Monday, July 23, 2012

Zero Carbon Resort (ZCR) - For the Use of Natural Energy

Conservation of energy, this was what Zero Carbon Resort (ZCR) pushed for in its briefing session held Friday.

The session was attended by stake holders, resort operators of Boracay Island, TIEZA and the Department of Tourism, Boracay Office.

Some of the proposed conservation means by the ZCR are the use of appliances which use solar energy like water heater. According to Engineer Eric Raymundo of ZCR, resorts could save a lot of money if such technology is used for a greener Boracay.

Raymundo also explained the importance of using power on delay in appliances in bars for example on refrigerator and air conditioner. ZCR also encouraged the participants to join in its advocacy “It’s More Fun In a Green Boracay.”

ZCR is a group of professionals who are aimed to promulgate the use of natural energy instead of carbon and gas, and the group is supported by the DOT and TIEZA.

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