Saturday, November 10, 2012

Chosen as Recipient of Manila Water Foundation’s Coop Assistance, Brgy Nabaoy Aims for Livelihood Dev't

By: Ver Esclamado

Manila Water Foundation, the corporate social responsibility (CSR) arm of Manila Water Company has chosen Brgy. Nabaoy as their new recipient of a livelihood program aimed at uplifting the quality of life in the said community. Brgy Nabaoy is the first to receive such assistance outside of Manila Water’s service zone in Metro Manila.

Together with its local subsidiary, Boracay Island Water Company (BIWC), Manila Water Foundation has formally handed over the P200,000 base capital to the multi-purpose cooperative Samahan ng Maliliit na Magniniyog at Nangangalaga ng Kagubatan ng Nabaoy (SAMMAKANA). The amount will be used to jumpstart the project initiated by the foundation to help the local community achieve quality living based on its three core programs –Water Supply and Sanitation, Water and Environmental Education, and Community Assistance and Livelihood.

According to Carla May Kim, Executive Director of Manila Water Foundation, the base capital is lent to the SAMMAKANA cooperative at zero interest. With the help of research, the amount was geared at helping the coop to boost the community’s trade specifically in coconut, sugar and rice.

Local officials headed by Nabaoy Barangay Captain Pablo Claud and SAMMAKANA Chairman Nolasco Claud gladly welcomed and thanked the initiative of helping their livelihood.

Meanwhile, BIWC COO, Ben Mañosca stated that plans are underway to help Brgy Nabaoy households in getting access to clean and potable water in line with one of the foundation’s core programs.

A number of local government officials including Sangguniang Bayan Members Wilbec Gelito and Rowen Aguirre were present during the ceremony. The officials welcomed and lauded Manila Water Foundation’s initiative.

Boracay “Front liners,” to be trained for an International Standard service

Training for the “front liners,” is the Malay Municipal Tourism Office’s priority and focus of attention right now.

This is in order for the international standard of service for the tourists to be achieved, now that Boracay is a Premier Tourist Destination.

For this reason, they have started the implementation of training and education among the tricycle drivers, boatmen and other groups who have a direct connection in giving services, said Chief Tourism Operation Officer, Felix Delos Santos Jr.

Delos Santos added that they were done training with the Boracay Tour Guides and tricycle drivers at the mainland, and they are now targeting those who are in Boracay the boatmen included.

This program is coined as “Tourism Front Liners Enhancement for Sustainable and Globally Competitive Tourism Industry.”

Under this program, the participants are taught on how to deal as a front liner, how and what to say when asked by tourists about Malay and Boracay, especially that there is now the “7 wonders of Malay” at the mainland.

This won’t be all, as this will include the monitoring to be conducted by the Municipal Tourism Office (MTO) to ensure that the training are being used and implemented.

The MTO and this program is supported by the Department of Labor, Land and Transportation and the Department of Tourism.

Friday, November 9, 2012


The whole province of Aklan including the Island of Boracay celebrated the 101st year of “Godofredo P. Ramos Day” on Thursday, November 08.

In relation to the commemoration, there were no classes for private and public schools, and there were no work for government offices on Thursday in the province.

The Local holiday was in remembrance of the birthday of Godofredo Ramos, the first Congressman of Aklan after the province separated from the province of Capiz.

Ramos was named “The Father of Aklan” and every November 8 was declared a Local Holiday under Proclamation Number 194 by the former President Gloria Arroyo to remember Ramos’ birthday.

On Thursday morning,  Aklan Governor, Carlito Marquez. spearheaded the traditional ceremony of offering flowers at the bronze monument of the “Father” of the province at the Godofredo Ramos Park , in front of the Provincial Capitol.

Two Aklanon swimmers, victors in Malaysia

Two of the twelve Aklanon Swimming Athletes that the Philippines sent to Malaysia went home with silver medals.

The athletes wasn’t left behind during the Youth Swimming Competition dubbed as “Trick or Treat” Swim Meet 2012 held in Kuala Lumpur last October 26 to 29.

The 12 delegates that represented the Philippines were all Aklanons.

Most of the athletes came from Malinao, three of them are children of Aklan Board Member Selwyn Ibarreta.

The swimmers participation in Malaysia was supported by the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) and the Philippine Aquatic Sports Association (PASA).

The first medal was acquired by Miguel Ricardo Dagandan for the 100-meter breaststroke and a Ribbon as Heat Winner for the 100-meter freestyle.

Selwyn Amiel Ibarreta also showcased his ability and obtained a silver medal for the 50-meter butterfly strokes and ribbons as a heat winner for the 50-meter freestyle and 50-meter backstroke.

Meanwhile Ada Beatriz Ortega received an award for the 100-meter freestyle event, while Samantha Evette Ibarreta took home an award for the 200 meter individual medley.

Eight other Aklanon Swimmers who joined in the competition were Elijohn Andre Equina, Adrian Colin Hilario, Kyle Medrano, Eleni Angeli Debuque, Isabella Selyn Ibarreta, Krisette Hart Ezpeleta, Eva Marie Sazon and Rachelle Ann Lorisse Respicio

Thursday, November 8, 2012


Contributed by:  Rodel J. Abalus

Where does a street lead? What role does a street play in one’s life?

We walk on streets or to others ride vehicles on streets.

Most of us at least have been to or know what a street is. For the ones who have to stay in one place for they could not move, perhaps know what a path is.

So what is a street in one’s life?

Is it something that leads somewhere?

Is it a place where people, living things traverse, pass by and never to see the path and or each other again?
If we put a timeline of people, living things on a street and then remove time, then what do we see?

On this day and age, imagine something like what someone did on the Internet recently—took pictures of the past and put the images of people on the same places but at different time--the present.

Perhaps then we could have shared paths or streets.

Since beautiful and inspiring places make sense in the making of creativity and intelligence according to a study by professor Mikaly Csikszentmihalyi mentioned on  “Barking Up the Wrong Tree” by Eric Barker, on his blog entitled ” What does the most comprehensive study of geniuses tell us about creativity?” Then, should we rather make avenues in our journey/streets beautiful?

A guy, we will call Juan Protacio, asked and wondered on this.

He added that he usually walks on a street at station 1 in Boracay sometimes with his pet dog on a street we will just call “Winter-Gwen-Rio-Windy-Ice-Browny Winding Street” or in short “OB1-OB2-Jade Street.”

Walking on the street, one could see butterflies, birds, trees, plants and almost perfectly clean winding path where sometimes one can see double rainbows above the trees covering the street when going to the shore.

According to Protacio, it is one of his favourite streets.

Reference: -gen/

Minors wandering about in Boracay, still a problem for the LGU

The Local Government of Malay admits the fact that it is difficult to prevent or stop the children from wandering about the front beach at night.

This is despite the existing Curfew Hour which strictly prohibits minors from going out at 10:00pm onwards.

According to Island Administrator Glenn Sacapaño, they really are having problems with these minors where in some of them are being tolerated by their parents.

In fact some can be seen selling toys at the front beach even at late hours.

Sacapaño also made it known that they are having difficulties in calling the attention or in going after these children fearing that they may get hurt as they tend to run away when confronted by the Municipal Auxillary Police (MAP).

However, fact is, it is their own parents who bring them to selling even at night.

For this reason, he himself has suggested to the Municipal Social Welfare to sue or to file a case against parents whose children had been repeatedly caught violating the curfew.

This is to remind the parents of their obligations with their children.

The Island Administrator also added that this issue has been a topic during one of their meetings, tackling what possible solutions they can apply for this certain problem to be solved. 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


The Legislative Body of the Local Government of Malay seemed disgusted about the situation at the front beach.

Allegedly, considering the number of ordinances that the Town Council had passed to regulate the obstructions to tourists, it seemed almost nothing had happened since the ordinances had not been implemented.

First on the things commented upon by the Town Council were the tents. The tents were said to stay at the vegetation area day and night.

On this, Vice Mayor Ceciron Cawaling said that the resort owners are letting their own view to be defaced.
This was since there were those who had laid down their goods for sale, set up shops with tables and chairs but being allowed even such were unsightly to tourists.

The Vice Mayor added that only coconut trees should be seen at the beach line especially during the day so that there would be no obstructions.

Meanwhile, Town Council Rowen Aguirre believed that if no one tolerates illegal activities at the front beach and the ordinances were implemented, all establishments would follow the ordinances.

Related to the matter, Councilmen Jupiter Gallenero and Jonathan Cabrera had a heated argument on who was responsible for the implementation of the ordinances since the issue had allegedly been discussed repeatedly at the session but there had been no progress.

Because of this, Councilman Essel Flores mediated the argument and volunteered to extend help by  talking with Malay Mayor John Yap. This is to be able to focus on the problem and situation about the illegal structures and obstructions at the front beach of Boracay Island.

Boracay Hospital not included in EEDD’s Funding for 2013

It is a fact that the Economic Enterprise Development Department (EEDD) has not included the Don Ciriaco Tirol Memorial Hospital also known as Boracay Hospital, in its 2013 budget.

The reason, as EEDD Head Dr. Michael I. Terencio has clarified, the hospital on the island is not under their department.

In an interview with Dr. Terencio this morning, he explained that although the EEDD is under the Governor’s Office, the hospital however is not covered by their scope.

Rather, Boracay Hospital is under the Provincial Health Office (PHO).

Terencio added that the mentioned medical facility is still on the Municipal Hospital level.

He also said that there are currently three hospitals under the EEDD these are the Ibajay and Altavas District Hospital and the Provincial Hospital.

This explanation is the EEDD Manager’s response to yesterday’s heated discussion amongst the Municipal Council of Malay, where they have planned to pass a resolution for the Boracay Hospital to be included and be funded by the EEDD.

Especially that this facility is a primary necessity of the island.

They also noted that the high ranking officials of the province have promised that the Malay Jetty Ports’ revenue will be returned to Boracay in the form of quality service and facilities.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Cremation is now accepted by the community, and many now cremate the body of the deceased.

Because of this, according to Fr. Arnaldo Crisostomo of the Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Parish Church, Boracay, cremation is now accepted by the Catholic Church in the island.

However, Fr. Crisostomo said that conditions are needed regarding the matter especially that Boracay Island is a tourist destination.

He added that a plan should be made available for example on the location of the crematorium, and whether it is safe for the community.

With this explanation, he said there was “no problem” if Malay would have a crematorium.

The putting up of a crematorium in Boracay or Malay was previously brought up by the Town Council of Malay. This is seen as a solution by the Town Council to the almost full cemeteries of Boracay.

Caroling in Boracay, strictly prohibited

“Caroling is prohibited in Boracay”

As early as this November, and as the yuletide season is here,  the Island Administrator of Boracay has clarified that “caroling” is banned on the island even on Christmas day.

According to the Administrator, as there is an influx of carolers in the island every year, they could no longer be sure, particularly the residents, of what is the real purpose behind the carolers’ house-to-house visits.

As a result, they are implementing a strict measure towards those who wishes to conduct such activity on the island.

May they be adults or children, the prohibition is applied the same.

In line with this, Island Administrator Glenn Sacapano advised the residents to report or to inform the Barangay Officials and “Tanods” if there are those who are caroling and are asking for money or donation.

The residents could also report them to the Municipal Social Worker for their documents to be inspected and be acted upon.

Monday, November 5, 2012


Droves of passengers flocked at the Roll-On-Roll -Off (RORO) at Caticlan Jetty Port last night, Sunday.

Despite the volume, everyone was able to board successfully for their journey back to Manila and no one was stranded because of the system implemented at the port.

This was learned from PO 2nd Condrito Alvares of the Philippine Coast Guard Caticlan in an interview, Monday morning.

Alvares added, however, that more passengers are still expected since the rest of the vacationers will be going back to Manila at noon time Monday.

Philippines just had a long vacation for office and schools – a long weekend. November 1 and 2 were Special None Working Holidays for the All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day, followed by the weekend days Saturday and Sunday.

ICC Stickers on Christmas Lights, significant – DTI Aklan

Look for the Import Commodity Clearance (ICC) Sticker in every electric products being bought.

This is what the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Aklan reminds the consumers, particularly when purchasing Christmas lights now that many are buying decorations for the Christmas season.

Although this is their usual reminder to the public, DTI-Aklan Director Diosdado Cadena, again calls out to the masses to be keen enough when choosing and buying such decorations especially those that needs the use of electricity.

This is for the avoidance of any accidents like fire.

The Director added that not all electrical equipments are Philippine made, therefore everybody should be vigilant enough and to look for the ICC Sticker before purchasing it.

In line with this, as the department is conducting a strict monitoring on Christmas lights, Cadena pleasantly told that their office is glad of the fact that DTI’s list showed that all products being distributed and sold in Kalibo recently has a certified quality.