Friday, October 19, 2012

BFP Boracay reminds the public to be cautious when using candles

The Boracay Bureau of Fire Protection is launching a campaign now that the All Soul’s Day is fast approaching.

One of their aims is to remind the public to be cautious when using candles. Avoid placing it near curtains or leaving it on table tops while it’s lit to prevent fire.

These are the usual instructions they give the community that uses candles particularly this coming All Soul’s Day said SPO1 Edgardo Imason, Chief Operation Officer of the Bureau of Fire Protection/BFP-Boracay.

He said lit candles if knocked over on to light materials, or anything that could fuel the fire is the usual cause of a blaze.

Meanwhile as to the cemeteries, they are or will also be checking and prohibit individuals from setting candles in areas where there are dried leaves and twigs to avoid “grass fire.”

In line with this, the bureau is going to promote awareness among the public by reminding them of the Dos and Don’ts to prevent this kind of incident.

They will be expected to be on red-alert, visible, and will be conducting inspections to ensure public safety against any accident the celebration may bring.

For this All Soul’s Day operation the BFP will be working together with the Philippine Red Cross.

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