Thursday, October 18, 2012

45 year-old man in Boracay, DOA after a motorcycle accident; Back rider, injured

A man was announced Dead on Arrival after the motorcycle he’s driving overturned at sitio Ambulong, Manoc-manoc, Boracay at around one o’clock earlier this morning.

The Police Report of the Boracay PNP identified the victim as Robin “Mokong” Poblador, 45 of Sara, Iloilo, while his companion, and back rider or pillion Samuel Ocheda of Pandan, Antique was injured.

According to some witnesses, the victims were speeding off with their Honda 250cc and the incident was just so fast that they have found the victims already lying on the street gutter after they collided with the “No Parking Sign” in the area.

The impact of collision has thrown the signage at the middle of the street.

Meanwhile on this station’s interview with Ocheda at the Hospital, he said was knocked out of his consciousness and had learned of his companion’s death in the hospital.

It was learned that the victims were intoxicated and were not wearing a helmet during the incident.

Poblador sustained a severe trauma to the head causing his death, while Ocheda on the other hand was just wounded.

Ocheda also acknowledged the importance of using a helmet when driving for safety.

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