Friday, July 6, 2012

"Lakbay-Aral" on the 5th of July by BIWC - Informative

Informative source of knowledge in taking care of the environment and in the correct use of water was what “Lakbay-Aral,” conducted yesterday by the Boracay Island Water Company (BIWC).

The event was attended by stakeholders of Boracay namely the Philippine National Red Cross, Boracay Foundation Incorporated (BFI), Rotary Club, Boracay Yuppies, Easy Rock and Yes FM Boracay.

BIWC showed to the delegates the Nabaoy River, at Barangay Nabaoy, the source of water of Boracay. The state of the river was revealed to have been certified by the Department of Health (DOH) to be safe as a source of water, and the water quality is Classified A by the  Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR).

Aside from this, the processing of water to be finally distributed to residents and establishments in the island was also explained.

In addition, the process of cleaning of waste water from the sewer or septic tank was clarified and that after treatment, the treated water is to be released on the seabed floor of Sibuyan Sea, eight hundred (800) meters from the shores of Boracay Island.

 After the tour at the Water Treatment Plant at Caticlan and Sewerage Treatment Plant in Boracay, BIWC Chief Operation Officer, Ben Mañusca answered queries related to the operation of BIWC including controversial ones.

The aim of the “Lakbay-Aral” was to show and clarify to the public the operation of BIWC in relation to the services that is offering and how safe it is for the environment of Boracay. This is in compliance to the Environment Compliance Certificate requirement.

Life Guards in Boracay – 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. only

The Life Guards in Boracay are just volunteers, but that was before because they are now employees of the Municipal Government of Malay, and like any other employees they are receiving salaries.

According to Miguel “Mike” Labatiao, Life Guard Supervisor of the island, there are 18 life guards posted at the life guards’ stations and towers deployed by the LGU, wherein their duty schedule starts from 8 in the morning until 5 in the afternoon.

Recently however, Labatiao said, they have no plans to extend or divide the duty hours of these life guards because they are supposed to have 8 working hours only, and this is their schedule in the Daily Time Record (DTR).

Nonetheless he admitted that these life guards are not enough to cover 5 life guard towers and 2 stations, as there are times that some could be on leave.

Meanwhile, since there are those who go swimming in the afternoons when the life guards are already off duty, and there are incidents of drowning from 5pm until midnight, the supervisor said that there is a proposal to have an additional life guards to cover the needs of the public when it comes to the safety in the beaches of Boracay.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Provincial Council Member of Aklan - "Left Out" And Wondering

Provincial Council Member Rodson Mayor was wondering why the unpleasant incident happened between him and Vice Governor Gabrielle Calizo-Quimpo inside the Session Hall during the 21st Regular Session on the 27th of June.

During Mayor’s Privilege Speech yesterday, he admitted that the incident was still in his mind and he was wondering why it occurred when the topic during the Session, for him, was not controversial.

Nevertheless, Mayor acknowledged that he detested the procedure and the questioning of Calizo-Quimpo, the Presiding Officer during the Session. For Mayor, it seemed that whenever the Governor of the Province has a request being brought to the Provincial Council, the request is contradicted by Calizo-Quimpo.

The Provincial Council Member also recounted how he was not invited as one of the delegates to Laog City as witness to the signing of the Sisterhood Agreement of Aklan with Ilocus Sur. He pointed out that all the Provincial Council Members were invited, and he claimed that he knew prior to the 21st Regular Session incident that he would be going with the delegates.

Mayor alleged that when he inquired about the status of the trip, he was not given a definite answer and was referred to other staff members by the staff of the Vice Governor until the delegates had left.

He added that he used his personal finances to travel to Laog City and for hotel accommodation while the expenses for the other Provincial Council Members and the staff of Calizo-Quimpo were shouldered by the province.

In the end, Mayor challenged his companions at the Provincial Council to do what should be done and not allow others to dominate. Vice Governor Gabrielle Calizo-Quimpo went back to preside the Session after Mayor’s Privilege Speech.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Aklan Vice Governor Avoided the Privilege Speech of A Provincial Council Member; Regular Session An Hour Late

A temporary replacement as a Presiding Officer was called upon by Vice Governor Gabrielle Calizo-Quimpo from the Provincial Council Members in the 22nd Regular Session this morning. 

This is in connection to the request of Provincial Council Rodson Mayor to deliver a Privilege Speech.

While the session started calmly this morning, before the Privilege Speech of Mayor was to take place, Calizo-Quimpo chose to avoid it and left.

It was 27th of June 2012 during the 21st Regular Session in the Session Hall, when a commotion from a heated argument which apparently led to the directive for Mayor to leave the Session Hall and be apprehended by a guard under the orders of the Vice Governor.

Aside from this, it was reported that another incident followed wherein a press conference was called by Calizo-Quimpo and Mayor was not invited as one of the delegates of Aklan to Laog City.

This morning, before the Provincial Council of Aklan started its 22nd Regular Session, Calizo-Quimpo called for a meeting to clarify some things before starting. Because of this, the Session started one hour late from the usual nine-thirty (9:30am) start.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Overflowing of Sewage Cannot Be Avoided on Rainy Season, Cooperation Needed - BIWC

It was confirmed by the Boracay Island Water Company (BIWC) that the overflowing of sewage cannot be avoided during rainy season.

This is because there is no drainage in Boracay and it cannot be denied that there are those who connect illegally and pump into the sewer system according to the BIWC Chief Operation Officer Ben Mañusca.

According to Mañusca, cooperation is needed from establishments that, if possible, if an establishment plans to pump into the sewer, BIWC should be notified first. This is for BIWC to be able to assist and forecast the amount of water to release so that manholes do not overflow.

He further convinced erring establishments to follow the ordinance and legally connect to the sewer and not to release water into the drainage, so that the community will not be affected by unpleasant smell.

Acknowledging that it is difficult for BIWC to control the overflowing of manholes, he appealed to the public for cooperation.

He also said that additional personnel have been added in the field by BIWC to act on the problem and that their establishment is open to concerns being brought to their attention through their telephone line.

Meanwhile, BIWC promised to take action on the overflowing sewer experienced this morning at Lower Level Pinaungon.

Drainage System Problem in Boracay Island - the Most Serious Problem - BFI

The Drainage System problem in Boracay Island is considered by the Boracay Foundation Incorporated (BFI) as the most serious problem in Boracay, even more serious than the reclamation issue.

This is the content of the speech of BFI Board Chairman Henry Chusuey in the second portion of the General Membership Meeting of the Foundation for this year held on Saturday, the thirtieth of June.

After expressing serious contradiction of the BFI to the reclamation in Caticlan because of the effect it brings to the environment, in the end BFI deemed to give way to the 2.6 hectare reclamation and actions done related to the project.

Chusuey presented the problem of stakeholders in Boracay related to the pressing flooding due to the ill-treated drainage in the island.

In the presence of Aklan Congressman Florencio Joeben Miraflores, and Attorney Marites Alvares, representative of the Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority (TIEZA) who attended the meeting, Chusuey said that because there is no drainage system, some resorts pump rain water going to the beach. He said he is concerned that dirt and residues like black sand would mix with the rainwater, and as a result someday there would be no more white sand in Boracay.

With the mentioned concern, Chusuey appealed to TIEZA to hasten the construction of the drainage.
In addition, the Chairman also requested Miraflores who is the Chairman of the Committee of Tourism, to allocate funds from his Pork Barrel for the fixing of some infrastructures in Boracay.

PD Defensor reminds Aklan Police not to tarnish PNP's name

Following the arrest of a member of Aklan Police in a follow up and buy bust operation, Police Senior Supt. Cornello Defensor, Provincial Director of Aklan Police calls out and reminds its members not to dishonor PNP's name.

Defensor had recently confirmed the arrest of PO2 Edcel Tan who is now under the authority's custody and may be facing a criminal and administrative case.

Tan's arrest, Defensor said, is a welcome development for the authorities' campaign to get rid of bad elements amongst their group.

He is also hoping that Tan alone is in such exploit and no other members of Aklan Police.

Meanwhile, According to the Provincial Director, if the suspect will be proven positive for such actions, he will undergo a process and may be discharged from service.

This is the first case in Aklan where a member of PNP has been arrested due to drug pushing since Defensor has been appointed as Provincial Director of Aklan Police.

Monday, July 2, 2012

DTI Aklan warned against surcharges to cardholders

The Department of Trade and Industry warned the banks that charges additional payments from the cardholders in the province and in Boracay to avoid this.

According to Dina Ruiz of DTI Aklan adding surcharges to every purchased item of the cardholders is strictly prohibited as this will cause a double charging.

Besides they are also being charged with an interest for late payments.

Ruiz stated, there are establishments that are still unaware of the regulation, and there were some Center that facilitates credit cards that are passing the surcharges to the consumers.

In line with this the DTI announces that it is open for any complaints regarding this issue.