Thursday, November 8, 2012

Minors wandering about in Boracay, still a problem for the LGU

The Local Government of Malay admits the fact that it is difficult to prevent or stop the children from wandering about the front beach at night.

This is despite the existing Curfew Hour which strictly prohibits minors from going out at 10:00pm onwards.

According to Island Administrator Glenn Sacapaño, they really are having problems with these minors where in some of them are being tolerated by their parents.

In fact some can be seen selling toys at the front beach even at late hours.

Sacapaño also made it known that they are having difficulties in calling the attention or in going after these children fearing that they may get hurt as they tend to run away when confronted by the Municipal Auxillary Police (MAP).

However, fact is, it is their own parents who bring them to selling even at night.

For this reason, he himself has suggested to the Municipal Social Welfare to sue or to file a case against parents whose children had been repeatedly caught violating the curfew.

This is to remind the parents of their obligations with their children.

The Island Administrator also added that this issue has been a topic during one of their meetings, tackling what possible solutions they can apply for this certain problem to be solved. 

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