Saturday, October 20, 2012

List of Rescue Equipments, to be submitted by the Life Guard on Monday

Life Guard Boracay has until October 22, Monday, to submit the lists of the needed rescue equipments to the Municipal Council of Malay.

This followed after the three SB committees, specifically the Committee on Public Safety and Order, Laws and Ordinances and Tourism had found out, during a Joint Committee Hearing that the Life Savers are lacking equipments for rescuing lives particularly for those tourists who will be swimming on the 4-kilometer beach front of Boracay.

According to Life Guard Supervisor, Miguel “Mike” Labatiao, the list of equipments that they will be requesting will include two jet-skis and a bug car, for a prompt response, telescopes and other floating equipment.

They will also be requesting for additional life guard towers, as only two of it remains, while the others were destroyed.

Moreover, the Supervisor said that they will be asking the LGU for 15 more personnel.

They will also be assigning a life guard at Puka Beach in Yapak.

Labatiao admitted that these equipments are costly and that the LGU is now thinking of the sources in order to fund it.

Meanwhile, now that there is an influx of tourists in Boracay, their security and safety must also be given attention.

Friday, October 19, 2012


The standard and requirements to become a crew member of boats in Boracay especially on Island Hopping, have been raised.

Aspirants are now to undergo Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) and they would need to have a Seaman’s book before they are allowed to be a Capt. or crew member of a boat.

This was learned from Town Council Member Jupiter Gallenero at the Joint Committee Hearing on Wednesday, October 17.

Gallenero admitted that most of the current crew members were not really trained on what to do in times of emergency.

This is why 70 crew members of Boracay Island Hopping Association (BIHA) will undergo training at Iloilo City, according to Rey Fernando, BIHA Operation Manager.

The training was requested by the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) from BIHA for the safety of tourists whom they usually serve.

However, although 70 will undergo training on Friday, Fernando clarified that their operation will not be affected since they will still have crew members to render service. He added that only those who did not have license were sent for the training.

Nevertheless, as a reaction to the matter, Vice Mayor Ceciron Cawaling expressed that the 3 day basic training for crew members is allegedly not sufficient to ensure the safety of boat passengers. He added that there should be actual and long training.

It can be recalled that this year, there have been disasters involving Island Hopping which took the lives of tourists and a Capt. of a boat.

BFP Boracay reminds the public to be cautious when using candles

The Boracay Bureau of Fire Protection is launching a campaign now that the All Soul’s Day is fast approaching.

One of their aims is to remind the public to be cautious when using candles. Avoid placing it near curtains or leaving it on table tops while it’s lit to prevent fire.

These are the usual instructions they give the community that uses candles particularly this coming All Soul’s Day said SPO1 Edgardo Imason, Chief Operation Officer of the Bureau of Fire Protection/BFP-Boracay.

He said lit candles if knocked over on to light materials, or anything that could fuel the fire is the usual cause of a blaze.

Meanwhile as to the cemeteries, they are or will also be checking and prohibit individuals from setting candles in areas where there are dried leaves and twigs to avoid “grass fire.”

In line with this, the bureau is going to promote awareness among the public by reminding them of the Dos and Don’ts to prevent this kind of incident.

They will be expected to be on red-alert, visible, and will be conducting inspections to ensure public safety against any accident the celebration may bring.

For this All Soul’s Day operation the BFP will be working together with the Philippine Red Cross.

Thursday, October 18, 2012


1 telescope and 1 speed boat are all that the Local Government of Malay (LGU) owned in the equipment of the Life Guard of Boracay.

When this was found out by the Town Council Members of Malay and only the telescope was bought by the LGU, the Councilmen seemed surprised.

This was after a Joint Committee Hearing was held attended by the Committee on Tourism, Public Safety and Order, and Committee on Laws on Wednesday, October 17. 

The hearing was held in connection to the consecutive drowning incidents and capsizing of boat.

During the inquiries by Town Council Member Jupiter Gallenero, Chairman of the Committee on Public Safety and Order, it was learned that the equipment of the Life Guard are the following:

6 torpedo buoys
2 ring buoys
10 life jackets
1 First Aid Kit
1 stretcher

…and all these are allegedly even owned by Miguel Mike Labatiao, the Life Guard Supervisor.

It was also learned from Labatiao that the Life Guard has no radio equipment being used in their operation, and that they lack personnel.

There are only 18 personnel each being paid with P250 pesos per day by the LGU of Malay to guard at the beach of Boracay.

Labatiao explained that they had asked for equipment but there was no response yet.

As a result, the committee asked the Supervisor to submit a list of the needed equipment in order to find a way to purchase these from the fund of the Municipal Peace and Order Council (MPOC).

The hearing was allegedly held to find a way to prevent disaster at sea, including on Sea Sporting, and swimming activities at the beach of Boracay.

45 year-old man in Boracay, DOA after a motorcycle accident; Back rider, injured

A man was announced Dead on Arrival after the motorcycle he’s driving overturned at sitio Ambulong, Manoc-manoc, Boracay at around one o’clock earlier this morning.

The Police Report of the Boracay PNP identified the victim as Robin “Mokong” Poblador, 45 of Sara, Iloilo, while his companion, and back rider or pillion Samuel Ocheda of Pandan, Antique was injured.

According to some witnesses, the victims were speeding off with their Honda 250cc and the incident was just so fast that they have found the victims already lying on the street gutter after they collided with the “No Parking Sign” in the area.

The impact of collision has thrown the signage at the middle of the street.

Meanwhile on this station’s interview with Ocheda at the Hospital, he said was knocked out of his consciousness and had learned of his companion’s death in the hospital.

It was learned that the victims were intoxicated and were not wearing a helmet during the incident.

Poblador sustained a severe trauma to the head causing his death, while Ocheda on the other hand was just wounded.

Ocheda also acknowledged the importance of using a helmet when driving for safety.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


The broken reef buds of Sangkalikasan Cooperative have no direct effect to the environment or to the coast of Boracay, in particular.

When the reef buds were inspected by the Malay Municipal Agriculture’s Office (MAO), it was observed that instead of corals growing, moss has grown first on the reef buds.

These were according to Felix Jan Balquin, the Marine Biologist of MAO.

He added that in such situation, it is still possible for corals to grow.

Apparently, from the initial inspection, only 2 to 3 percent of the reef buds were broken, out of the total reef buds put in place in an area of more or less 65 hectares.

It was also observed during the inspection that the number of fishes at the area where the artificial reef buds were located, apparently were almost of the same quantity.
The reef buds project, funded by Sen. Loren Legarda which costs P50 Million, were created for two purposes, one is to be places where coral reefs would grow, and the other for the number of fishes to increase.

Restorations at Cagban Port, nearly finished

The repairs and or restorations at the Cagban Jetty port are on for completion.

This is what Jetty Port Administrator Nieven Maquirang had confirmed during an interview with this station.

This is in relation to the preparations for the coming of a Caribbean cruise ship, Legend of the Seas.

According to Maquirang, some facilities at the port are now being used, however the repairs are still ongoing particularly the roofing.

For a more comfortable and spontaneous travel for the passengers, the ticketing booths are now also operational, he added.

Meanwhile, in line with the ship’s arrival, Maquirang said that the Legend of the Seas, will just stay for a moment in Boracay at about 8 to 12 hours.

And since the ship is massive, it will be docking about halfway between Boracay and Caticlan, which is contrary to what others believe that it will be harboring near the beach front of the island. 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

All Souls’ Day atmosphere, having an early start in Boracay

Toy figures of skeletons, bats, bleeding white ladies, witches, and other scary creatures.

These are just some of the eye-catching scenery at station 2 in Boracay that people, residents and foreigners alike, are taking pictures of.

All Souls’ Day is yet to come, but some of the resorts in the area have already started decorating with Halloween themes as an additional tourist attraction.

One of the resorts’ Dining Supervisor, Wilson, said that they have been preparing for this day for some three years.

Wilson added that the “props” they have prepared are considerably costly and were carefully made, that they spent a number of days making it, and it would be such a waste to just remove it after the Halloween.

Aside from the panoramic lighting every night, it also very noticeable, how they artistically decorated their “props,” designed with the help of their female Boss who is an interior decorator.

 Despite its theme which is “horror,” the children, instead of getting scared, are conversely enjoying it, posing and taking pictures.

Meanwhile, some shops at Brgy. Balabag are also starting to sell masks of grotesque and or scary figures, which are quite expensive at almost Php200 per piece, but is of a good quality assured the sales personnel.

On the other hand, the Catholic Church said that it is ok if some people in Boracay have started with the activity, what matters, it added, is the presence of respect and giving importance to the memory of those loved ones who had passed.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Cooperation Needed On Bar Closure on Boracay Island - Island Administrator

Cooperation from bar owners is needed for the strict implementation of bar enclosure.

This was emphasized by Island Administrator Glenn Sacapaño after Yes FM 911 brought to his attention the disappointment expressed by tourists.

The complaint from the tourists was that their partying at the beach front, Station 1 at midnight was cut short.
The tourists were apparently still partying but were surprised when the bar operator stopped the music at midnight.

To this Sacapaño stressed that it is the responsibility of bar operators to inform and explain to their customers about the law. He also clarified that after 12midnight and bar owners would still want their bar to be open, this was possible as long as there would be no music playing and no one being disturbed.

He added that if one would still want to play music, the bar should be enclosed or closed.

The Island Administrator made a stand that all bar operators will follow especially that apparently the bar operators signed the agreement regarding the bar enclosure.

This morning, the disappointment felt by Davao tourists was broadcasted by Yes FM Boracay since their merry making was cut short in the island which they had believed to be a “Party Place until the morning hour.”

Some tourist in Boracay, dismayed with the implementation of Bar Enclosure

It has been 2 months since the Local Government of Malay had implemented the Bar Enclosure in Boracay.

Some were happy, particularly those who wishes for a quiet vacation, because at 12 midnight, the noise are relatively lessened.

However, this is quite the opposite to the reaction of some tourists who expressed dissatisfaction as the music were turned down, saying that they feel they were left “hanging.”

The station has interviewed a group of tourists from Davao who conveyed their ‘dismay’ after learning that the island has an implementation of Bar Enclosure especially at the beach front.

27 year-old “Jess,” not his real name, a businessman, said he was surprised because his friends had told him that the sounds and or music in the island lasts till the day breaks, while his companion insisted by saying “party begins at twelve.”

Nonetheless, though dissatisfied, the group had said to have suggested or advised their fellow tourists to go bar hopping on earlier times.

The Bar Enclosure was implemented last August, as an answer to the complaints received by the LGU on by the noise pollution brought about by bars in Boracay.