Saturday, March 16, 2013

Ordinance prohibiting the use of plastic bags in Boracay, soon to be implemented

“Soon to be implemented”

This is the answer from the office of the Mayor of Malay in relation to the implementation of Municipal Ordinance no. 320 which has been approved by the SB on October 2nd last year which was also approved by the provincial council on their review.

MO No. 320 is a local ordinance that prohibits and regulates the use of plastic bags and Styrofoam in the Municipality of Malay, particularly in Boracay.

This is after the council’s finding that the segregation program is not enough to manage the overflowing trash especially in the island.

The garbage is mostly composed of plastic bags which is what almost all establishments are using.

With this, it was ordered to refrain from using plastic bags for dry goods, and Styrofoam for wet goods, instead, as the ordinance states, to use recyclable bags and or containers.

This is could be enforced through information dissemination, however the ordinance’s implementation is yet to be decided as the establishments will be affected firstly.

Friday, March 15, 2013


The seawall of establishments in Boracay, especially at the seashore of Balabag, is seen as one of the reasons of beach erosion according to experts.

Because of this, one of the solutions seen by the Local Government of Malay, especially by the Municipal Engineering Office and the Municipal Planning Office, was for Engr. Elizer Casidsid to present his seawall design.

Although it is only a plan design, Alma Belejerdo of the Municipal Planning Office would like to make sure that the design should be according to technical and scientific aspects and would not cause additional problem regarding erosion.

This was supported by experts but its effects should first be looked into before being implemented.

According to Kazuo Nadaoka of Tokyo Institute of Technology, the guest at the beach erosion forum held by the PCCI, it is necessary to be cautious on all the options to be taken.

Nadaoka added that there had been no successful environmental project especially on erosion on the seashores in the whole world.

Allegedly, even the placement of reef dome and reef buds, according to Nadaoka, is only an experiment and is not yet clear if it helps in saving the marine ecosystem and even beach erosion.

The forum, headed by the Philippine Chamber of Commerce (PCCI), was held to monitor and give scientific answer to beach erosion.

DOT, confident on Boracay bagging the “2013 Best Beach in the World”

If not maintained, where would number 1 lead to? Down.

This is what Department of Tourism (DOT) – Boracay Officer-in-Charge Tim Ticar said during an interview.

This is in relation to the question if Boracay could possibly bag this year’s “Best Beach in the World” award.

According to Ticar, this is what the DOT together with the local government and the stakeholders have been working on in order to maintain the said title.

All the same, the DOT is confident that Boracay will still be 2013’s best beach in the world if everybody will extend their effort and cooperate.

The DOT has currently been focusing on promotion and marketing, the LGU alongside the DILG, DoJ, and DPWH implements the ordinances to sustain Boracay’s beauty and riches, while the Police take care of the security.

With every agency functioning accordingly, he said there will be no doubt that Boracay will retain the title.

Thursday, March 14, 2013


Boracay lacks Police personnel.
This was found out by the Aklan Board Members from S/Insp. Jeoffer Cabural, the Chief of Boracay Tourists Assistance Center (BTAC) when he attended the 8th regular Session of the Provincial Town Council Wednesday morning, March 13.
Although the purpose of the Provincial Council for inviting Cabural was to be updated on the assassination of Ati Spokesperson Dexter Condez, conversation on the status of the police department was also brought out
Discussed during the conversation was about the consistent lacking number of police personnel in the Island.
Because of this, the Provincial Council Secretary of Aklan Odon Bandiola said that a resolution will be passed by the Town Council requesting for additional police personnel from PNP Chief Director General Alan Purisima.
Currently, there are fifty two (52) organics at BTAC and eighty (80) augmentation when allegedly the ideal number of organic is supposed to be one hundred twenty (120) including the officials.

Scientists from Tokyo and UP, conducts study in the beaches of Boracay

The primary goal of the experts that are currently in Boracay is the possible solution for maintaining the island’s beaches.

The group, Coastal Ecosystem and Adaptive Management (CECAM) aims to conduct a study in relation to the dilemma brought about by soil erosion on the island.

CECAM, which is composed of scientists from Tokyo Institute of Technology and the University of the Philippines (UP), will work alongside the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and industry (PCCI) Boracay and the Local Government of Malay.

It is the experts’ objective, that, through their research study using innovative technology, they will be able to extend their technical assistance and or recommendation in giving solution and the proper management of the “2012 best beach in the world.”

The said study has already kicked off, but is expected to last for two years, said the PCCI.

In line with this, a number of CCTVs has been installed in certain areas on the island (particularly the front beach) for monitoring and will be used for the study.

More over the PCCI has organized a forum regarding this matter. It was held yesterday at the Balabag Action Center.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


The National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) has announced the grant of a General Amnesty for Unregistered Radio Equipment for 2013.

For Region VI, the period of General Amnesty is from March 11 to 14, 2013, and the NTC will be in Boracay Island on Thursday, March 14 for the said event.

According to the NTC’s press release, aside from the registration of illegally possessed radio equipment, NTC Region VI will also accept renewals of expired radio station licenses without surcharges or penalty during the General Amnesty.

Seminars will also be conducted for the proper usage of radio transceivers – as one of the licensing requirements.

Mobile licensing on other services particularly on business enterprise engaged in selling and repair of cellular phones will also take place.

CAAP ignores SB Malay thrice

The Municipal Council of Malay felt insulted as the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) ignored their invitation for three times now.

This is what SB Member Dante Pagsugiron has revealed during his privilege speech on yesterday’s session.

This is in relation to the status of lot owners in Caticlan affected by the expansion or development of the Boracay Airport.

The councilor said that they have already sent CAAP an invitation thrice. The agency was said to be the lots’ buyer.

The council aims to enlighten the lot owners in Caticlan on why the lands were bought from them in a very low price compared to what they have paid, putting them in a disadvantaged position.

However CAAP has not responded to their invitation or even just acknowledged it through a letter.

For this reason, the SB Malay has formed an adhoc committee to give this issue a focus and they will again appeal to CAAP and even the developers of the airport in order for them to be enlightened as well

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


If the life of commissioners is allegedly comfortable because of the commission they receive and the price they offer to every tourist they get has additions, sea sport operators and employees, on the other hand, are complaining.

Sea Sport operators and employees are apparently complaining since they have few customers even when it is already peak season.

Despite admitting that there are more tourists this year, the employees voiced out that their income is low compared to the same period in 2012.

The sentiments were expressed through an interview on Monday afternoon, March 11 by different Sea Sport establishments in Boracay stationed at the loading and unloading area of Station 2.

No problems with Water Quality in the Beaches of Boracay, said DENR

“OK and no problem”

This has been the remark on the water quality on the beaches of Boracay by Environmental Management Bureau (EMB) Boracay Focal Person Ric Benjamin.

All the same, the office of the EMB Region VI will still carry out a formal presentation to the stakeholders regarding the water quality testing on the “2012 Best Beach in the World” that is Boracay.

The presentation will be held on Monday, 18th of March 2013.

During which the DENR-EMB will be presenting the results of examinations on the mentioned waters conducted in 2012.

It was learned that the water analysis on the island is being done every two months.

Benjamin added that this isn’t just a simple presentation for public knowledge on the waters’ condition, but the agency will also lay out the steps on how to maintain its quality to keep the tourists on coming back.

Meanwhile, he clarified that the presentation on Monday has nothing to do with the DENR’s demolition of illegal structures in Boracay.

Monday, March 11, 2013


The criticism on the alleged frequent absence of Mayor John Yap was positively received by his camp.

According to Malay Administrator Godofredo Sadiasa, if ever the Chief Executive travels, it is part of his job, and if he goes on vacation or go out of the country, it is the right of the Mayor.

Sadiasa added that included in the travels of the Mayor are if there are invitations for gatherings for him to represent the Town of Malay or Boracay.

Aside from this, Sadiasa said it does not mean that he had taken his work for granted since there are personnel like department heads whom he leaves behind to respond when his constituency has needs.

The Administrator said that they are thankful to those people who were able to notice and are watching over the Mayor which means they are concerned about the town.

The Mayor was not in town in the previous days, and the past week and he temporarily let Vice Mayor Ceciron Cawaling take charge.

There have been some critics who have said that it seemed Mayor Yap was already confident with his position since he has no opponent in the May 2013 Mid Term Elections.

Stakeholders, contributed greatly for Boracay acquiring the “2013 best beach in Asia”

It is the “Collective efforts” of different sectors in Boracay that led the island to its recognition as “2013 Travelers’ Choice best beach in Asia.”

Wherein, the cooperation of the stakeholders and private sectors is a great contribution in maintaining the beauty of the island, said Malay Administrator, Godofredo Sadiasa.

He said that, in the Local Government’s side, they don’t consider Boracay’s increasing popularity to be a “pressure” particularly when it bagged the title as “2012 Best Beach in the World.”

Instead, they take this as a “challenge” to uphold the title that the island is enjoying now.
This has also turned into inspiration to do more for the island.

Earlier, the Department of Tourism has revealed that it was dubbed as Trip Advisor’s “2013 Travelers’ Choice best beach in Asia.”

And its Boracay’s white sands and crystal clear waters that fetched the award for it.