Saturday, August 11, 2012

LTO, asked to pursue ‘Colorum’ L300 Vans

The Land Transportation Office/LTO Aklan has given an explanation to the Aklan Provincial Council regarding a complaint on the operation of 'colorum' L300 vans with Caticlan-Kalibo route and vice versa.

This followed after Federation of Aklan Integrated Transport, inc. or FAITI President Felix ‘Nonoy’ Sefres raised a protest to the Provincial Council.

According to Sefres this greatly affects the livelihood of jeepney drivers with Kalibo, Caticlan, Ibajay, and Tangalan route because of the colorum Vans’ constant competition.

However the LTO explained that they often conduct a check point on the National Highway, but they haven’t in a moment seen or caught any of the alleged colorum vans with plate numbers that are on the list submitted by Sefres.

Because of this the Aklan Provincial Council itself suggested by passing a resolution requesting the Land Transportation and Franchising Regulatory Board or LTFRB Regional Office 6 to conduct a stern inspection and monitoring regarding this issue.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Hose for waste water disposal that are connected to the drainage in Boracay, worries SB Malay

SB Member Dante Pagsugiron, Chairman of Committee on Environment has expressed his concern regarding large hoses on the main road which are connected to the drainage for the disposal of waste water from a certain resort in station 2.
According to Pagsugiron he is also worried because these hoses are actually an 'eyesore' to the tourists.

He is also concerned as everybody knows that Boracay has no drainage system and is yet to be completed.

These flexible pipes had been seen being connected to the drainage for quite a while and they worry that the filling up of water will cause another overflow on the streets.

In line with this, he has once inspected the area and has brought the issue to the office of the Engineering Department particularly to Malay Municipal Engineer, Engr. Elezer Casidsid, where in the latter has also explained that the said practice is prohibited.

Pagsugiron is now asking the council for help to put a stop to this and to give the authorities a notice to monitor the mentioned resort that is still under construction.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

100 E-trikes Set For the Streets of Boracay Before 2013 - BLTMPC

The meeting between the Chairman of Boracay Land Transportation Multi Purpose Cooperative (BLTMPC) Joel Gelito and the Town Council of Malay yesterday had a good result.

BLTMPC appealed yesterday morning to the Town Council that BLTMPC be allowed to order 100 E-trikes from a different supplier for the replacement of traditional tricycles in the island. No contradictions were given by the Town Council on the appeal.

It can be recalled that the Local Government Unit (LGU) of Malay loaned amounting to millions to finance 100 E-trike units for Boracay which was planned to be turned over to the BLTMPC.

During the meeting, Gelito explained that BLTMPC will still accept the 100 E-trike orders of the LGU of Malay from a supplier taking into consideration that there are more than 500 traditional tricycle units that will be replaced by E-trikes in the island.

The Chairman of BLTMPC requested that the price of the units from the supplier of the Town Council not be far from the asking price of the cooperative’s supplier. This is to enable the cooperative to convince its members to agree. Members of BLTMPC will become the operators of the e-trike units.

According to Gelito, it is expected that before the end of 2012, BLTMPC will bring 100 E-trikes in the island.

Development of Tambisaan Port not possible for now

The development of Tambisaan Port in Manoc-manoc is not possible for now according to Municipal Economic Enterprise Development/MEED Manager and Malay Administrator Godofredo Sadiasa.

This is despite the felt difficulties of passengers, both tourist and local residents of Boracay, and the current situation at the Tambisaan Port.

This is because if a certain construction will be carried out, particularly the construction of a waiting shed for the passengers it will be expected to be a nuisance to the public moving about the area.

The reason that they will have to wait until the route or schedule of motorboats will go back via Caticlan and Cagban before starting any construction.

Sadiasa however clarified that this would be impossible to be implemented this 2012 as the Tambisaan Port is currently being used and they are avoiding that this could be a trouble for travelers.

Nonetheless he revealed that the LGU Malay had already funded the project and the bidding had already been done for the supposed development of Tambisaan Port.

During this rainy season, especially in Boracay, it can be observed how the passengers are drenched in the rain as they wait for the motorboats, as there is no available shed aside from the small ticketing booth in the area.

Meanwhile, passengers who just disembarked from the boats would actually race to the tricycles parked outside the port because of the limited space and the already packed ticketing booth.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Signature Campaign: “Sama Ka, Let’s Protect Boracay,” 1 Signature =1 Peso for Boracay - JCI

Whether thousands or millions of pesos is generated in the Signature Campaign organized by Junior Chamber International (JCI) entitled “Sama Ka, Let’s Protect Boracay,” the proceeds will be used to fund the project.

In the project, every signature received to indicate a promise to protect Boracay, a peso will be donated by JCI’s sponsors.

The fund will be used to provide knowledge to the youth in taking care of nature in Boracay the correct way. This will be with the help of the Department of Education.

In the press conference held Saturday by JCI, it was disclosed that every peso received will be used as a fund for lectures, and lecture materials to be given and used by students in the island.

Although JCI allegedly does not have fund for the project, what it said it can contribute is to call on private individuals or organizations and stakeholders to support the “Sama Ka, Let’s Protect Boracay.”

JCI expressed optimism that the project will be successful since the organization itself would want to protect the Best Beach in the World which is Boracay. The JCI president of Malaysia also attended the conference and was said to duplicate the initiative in his country.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Protection of Nabas Highways from erosion/soil collapse, requested

The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) had requested a fund for Slope protection from soil collapse or erosion in the highways of Nabas which has been considered critical especially during rainy seasons.

This is according to Engr. Abraham C. Villaruel, OIC District Engineer of DPWH-Aklan.

Although he did not mentioned the amount of the requested fund, he said that this is now covered in the allocation of Calendar Year 2012 of the Tourism Convergence.

For the meantime the DPWH is waiting for the said fund in order to avoid incidents where passengers going to and from Boracay are stranded, as this is the only way going to Kalibo.

Meanwhile they already identified the areas where erosions usually occur for the construction of concrete slope protections.

He however said that the setting up of Coconets in some hilly areas of the Nabas highway will continue, but these are only selected areas as the others will be built with concrete slope protections.

Demolition for Illegal Structures in Boracay-Not Over

Demolition will not end with the West Cove demolition. Demolition will follow for establishments which transgressed the law.

This was what Island Administrator Glenn Sacapano said in an interview.

With this, Sacapano asked owners of buildings who knew that they had violated an ordinance and a law in the country not to wait for the local government to demolish their buildings.

He said that stakeholders in the island have known for a long time where the setting of an establishment in Boracay is prohibited. He added that if action is taken by the LGU, it should be understood and there should be no blaming game.

Sacapano admitted that Task Force Moratorium on Building Construction has been receiving reports on illegal construction in the island that is why they are focusing on the matter.

The LGU of Malay at the meantime is seriously implementing its campaign on illegal structures such as the construction of buildings at critical and protected areas, construction without necessary documents and other violations.

Meanwhile, the Administrator also confirmed that the demolition of the illegal structure of West Cove was temporarily stopped due to difficulties being experienced by the demolition team brought about by the bad weather.