Friday, June 21, 2013

RHU- Boracay warned against the increase of cases of Dengue in the country

The Rural Health Unit in Boracay has warned the public about the increase of dengue cases in the country.

According to Malay Municipal Health Officer Dr. Adrian Salaver, they already sent a notice to the Baranggays in the municipality.

The letter is a reminder for the community to be aware of the mentioned disease this rainy season.

Salaver added that even without recorded cases of dengue in Boracay and Malay, the public still, should take precautionary measures.

He also noted how the crowd comes in and out of the island that makes it difficult for them to monitor any dengue carrier, and is the reason of its spread.

Meanwhile, he stressed out that even if they won’t be releasing any warnings regarding the disease, the public, particularly those who are leaving near a stream and the likes or any potential breeding area of mosquitoes, should be vigilant enough.

Salaver reminded the public to maintain a clean surrounding.

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