Thursday, September 13, 2012

Local Government of Malay, inquiring the Province about its 15% share from the environmental fee

The Town Council of Malay seems to be asking the Provincial Government as to where the 15% of the environmental fee collectibles that the local government of Malay has been giving the province has gone to.

This is what SB Member Rowen Aguirre’s privilege speech contains during the council’s session last Tuesday wherein he recommended to his fellow councilmen to send a letter to the provincial government.

This is to ask that the town of Malay be given a copy of the projects where the province’s 15% share from the environmental fee has been used.

Aguirre said, according to the ordinance which states the division of environmental fee collectibles between the province and the local government of Malay, their shares should also be used for environmental projects and that this should benefit Boracay.

He added that if the province does not do the following, this is a clear violation of the ordinance.

Aside from this Aguirre had also assigned the Town Council Secretary to send an official communication to inquire from the Treasury of Malay on the total remittances to the province starting from 2006 when the collection of environmental fee was started.

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Madelyn Martin-Foronda said...

Where does the money go to help manage the environment? Is it being pocketed by some unconcerned officials? Has any one of the concerned Malay goverment see what is going on in the island? There was a documented proof the rash is all over the island. Employees of some hotels burrying the trash in the sand. Out of sight, out of mind. You do not see so it is not happenning theory and practices mentality. The Malay officials is quick in owning the prestige as Boracay is a #1 vacation destination internationally. Wow!really? Look around all over the island, we know it is not true!