Thursday, October 18, 2012


1 telescope and 1 speed boat are all that the Local Government of Malay (LGU) owned in the equipment of the Life Guard of Boracay.

When this was found out by the Town Council Members of Malay and only the telescope was bought by the LGU, the Councilmen seemed surprised.

This was after a Joint Committee Hearing was held attended by the Committee on Tourism, Public Safety and Order, and Committee on Laws on Wednesday, October 17. 

The hearing was held in connection to the consecutive drowning incidents and capsizing of boat.

During the inquiries by Town Council Member Jupiter Gallenero, Chairman of the Committee on Public Safety and Order, it was learned that the equipment of the Life Guard are the following:

6 torpedo buoys
2 ring buoys
10 life jackets
1 First Aid Kit
1 stretcher

…and all these are allegedly even owned by Miguel Mike Labatiao, the Life Guard Supervisor.

It was also learned from Labatiao that the Life Guard has no radio equipment being used in their operation, and that they lack personnel.

There are only 18 personnel each being paid with P250 pesos per day by the LGU of Malay to guard at the beach of Boracay.

Labatiao explained that they had asked for equipment but there was no response yet.

As a result, the committee asked the Supervisor to submit a list of the needed equipment in order to find a way to purchase these from the fund of the Municipal Peace and Order Council (MPOC).

The hearing was allegedly held to find a way to prevent disaster at sea, including on Sea Sporting, and swimming activities at the beach of Boracay.

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