Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Drainage System Problem in Boracay Island - the Most Serious Problem - BFI

The Drainage System problem in Boracay Island is considered by the Boracay Foundation Incorporated (BFI) as the most serious problem in Boracay, even more serious than the reclamation issue.

This is the content of the speech of BFI Board Chairman Henry Chusuey in the second portion of the General Membership Meeting of the Foundation for this year held on Saturday, the thirtieth of June.

After expressing serious contradiction of the BFI to the reclamation in Caticlan because of the effect it brings to the environment, in the end BFI deemed to give way to the 2.6 hectare reclamation and actions done related to the project.

Chusuey presented the problem of stakeholders in Boracay related to the pressing flooding due to the ill-treated drainage in the island.

In the presence of Aklan Congressman Florencio Joeben Miraflores, and Attorney Marites Alvares, representative of the Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority (TIEZA) who attended the meeting, Chusuey said that because there is no drainage system, some resorts pump rain water going to the beach. He said he is concerned that dirt and residues like black sand would mix with the rainwater, and as a result someday there would be no more white sand in Boracay.

With the mentioned concern, Chusuey appealed to TIEZA to hasten the construction of the drainage.
In addition, the Chairman also requested Miraflores who is the Chairman of the Committee of Tourism, to allocate funds from his Pork Barrel for the fixing of some infrastructures in Boracay.

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