Friday, July 20, 2012

Electricity rates this July, to increase

It is a bad news for the consumers of Aklan Electric Cooperative/AKELCO as there have been successive increases of electric rates.

While there had been an increase of 0.53 cents on electrical bills last June, this July it will rise up to 0.54 cents per kilowatt hour.

This is opposite to what Akelco General Manager Chito Peralta had stated before that after an increase in June the electric rates will be reduced on July.

The subsequent shifting of energy obtained by Akleco from the Wholesale Electricity Spot Market or WESM is said to be the reason of the additional charging per kilowatt hour.

Aside from this, based on the official statement by the said cooperative the continuing increase on demand of energy has also been the reason for the additional charges.

In line with this Akleco is encouraging the consumers to conserve electricity and to be responsible in using energy.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Demolition Ordered on West Cove, Boracay Island

Instead of tourists being seen at West Cove, the so called Pacquiao Resort in Boracay, soldiers, police and members of the Malay Auxiliary Police were seen at the resort.

This was after the Mayor of Malay, Mayor John Yap brought them along not for sightseeing but to implement a demolition order against the resort.

It was learned that the resort has been given two (2) closure orders by the Mayor allegedly due to the following violations: having no Mayor’s Permit, Business Permit, Building and Occupancy Permit and Environmental Compliance Certificate.

Meanwhile, West Cove resort owner Crisostomo “Cris” Aquino reiterated that he had a Forest Land Use Agreement for Tourism Purposes or Flag-T from the former Department of Environment and Natural Resources Secretary Lito Atienza the reason why he was confident the site of the resort was not at the No Build Zone.

Such led the resort owner to ask for help in the form of Temporary Restraining Order to continue the resort’s operation.

In the meantime, after the resort’s alleged continuous non compliance, like on not adding any structure at the area, it was deemed necessary by the Mayor of Malay and the DENR to implement the demolition.

Zero Carbon Resorts, launched by DOT and TIEZA

Do you hate the air pollution brought about by vehicles?

Are you tired of the never ending increase of petrol and gasoline prices?

If so, then you can always encourage yourself in using renewable energy.

This is what the Department of Tourism (DOT) and Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority (TIEZA) is promoting as they launched the project Zero Carbon Resorts.

Together with Switch-Asia Europe Aide Program the project aims to help in encouraging the local tourism establishments like those in Boracay to use alternative energy instead of gasoline and or crude oil.

Aside from spending less the resorts can also help in fighting against the alarming problem on pollution.

It was learned that the said project is also being implemented in Palawan.

The Zero Carbon Resorts Project will be carried out by DOT and TIEZA in a span of four years.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

40 Hectare Reclamation Project in Aklan - Stopped by the Supreme Court

The forty hectare (40) reclamation project of the Provincial Government of Aklan was ordered stopped by the Supreme Court on Thursday.

The local government of Malay was glad about the decision.

In relation to this, Town Council Member Rowen Aguirre said in the Town Council session held today that it is appropriate for the Local Government Unit of Malay to acknowledge the advocacy of the Boracay Foundation Incorporated (BFI) and give a commendation to BFI for fighting for what he said was the right of the Town of Malay.

The proposal of Aguirre was agreed upon by the Town Council.

BFI together with the LGU of Malay fought allegedly against the ways of the Provincial Government in the process of setting the reclamation project which was perceived as disrespectful to the authority of the LGU of Malay.

Electrocution at the "2012 World's Best Island"?

To be known as “2012 World’s Best Island” was something that made the Local Government of Malay glad since allegedly it would result to better tourism in Boracay Island.

However, scattered electric wires attached by establishments at the front beach are considered by passersby as dangerous.

A twenty nine (29) year old male made a complaint on such matter claiming that he was electrocuted on Sunday in front of an establishment at Station 2, Balabag.

Based on the victim’s complaint at the Boracay Philippine National Police, he was electrocuted by an extension wire of a seller of corn.  This allegedly occurred around six thirty in the evening after he and his companion went swimming in the sea. In an effort to save the victim, the electric wire was pulled by his companion who was then also electrocuted.

Luckily the victim was saved by the people who were at the area and the extension wire was then removed.

In relation to this, the Department of Tourism Boracay promised to call for a meeting. The meeting would include Boracay Foundation Incorporated, Aklan Electric Cooperative Incorporated, Boracay Chamber of Commerce and Municipal Engineers Office to investigate and come up with necessary action on the incident.

Lighting of access roads in Boracay, given attention by SB Malay

Because of the incidents and crimes that had occurred in Boracay, the SB Malay is now giving attention to the lighting of dark areas in the island.

Lightings of access roads particularly like those of  Mt. Luho area in Barangay Balabag, where in this had been stressed out by SB Member Wilbec Gelito during the session yesterday.

Gelito noted that there are streetlights that are dysfunctional and how these lamp posts can no longer be utilized.

Meanwhile Vice Mayor Ceciron Cawaling suggested to call on the attention of the barangay and the committee on tourism regarding this matter.

It could be, Cawaling said, that the lines of these streetlights had been stolen.

The residents and tourists had been complaining about this issue for quite awhile, and this has been unveiled on yesterday’s session as a challenge by SB Member Wilbec Gelito.

Gelito added that if Boracay wishes to maintain its title as the world’s best island then giving attention to the island’s security against crime is a must.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Local Tour Guides in Boracay underwent a seminar

Being a tour guide is not a simple task.

As DOT Boracay Officer Judith Icotanim stated that being a tour guide is a profession.

This is what she pointed out during a seminar held at Balabag barangay hall today where there are more than 40 tour guides on the island who started to register yesterday.

According to Icotanim it is important for these tour guides to undergo a seminar in order to ensure that the standard or criterion of a real tour guide will be achieved. 

Most of the said tour guides she said, are working in resorts, unemployed which are different from what is required by the ordinance of the local government of Malay.

Because of this, the guides who had a seminar today are to go through a 21-day training which includes effective communication, geography, Philippine government and tests.

After the seminar they will be receiving a certification that they can use for application of a business permit.

The DOT is hoping that there will be a quality of service from the tour guides for the municipality of Malay.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Tree Planting Held: 2,000 Seedlings Successfully Planted at Nabaoy's Mountain (07.14.12)

An estimated two thousand (2,000) seedlings were successfully planted at the village of Nabaoy, Malay this Saturday.

This was made possible through the effort of Boracay Island Water (BIWC), Department of Environment-Community Environment Natural Resources Office (DENR-CENRO), the Police of Boracay and Malay, Village Officials of Nabaoy, Red Cross, Rotary Club, Bugsay Blades, locals, foreigners of all ages who scaled the mountains of Nabaoy to plant trees.

The volunteers, including other groups and individuals that care for nature, Easy Rock and Yes FM Boracay, planted the seedlings one by one into the holes made ready for the particular purpose.

According to the BIWC Customer Service Officer Acs Aldaba, the tiredness felt in trekking and climbing the almost four (4) kilometer distance to the mountain planting site was replaced by joy because the activity was successful.

The seedlings for the tree planting activity were prepared by the DENR, BIWC and others who extended a helping hand in order to replace cut trees at the area.

Aldaba gave assurance that the plants will live to help in reaching the targeted planting of one (1) billion trees in the whole Philippines.