Friday, March 15, 2013

DOT, confident on Boracay bagging the “2013 Best Beach in the World”

If not maintained, where would number 1 lead to? Down.

This is what Department of Tourism (DOT) – Boracay Officer-in-Charge Tim Ticar said during an interview.

This is in relation to the question if Boracay could possibly bag this year’s “Best Beach in the World” award.

According to Ticar, this is what the DOT together with the local government and the stakeholders have been working on in order to maintain the said title.

All the same, the DOT is confident that Boracay will still be 2013’s best beach in the world if everybody will extend their effort and cooperate.

The DOT has currently been focusing on promotion and marketing, the LGU alongside the DILG, DoJ, and DPWH implements the ordinances to sustain Boracay’s beauty and riches, while the Police take care of the security.

With every agency functioning accordingly, he said there will be no doubt that Boracay will retain the title.

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