Thursday, July 5, 2012

Provincial Council Member of Aklan - "Left Out" And Wondering

Provincial Council Member Rodson Mayor was wondering why the unpleasant incident happened between him and Vice Governor Gabrielle Calizo-Quimpo inside the Session Hall during the 21st Regular Session on the 27th of June.

During Mayor’s Privilege Speech yesterday, he admitted that the incident was still in his mind and he was wondering why it occurred when the topic during the Session, for him, was not controversial.

Nevertheless, Mayor acknowledged that he detested the procedure and the questioning of Calizo-Quimpo, the Presiding Officer during the Session. For Mayor, it seemed that whenever the Governor of the Province has a request being brought to the Provincial Council, the request is contradicted by Calizo-Quimpo.

The Provincial Council Member also recounted how he was not invited as one of the delegates to Laog City as witness to the signing of the Sisterhood Agreement of Aklan with Ilocus Sur. He pointed out that all the Provincial Council Members were invited, and he claimed that he knew prior to the 21st Regular Session incident that he would be going with the delegates.

Mayor alleged that when he inquired about the status of the trip, he was not given a definite answer and was referred to other staff members by the staff of the Vice Governor until the delegates had left.

He added that he used his personal finances to travel to Laog City and for hotel accommodation while the expenses for the other Provincial Council Members and the staff of Calizo-Quimpo were shouldered by the province.

In the end, Mayor challenged his companions at the Provincial Council to do what should be done and not allow others to dominate. Vice Governor Gabrielle Calizo-Quimpo went back to preside the Session after Mayor’s Privilege Speech.

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