Thursday, February 9, 2012

Just this!

Wow! Look at our blog --- so full of red, looks like blood! ^^. But this ain’t for the Halloween as yes, you got it right! We are in the spirit of celebrating the month of love! And we just thought that one of the ways to show oure oneness in this month’s event is to flood the page with bright red! ^.^

Well, too much for that and my smileys- Here’s the real thing.

Remember I often tell you that change is the only constant thing in this world? And that more changes are coming here at Easy Rock?

Yes, we will be on a wave of great changes here at Easy Rock and here are the list:

     1. We have a text line now, and you can text us at 0946-6300-496 for your requests, greetings and dedications. Or for me, just anything you wanted to talk about! I just can’t text you back.

     2. Our schedules have changed; you can see that here at the blog.

     3. We now have local news as an addition to our set of news; aiming to make you be aware of what’s going on here in Boracay.

     4. We have  a Facebook page; add us out, it’s

     5. We will be wecoming BACK another DJ this coming month of March. CLUE: She is one of the former DJs. See, that’s too much clue there!

     6. We have loads of Promos so tune in.

     7. We are striving to be better day by day, enriching our adlibs with information. (Well, what else is the use of speaking if you’ll only speak of non-sense things, right?)

So those are that. Only one thing though that will never change is our wish and hope to make you happy!

Watch out for these innovations and additions… and Keep on tuning in here at 93.5 EZ Rock.

Striving hard to do good, real good, feeling good, and looking good,

Louise ^^