Friday, July 20, 2012

Electricity rates this July, to increase

It is a bad news for the consumers of Aklan Electric Cooperative/AKELCO as there have been successive increases of electric rates.

While there had been an increase of 0.53 cents on electrical bills last June, this July it will rise up to 0.54 cents per kilowatt hour.

This is opposite to what Akelco General Manager Chito Peralta had stated before that after an increase in June the electric rates will be reduced on July.

The subsequent shifting of energy obtained by Akleco from the Wholesale Electricity Spot Market or WESM is said to be the reason of the additional charging per kilowatt hour.

Aside from this, based on the official statement by the said cooperative the continuing increase on demand of energy has also been the reason for the additional charges.

In line with this Akleco is encouraging the consumers to conserve electricity and to be responsible in using energy.

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