Thursday, November 8, 2012


Contributed by:  Rodel J. Abalus

Where does a street lead? What role does a street play in one’s life?

We walk on streets or to others ride vehicles on streets.

Most of us at least have been to or know what a street is. For the ones who have to stay in one place for they could not move, perhaps know what a path is.

So what is a street in one’s life?

Is it something that leads somewhere?

Is it a place where people, living things traverse, pass by and never to see the path and or each other again?
If we put a timeline of people, living things on a street and then remove time, then what do we see?

On this day and age, imagine something like what someone did on the Internet recently—took pictures of the past and put the images of people on the same places but at different time--the present.

Perhaps then we could have shared paths or streets.

Since beautiful and inspiring places make sense in the making of creativity and intelligence according to a study by professor Mikaly Csikszentmihalyi mentioned on  “Barking Up the Wrong Tree” by Eric Barker, on his blog entitled ” What does the most comprehensive study of geniuses tell us about creativity?” Then, should we rather make avenues in our journey/streets beautiful?

A guy, we will call Juan Protacio, asked and wondered on this.

He added that he usually walks on a street at station 1 in Boracay sometimes with his pet dog on a street we will just call “Winter-Gwen-Rio-Windy-Ice-Browny Winding Street” or in short “OB1-OB2-Jade Street.”

Walking on the street, one could see butterflies, birds, trees, plants and almost perfectly clean winding path where sometimes one can see double rainbows above the trees covering the street when going to the shore.

According to Protacio, it is one of his favourite streets.

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