going to Lugutan and the tube will pass through an existing drainage.

It can be recalled that the situation at the area has been criticized several times at the Town Council of Malay, and the situation has been complained about several times, and the complaints have continued. The criticisms and complaints are about the frequent flooding and presence of water at the area even when it is not raining.

Meanwhile, on the flooding at the intersection of Tulubhan and Angol at Manoc-Manoc, Island Administrator Glenn Sacapaño has given directive to put a downward passage for water from the area.

This is since the water that originates from and accumulates at the street at the area, is just rainwater and is not dirty. The remedy is to prevent the water from gathering there which would be unsightly for motorists according to the Administrator.

Sacapaño believes that for the planned water passage going to Angol to be allowed, thorough explanation is needed.

Aklan, now has 6 recorded deaths due to HIV/AIDS

Aklan has now recorded 24 cases of persons suffering from Human Immunodeficiency Virus/Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome or HIV/AIDS.

This is based on the data of the Provincial Health Office/PHO-Aklan during an interview with Debby Villaflor, Provincial Nurse Coordinator of STI/HIV/AIDS-Aklan.

It was learned that of this 24 recorded cases of the Regional Health Office 6, six has already died, 9 are new cases and the remaining had been monitored for a number of years now.

Villaflor added that the number of HIV/AIDS victims in Aklan has been recorded for five to six years aside from the new cases.

The Provincial Nurse Coordinator also revealed that most of the victims are males who had acquired the disease through sexual intercourse.

Meanwhile to protect the security of the patients, Villaflor had refused to reveal the names of the towns in Aklan where these victims are from.