Saturday, July 28, 2012

Pot-like and hard hat helmet in the streets will be lessened

It is expected that the pot-like and hard hat helmets used by motorists in the streets of Aklan will be lessened.

This shall follow if  helmets could 100% pass the inspection that will be conducted by the Department of Trade and Industry.

This is what DTI-Aklan Director Diosdado Cadena has stated during an interview yesterday, after the assessment they had on helmets.

If this could pass the standard for safety, it will be marked by DTI with an Import Commodity Certificate or ICC sticker.

He however said that this matter depends on how strict the Land Transportation Office or LTO will implement the No travel No Helmet Policy.

Cadena hopes that this will push through as this is for the safety of the motorist and those riding with them.

In the inspection that they are conducting, aside from the brand of the helmets, they are also checking if these can be efficiently used and if it can’t pass the assessment like if it has no strap or has a crack, they will not mark this with an ICC sticker.

It is the DTI’s aim to ensure the effectiveness of the equipments of the motorists to reduce the number of accidents with head injuries.

Friday, July 27, 2012

"Merry Making" To Be Held in Boracay in Thanksgiving for the “2012 Best Beach in the World" Award

The “2012 Best Beach in the World" award, the highest award received by Boracay Island from the survey of tourists by Travel +Leisure Magazine will be put on show on a parade this afternoon.

The award was handed over to the wife of Malay Mayor John Yap, Abegail Yap on the 19th of July in New York City.

It was learned from Chief Tourism Operation Officer Felix Delos Santos Jr. that Mayor Yap will head this afternoon’s occasion which will start with a mass at the Holy Rosary Church, and a message of thanksgiving will be given by the Mayor of Malay for the award.

After the mass, a “Merry Making” or “Sadsad” from Station One until Station Two at the front beach will take place. During the “Merry Making,” the award will be brought along in order to share it to the public.

This is in acknowledgement that Boracaynons, Malaynons, and stakeholders of the island had a huge contribution in enabling Boracay to receive the award according to Delos Santos.

He explained that one of the basis in choosing the winner for the award is the white and clear sand in the island in which the public had a big contribution in keeping it the way it is.

The “Merry Making” will be attended by Local Government of Malay, together with Non-Government Organizations, stakeholders like the Boracay Foundation Incorporated, Members of Boracay Alliance Group, Task Force Moratorium, and others.

Meanwhile, aside from the presence of the two tribes from Boracay, the three popular tribes from Kalibo who won the Ati-atihan Kalibo, will arrive to join and add color to the activity.

Kalibo International Airport terminal fee increase - gradual

Kalibo International Airport Manager, Engr. Percy Malonesio had refuted that they already implemented the additional terminal fee charging.

According to him if there's such news that they had a fee increase, then there is no truth about this.

This is because they have not yet received a notice from the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines CAAP when this should be implemented.

Malonesio however believes that there will be a positive response from CAAP on their proposed plan of having additional charges.

The terminal fee for domestic flights remained at Php40 which they are planning to increase up to Php200.

While the charge for an international flight is still at Php500 which they are proposing to make it Php700.

Nonetheless he announced that if this will push through, this will not happen in one occasion alone as they will implement this gradually. They may even start at Php100 additional charge and after a few months will eventually ask for a php200 for domestic and Php700 for the international flights.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Group of Indigenous People Staying in Front of a Vacant Lot at the Front Beach-Action to Be Taken-Island Administrator

Island Administrator, Glenn Sacapaño promised that action would be taken today on the complaint of a resort at Station three.

It was alleged that a group of indigenous people is occupying the front of a vacant lot at the front beach and that they have built a makeshift house at the area.

According to Sacapaño, his office and the Municipal Social Worker of Malay would work together to find a solution to the matter.

The Administrator said that there is no law that prohibits indigenous people from going to Boracay and that they cannot be told to just leave.

What the Administrator is wondering about is how they were able to put up a makeshift house at the front beach. This is because, based on the complaint, the indigenous people litter and excrete human waste at the area and tourists see them do their day to day activities, and that even tourists are now worried for the mentioned indigenous people.

Boracay’s “2012 Best Beach in the World” award, received

It has now been formally handed to the Local Government of Malay the award that proves that Boracay was indeed chosen to be “2012 Best Beach in the World” by Travel Leisure Magazine.

This award was received by the first lady of Malay Mayor John Yap, Abegail Yap on June 19 in New York City.

Boracay has two representatives during the occasion. Receiving the award along with Mrs. Yap is a representative from the Department of Tourism.

In line with this the Municipal Tourism Office of Malay is currently preparing for a gathering for the public to have a chance to see the award that Boracay has received. This is also to thank the stakeholders which have contributed greatly in acquiring the“2012 Best Beach in the World” title.

Meanwhile during the session of SB Malay, SB Member Jonathan Cabrera suggested a proposal to pass a resolution that shows gratefulness to Travel Leisure Magazine’s recognition of the island as the most beautiful beach in the world this year.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Dog Catching-Temporarily Stopped; Dog Cell-in Sorry State; Municipal Agriculture Office of Malay-Lacks Equipment

Catching dogs roaming the streets of Malay has been temporarily discontinued because the Municipal Agriculture Office of Malay lacks equipment.

This was confirmed by the Municipal Agriculture Officer, Anery Solano in the Town Council Session held yesterday.

In relation to the matter, Solano also divulged what he claimed was the poor state of the dog found or cell for dogs that are caught, the broken vehicle, and the absence of a driver to maintain the vehicle. He added that the path going to the dog found was not in good condition.

The Town Council expressed readiness to help in the predicament of the Municipal Agriculture Office.

Solano was called to attend the Town Council Session yesterday, allegedly due to the complaint of some Villages that there were still dogs roaming which often cause accident in the street, and that the roaming dogs often litter anywhere, chase and bite.

Enclosure of Bars in Boracay to be implemented on August

One more week and the enclosure of all bars in Boracay will take effect as a reinforcement of the prohibition and implementation relating to the Noise Pollution Ordinance in the island.

According to Island Administrator Glenn Sacapaño, this coming August 1, 2012 they will be implementing what has been agreed upon by the Local Government of Malay and bar operators and owners.

The establishments will be enclosed and will be sound proof in order to avoid too much noise and loud sounds that could be a disturbance to the resting tourists.

Sacapaño said that he also observed how the bar owners in Boracay are doing their part to conform to the word they have given the LGU-Malay that no disturbing noise will be coming from their establishments especially during midnight.

He however said that if they fail to have their bars enclosed the LGU will be forced to implement the until 12 midnight operation of their establishments.

Meanwhile, those who conformed to the agreement can operate overnight, what is important is that they will not be such an annoyance to those resting individuals.

In line with this the administrator said that they already had sent a notice to the bar operators and owners regarding the said implementation.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

New OIC for the Department of Tourism in Boracay - Confirmed

It was confirmed that there is a new Officer-In-Charge (OIC) at the Department of Tourism in Boracay in the person of Tim Ticar.

The confirmation was made by the Regional Office of the DOT.

In an interview at noontime Monday, Rene Cortum, the OIC Regional Director of the DOT Region 6 said an order has been given that Ticar is now the OIC and will take the lead role of running the DOT in the island.

Judith Icutanim, the DOT Officer of Boracay, will be retiring in the next days, the reason why Ticar was assigned to occupy the position Icutanim will vacate.

Meanwhile, Icutanim is still reporting for work at her office. The status of Icutanim and Ticar were promulgated by the DOT Order#13-2012, dated 7th of July of the current year.

The directive recognizing Ticar as the OIC of the DOT Boracay was made and signed by the DOT -6 Regional Director, Atty. Helen Catalbas. 

Monday, July 23, 2012

Zero Carbon Resort (ZCR) - For the Use of Natural Energy

Conservation of energy, this was what Zero Carbon Resort (ZCR) pushed for in its briefing session held Friday.

The session was attended by stake holders, resort operators of Boracay Island, TIEZA and the Department of Tourism, Boracay Office.

Some of the proposed conservation means by the ZCR are the use of appliances which use solar energy like water heater. According to Engineer Eric Raymundo of ZCR, resorts could save a lot of money if such technology is used for a greener Boracay.

Raymundo also explained the importance of using power on delay in appliances in bars for example on refrigerator and air conditioner. ZCR also encouraged the participants to join in its advocacy “It’s More Fun In a Green Boracay.”

ZCR is a group of professionals who are aimed to promulgate the use of natural energy instead of carbon and gas, and the group is supported by the DOT and TIEZA.

West Cove Demolition Expected to Take 1 Month

The demolition of the structures of West Cove Resort which are no longer covered by the Tenurial Instrument-Flag T held by the resort owner Crisostomo Aquino is expected to last for 1 month.

The demolition started on the 19th of July.

The demolition’s duration was learned from the demolition team. The team consists of sixty (60) persons tasked by the Mayor of Malay, Mayor John Yap to demolish the structures that are on top of the rocks at the sea. The presence of these structures, no longer included in the 928 square meter scope of the Flag T, was said to be the violation of the resort.

In connection to this, since the demolition would take some time and the demolished wall will go to the sea, the demolition contract will allegedly include the hauling of the demolition debris.

In a related development, because demolition has started on a resort that transgressed the law implemented by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources and the Ordinance implemented in Boracay, the Local Government of Malay has voiced out readiness to take action on other resorts in the island which have similar violations, and that if demolition is needed, demolition will allegedly take place according to the Mayor.