Saturday, June 22, 2013

Governor Miraflores, happily extended his congratulations to Malay’s new set of officials

Recently elected Governor Joeben Miraflores cheerfully congratulated the newly elected officials in Malay in an oath taking ceremony yesterday.

The Governor mentioned the new set of officials led by Malay Mayor John Yap and Vice Mayor Wilbec Gelito and the members of the Municipal Council.

Miraflores led the initiation of the oath taking.

Meanwhile, included in his speech is the good news of the continuing increase in the number of tourists’ arrivals within the first few months of the year.

The Governor also mentioned about the protection and preservation of the island, and added that they have a number of projects for Aklan, particularly in Boracay.

One of the projects is the construction of a new route from Tangalan to Ibajay for an improved travel to the island.

A new bridge for Kalibo was also cited.

Moreover Miraflores extended his gratitude to the Malaynons because he always won in the area since he became a candidate.

Friday, June 21, 2013


Three (3) more cruise ships will be visiting Boracay before the current year ends.

In an interview with Caticlan Jetty Port Administrator, Nieven Maquirang made by Easy Rock 93.5 on Friday, June 21, he said 3 cruise ships will be arriving in Boracay Island.

The first among the three cruise ships will be visiting in the month of October. The C.F. Sharp Group, the same agent which had brought cruise ships to the island in the first quarter of the year, is making the arrangement. However, the exact date of the cruise ship’s arrival is not yet available.

Meanwhile on November 7, Wallen Maritime Services Inc. the Philippine Agent of Star Cruises will be bringing a cruise ship which has a about 2,100 passengers and 1,500 crews.

On December C.F. Sharp Group will bring to the island the third cruise ship before the year ends. Arriving on December 31, the cruise ship will stay overnight and watch the Fireworks display in Boracay on New Year’s Eve.

According to Maquirang, matters will be confirmed by July.

Furthermore, Maquirang, disclosed that there is also a plan to package other destinations near Boracay, such as Buruanga, Nabas, Ibajay among others, for visiting cruise ships.

When asked for additional statements, Maquirang appealed to stakeholders and the community to support efforts of the government, the DOT, and also the provincial government in increasing tourist arrivals.

Back in October 2012, the Department of Tourism 6 (DOT-6) Regional Director, Atty. Helen J. Catalbas said that the cruise ship market would be the focus in 2013 for Boracay.

Written and Contributed by: Rodel J. Abalus


A General Assembly Meeting will be called for by Akelco on July 21 at three (3) different areas in the province of Aklan.

In an interview, Aklan Electric Cooperative Public Information Officer, Rence N. Oczon told Yes FM 91.1 that a General assembly is held yearly for their member-consumers.

According to Oczon, an open forum will take place at the assembly wherein attendees could freely inquire on what they would like to know concerning the activities of Akelco. In addition, concerns could also be voiced out during the assembly.

Likewise, updates on the programs to be undertaken by Akelco in 2013 will also be included in the agenda.

The synchronized General assembly meeting will be held at Andagao Village, Kalibo, at the towns of Lezo, and Ibajay.

1Entry-1Exit Policy is strictly imposed

Illegal boarding of passengers from Boracay going to Romblon is strictly prohibited.

This is according to Jetty Port Statistician and assistant to the administrator, Mars Bernabe.

He said the right place in loading of passengers departing to Romblon is at the Cagban Jetty Port.

Many of resort owners are complaining for there are some who are still loading passengers in Station 1 and Station 3, Boracay.

With regards to the Aklan province’ “1Entry-1Exit Policy, Bernabe added that they will be imposing a penalty to those who will not follow their rules.

They might also confiscate the boat.

This issue was tackled last June 13, 2013 during a special meeting of Aklan Governor Carlito S. Marquez  to all the members of Task Force Bantay Boracay. 

(Contributed by : Kate Panaligan)

Gas used by fire dancers in Boracay has ill effects on the sands

The gas used by fire dancers in Boracay contaminates the sands.

This is the ill effects that DOT Regional Director Helen Catalbas has observed related to the mentioned activity on the island.

In line with this, Boracay Department of Tourism Officer-in-Charge Tim Ticar said that the DOT and the Boracay Foundation Inc. (BFI) are set to meet and discuss this matter.

According to Ticar, they will find a way on how the fire dancers will no longer use gas to avoid it from contaminating Boracay’s sands.

The DOT OIC is pretty sure that there are chemicals aside from gas that can be used.

At the same time he is also concerned for the fire dancers to continue on with their jobs.

Ticar acknowledges how fire dancing became one of the attractions on the island.

On the other hand, the white sands of Boracay must be preserved and protected.

Ticar clarified, that these dancers will not be losing their jobs as this is their source of income, they will however have to control the activity to keep the Boracay sands from being polluted.

RHU- Boracay warned against the increase of cases of Dengue in the country

The Rural Health Unit in Boracay has warned the public about the increase of dengue cases in the country.

According to Malay Municipal Health Officer Dr. Adrian Salaver, they already sent a notice to the Baranggays in the municipality.

The letter is a reminder for the community to be aware of the mentioned disease this rainy season.

Salaver added that even without recorded cases of dengue in Boracay and Malay, the public still, should take precautionary measures.

He also noted how the crowd comes in and out of the island that makes it difficult for them to monitor any dengue carrier, and is the reason of its spread.

Meanwhile, he stressed out that even if they won’t be releasing any warnings regarding the disease, the public, particularly those who are leaving near a stream and the likes or any potential breeding area of mosquitoes, should be vigilant enough.

Salaver reminded the public to maintain a clean surrounding.

Thursday, June 20, 2013


We have coordinated with the Mayor, these were the words expressed in Tagalog by PO1st Condrito Alvarez of the Coastguard of Boracay Detachment related to the addition of personnel to watch over Tambisaan Port at Manoc-Manoc village.

In an interview of Alvarez by Yes FM 91.1 on Wednesday, June 19, he admitted that the lack of personnel to keep an eye on the said port at night is a problem in Boracay.

The matter had allegedly made Coastguard coordinate with Malay Mayor John Yap in order to assign someone at the Tambisaan port.

In the same interview, the scheme by some boats in Boracay was revealed.

According to information that reached the radio station, there are boats that load cargos that do not have appropriate permit.

There are also vehicles that are able to enter the cargo areas in the island like motorcycles that do not have any documents.

The Coastguard believes that it is necessary to add personnel at the port to curtail the mentioned activity.

In addition, Alvarez appealed to the boats plying Boracay to follow regulation implemented in the island.

Oath taking of newly elected officials in Malay to be conducted on Friday

This coming Friday, June 21, the newly elected officials in Malay will be taking their Oaths.

According to SB Malay Secretary Concordia Alcantara, a mass will be celebrated at 9a.m. before the program prepared for the oath taking.

Some of those who will attend the occasion are Congressman Miraflores, Teodorico Haresco of the Kasangga Party List, and Governor Marquez.

Meanwhile, the newly elected officials’ first day of service will be on June 1st, which will be followed by their first session on June 2nd.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


A letter had been sent by Caticlan Jetty Port Administrator, Nieven Maquirang to the Marina Office.

The letter was related to the complaint on the Oyster Ferry which carries passengers from Caticlan to Cagban Port and vice versa.

The matter was confirmed by Town Council Member Dante Pagsuguiron during the Town Council Session of Malay on June 11.

The letter had to do with the illegal discharge of waste from the ferry directly into the sea at the area of Cagban jetty port.

Earlier, a complaint on the Oyster Ferry was made to the Cagban jetty port by boatmen wherein a picture was taken to prove that the ferry was discharging waste water into the sea.

Meanwhile, according to Caticlan Philippine Coastguard PO1 Rokie Borja, the Oyster Ferry had gone to Navotas City for a dry dock. Dry docking is allegedly done annually for maintenance on the ferry and it also includes its waste disposal system for passengers so the wastes will not directly go into the sea.

Borja added that the ferry is expected to come back in July to resume ferrying passengers.

Coast Guard Boracay, ready for the habagat season

The Coast Guard Boracay is now prepared for the Habagat season.

According to Philippine Coast Guard Boracay petty officer in charge PO1st Condito Alvarez, they already transferred the sea sports and island hopping activities at Bolabog area.

This is because the status of the front beach can now be considered as “rough seas.”

They already have coordinated with the local government of Malay yesterday, in order to place an anchorage area at Bolabog for a specified loading spot for the sea sports and island hopping goers.

This is to avoid clutter and or disorder in the mentioned area.

Alvarez also reminded the public on the risk of swimming at the front beach because of the large waves, and as a result conducts a continuous monitoring.

Night swimming isn't that much of a trouble, he added, as not many guests go swimming during these times.

Alvarez however extended his reminder for the public to refrain from swimming at the front beach although their monitoring continues.

He also reiterated to those travelling from mainland Malay to Boracay and vice-versa to strictly abide and implement the wearing of life jackets.

Noting that the public should not be so hard-headed when boatmen instruct them to wear the life vests as this is for their own safety.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Action on the drainage de clogging and the illegal connection to the drainage of Boracay will be started soon by the Local Government Unit (LGU) of Malay.

According to Malay Municipal Engineer Elizer Casidsid, a report related to the drainage de clogging project and illegal connection to the drainage had been submitted to their office by the contractor of Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority (TIEZA).

The report was supposedly necessary so the LGU of Malay can take the necessary action if ever there is an illegal connection to the said drainage.

A program of works had allegedly been made, however, action was not started because of the barring period implemented for the 2013 Midterm elections.

Meanwhile, Region VI Department of Tourism (DoT) Regional Director Atty. Helen Catalbas also said on Friday, June 14 that drainage problem is considered to be one of the reasons for the flooding in Boracay Island.

DOLE’s construction safety program, supported by LGU Malay

The Malay Municipal Engineer’s Office acknowledges the need for contractors to have a safety program before their building permits will be approved.

The first day of the Department of Labor and Employment’s Construction Safety Training started off yesterday.

During which, Malay Municipal Engineer Elizer Casidsid said that contractors must abide with DOLE’s required safety program.

The said requirement must me complied before any construction will be started.

Casidsid added that they, at the LGU, will not be providing building permits without the approval from DOLE.

Meanwhile, DOLE’s Construction Safety Training program which has started yesterday was held at a convention center in Boracay and was attended by LGUs from Antique, Iloilo and Aklan.

Also present were contractors, safety officers, building officials and other representatives from DOLE Region VI.

Included in the said training was the safety of workers in construction sites.

The said training which will end on Friday is supported by the LGU-Malay.

Sunday, June 16, 2013


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