Saturday, July 20, 2013

Dengue Cases in Aklan, dropped, Chikungunya cases, zero

Written by: Shelah Casiano

There has been a drop on dengue cases in Aklan this year.

In fact, according to Provincial Health Officer I Dr. Bong Quachon, the number of cases has lowered down to 15%.

From January 1st to June 22nd of this year, there were only 190 recorded cases, compared to the same period in 2012 where there were 226 cases.

There were also 6 recorded mortality incidents due to dengue last year, while in 2013, there were zero deaths.

This data was based on the accumulated reports from Rural Health Units, and Government and Private Hospitals.

Quachon said that most of the victims were children.

Meanwhile, when asked about Chikungunya outbreak, amid reports that there are areas in Western Visayas, particularly in Antique, affected by the disease similar to dengue, Dr. Quachon said that so far, there were no reports of existing cases from any units in Aklan.

He also confirmed that Dengue is more fatal than Chikungunya, as there were no recorded deaths with the latter, and usually occurs in adults.

All the same, the Provincial Health Officer still reminded the public to cooperate and follow the DOH's advice to prevent the mentioned diseases. 

Quachon also said that being aware of the department's advisories and programs can be of great help to avoid its spread. 

Illegal drainage connections at Bolabog, to be cleared out Monday

Written by: Bert Dalida

The beauty of Bolabog beach may now be restored.

And the flooding and the difficulty it brings to the residents may also ebb out.

This is because, come Monday, there will be a clearing out of illegal connected drainages in the area.

According to Malay Municipal Engineer and Task Force Save Bolabog Chairman, Elizer Casidsid, the removal of the said drainages must be started to save Bolabog beach.

With this, the Task Force will conduct an inspection and removal of disposal lines that are not connected to the sewer system.

Based on the report obtained by the LGU, these illegal connections impede the flow of rain water into the drainage which in turn causes floods.

Consequently, it pollutes the Bolabog beach as the waste water from the establishments flows into the sea.

Thus, Casidsid calls out for the attention of structures and or establishments with illegal connections.

Meanwhile, the Task Force which is composed of the LGU-Malay, stakeholders and other agencies in Boracay, was formed to put an end to the mentioned problem in Sitio Bolabog.

Translated by: Shelah Casiano

Friday, July 19, 2013


Written by: Jay-ar M. Arante 
The new international flights from Singapore to Kalibo fromTiger Airways made the Department of Tourism Boracay glad.
According to DOT Boracay Officer In-Charge Tim Ticar, the flight schedule is two (2) times a week in order to bring Singaporean tourists to the province of Aklan specially to the Island of Boracay.
The route is an addition to the international flights of Tiger Airways.
Ticar added that this is a welcome development for the tourism industry of Boracay, further adding that with such expansion, the 1.5Million tourist arrivals target for 2013 will be reached.
Meanwhile, the DOT is hopeful that additional international flights to the province of Aklan will follow specially when the ongoing expansion at the Caticlan airport is finished.

Translated/Edited by: Rodel J. Abalus

Executive Order for TASK FORCE SAVE BOLABOG, still in floating status

Executive Order for Task Force on Save Bolabog is still in floating status.

It was learned that the said Executive Order, number 005 series of 2013, will be the implementing arm of the Task Force.

Led by Engr. Casidsid himself, this task force will safeguard the environment from natural, human and corporate harmful activities that affect the tourism industry of Boracay Island and the Municipality of Malay.

It is expected that all establishments and residential houses' that have illegal connections to the drainage will be inspected as soon as the order is approved.

According to Boracay Island Water Company and Tourism Infastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority (TIEZA), there are lot of establishments and residential houses here that are not connected to the sewer line but to the drainage instead.

These illegal connections are believed to be the major contributor of drainage overflowing and flood.

With this the LGU Malay established the Task Force Mandatory Sewer Connection to adhere the problem.

The task force will then move as soon as the executive order is released.

Meanwhile, the task force’ name was later changed to Task Force Save Bolabog, due to some conflicts that might evolved.

Contributed by: Kate Panaligan

Governor Miraflores, intends to pursue reclamation in Caticlan

Written by: Alan Palma Sr.

The expansion of the Caticlan Jetty Port is on the list of Aklan Governor Joeben Miraflores’ plans.

This was stated by the newly appointed leader of the province during the BFI’s Induction of Officers last week.

Aside from the governor’s request for Senator Drilon’s assistance on the renovation and expansion of Kalibo International Airport, infrastructure programs as well as the passed up Reclamation Project are what he plans to focus on.

Miraflores also acknowledged the BFI’s previous retraction-now-turned-support-move for the reclamation with the condition that it will only be within 2.6 hectares.

The governor is now optimistic that the project will pursue and that there will be an early withdrawal of the TRO which the Supreme Court has previously issued due to environmental issues.

Meanwhile, Miraflores assured the stockholders that he will frequent Boracay to focus on the solutions on the issues in the island.

  Translated by: Shelah Casiano

Senator Drilon, appealed to businessmen to remove illegal structures in Boracay

Written by: Alan Palma Sr.

Senator Franklin Drilon directly appealed to the stakeholders in Boracay to remove the illegal structures that could destroy the island.

Drilon particularly mentioned the structures that are within 25 meters from the beach line.

This appeal was delivered during the appointment of BFI’s new set of officials last Saturday.

In his speech, the senator said, that this is the only way to preserve the beauty of Boracay for the next generation.

Meanwhile, Drilon cited as an example, his move of clearing out establishments at the Iloilo River, two years ago to save the mentioned body of water.

He also bluntly stated that if there’s “Political Will,” no problems cannot be solved.

The Senator added that alongside the BFI, he will do everything in order to resolve the problem that Boracay is now facing.

Translated By: Shelah Casiano

Registration for SK and Baranggay Elections in Malay, to kick off on Monday

Written by: Christy T. Dela Torre

The Commission on Elections or Comelec Malay is now gearing up for the upcoming SK and Baranggay Elections.

According to Malay Comelec Officer II Elma Cahilig, the registration for regular voters for Baranggay Elections and the members of the Youth Council, which will be a 10-day registration, will start on July 22 to 31, 2013.

Those who will register or transfer their registration and or will apply for the SK elections are advised to visit the Comelec office from 8am to 5pm.

Cahilig added that the requirements needed include: Valid IDs, Certificate of Live Birth, and Baptismal Certificate.

The Comelec will be open on Saturdays, Sundays and even Holidays to ensure that they will be of service to those who have queries.

Meanwhile the filing of Certificate of Candidacy will be on October 15 to 17, while the elections will be on October 28, 2013.

Translated by: Shelah Casiano

Thursday, July 18, 2013


Written by: Jay-ar M. Arante

Fee is not collected from patients transported on the ambulance of Red Cross Boracay/Malay Chapter.
The matter was clarified by the organization’s Deputy Administrator John Patrick Moreno.

He said that the knowledge of residents regarding the service rendered by their ambulance service is not correct and information dissemination is just lacking from the organization.

He further explained that no fee is collected from patients who are residents and employees of Boracay who are transported on their ambulance.

Meanwhile, if the patient to be transported by the ambulance is a tourist, one thousand five hundred pesos (P1,500) is collected.

Nevertheless, if the tourist cannot afford the mentioned amount, any amount as a donation to the Red Cross will suffice.

Moreno also emphasized that they continue to serve the island of Boracay whole heartedly especially to those who need their help.

Translated/Edited by: Rodel J. Abalus

Red Cross Boracay’s accomplishments, gladdened LGU-Malay

Written by: Jay-ar Arante

The Local Government Unit of Malay is pleased with the accomplishment report of the Red Cross Boracay-Malay Chapter.

The Red Cross delivered its report during the first part of its presentation on the regular SB Session on Tuesday.

It included its different activities such as Life Guard Training and others.

Vice Mayor Wilbec Gelito expressed his optimism towards the organization’s contribution to the municipality, which Gelito said, is inspiring.

Meanwhile, according to Red Cross Boracay Chief Administrator Marlo Schoenenberger, more and more hotels and organizations are requesting for their partnership in Blood Donation programs.

And in order to maintain and further strengthen its cause, the Red Cross is requesting for continuous support and financial assistance.

However, the council is yet to serve this matter in a Committee Hearing to discuss how the request should be granted.

Translated by: Shelah Casiano

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Written by:  Jay-ar M. Arante

The president of Kalibo International Airport Transportation Association (KIATA) was called to the session of the Town Council of Malay.
This was after passengers travelling from Kalibo Airport going to Boracay's complaint, reached the Town Council about drivers of KIATA’s vans.
Allegedly, the drivers of the association overcharge passengers and claim that passengers no longer have to pay at the Caticlan Jetty port.
However, the information that reached Town Council Member Jupiter Gallenero was contrary.
According to Gallenero, the passengers are still charged for a fee at the Jetty Port, and when the passengers look for the driver to clear matters about the payment, the driver hastily leaves its passengers.
Regarding this, KIATA President Noemi Panado right away clarified that only two hundred fifty pesos (P250) is the charge for each passenger, which already includes the boat fee at the Jetty port when going to Boracay.
Panado claimed that she did not have an idea on the complaints on their drivers and said that she will investigate the matter.
The Local Government of Malay on the other hand is hopeful that no more complaints on such matter would be received since, allegedly, it destroys the image of Boracay.

Translated/Edited by: Rodel J. Abalus

BIWC, to be a part of DOT accreditation for establishments in Boracay

Written by: Bert Dalida

The Boracay Island Water Company (BIWC) will now be a part in giving DOT accreditation to establishments in Boracay.

This is after DOT OIC Tim Ticar advised the Task Force for Mandatory Sewer Connection to include the certification from the water company when furnishing an accreditation.

The said certification will serve as a proof that a certain establishment is connected to the sewerage treatment facility of BIWC.

In line with this, BIWC Chief Operating Officer Ben Mañosca, assured that within 3 months, the establishment will already have the connection.

According to Ticar, most of the establishments that they have inspected are connected; those that are not were advised to do so, except from those that has their own treatment plant.

It was learned that during the Task Force’s meeting, Mañosca clarified, that no one should be exempted from the said mandate, may it be private, public, commercial or residential.

Translated by: Shelah Casiano

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Written by:  Rodel J. Abalus

The rusting street light posts along the Main Road of Boracay Island will soon be taken down and replaced with new thicker, bigger gauged posts.

This was revealed by Malay Municipal Engr. Elizer Casidsid when interviewed by Easy Rock Boracay on Monday afternoon, July 15.

Engr. Casidsid said that the Program of Works for the street lights is being made, and being fast tracked by the General Service Office (GSO) a Unit-Department of the Office of the Mayor of Malay.

During the interview, he acknowledged that the street lights are dangerous since they are already rusting and therefore need to be changed, and they will be removed soon.

Nevertheless, when asked whether the wires on the street lights were live, he explained that the circuit breaker of the street lights is turned off.

On the design of the new street lights, he said that they will be thicker, bigger gauged since the existing posts are thin.

He added that the LGU will be fabricating the new street lights and the designs will take into consideration the location of each street light, and that the light will not be obstructed.

He further added that the street lights will be installed within the current year since they are necessary.

Vendors affected by the 25+5 easement in Boracay, to have temporary relocation

Written by: Bert Dalida

There will be a relocation area for vendors who will be affected by the 25+5 easement.

According to Balabag Baranggay Captain Lilibeth Sacapaño, this matter has already been discussed, but they still have to decide for the exact location.

For this reason, the Baranggay Captain finds a way to provide the said vendors an area which she clarified, will be temporary.

Sacapaño added that Mayor John Yap is also looking for the means to procure a better location where the vendors swept by the easement can transfer to.

Meanwhile, the cited temporary area is at the beach front of Zone 6 in Brgy. Balabag.

Translated by: Shelah Casiano

Monday, July 15, 2013


Written by:  Jay-ar M. Arante

Late enrollees are still accepted by schools in Boracay.
According to Aklan Division Planning Officer II, Edna R. Ayon, kids are still enrolling in the province of Aklan particularly in the island of Boracay.

She said enrollees are still accepted in consideration of the plight of the kids who wish to study even when it is already the month of July.

However, Ayon expressed sadness for those who are still enrolling since it is late for the kids to enroll and this will affect their studies.

Nevertheless, she reasoned that it is also because of difficulty in life, that parents have just found a job that is why they are late in enrolling their children.

Ayon, nonetheless, appealed to parents that this way of enrolling should not be continued since it greatly affects the education of children.

She added that books cannot also be given by teachers to late enrollees since by June 7 students were already counted to decipher the number of books to be given to schools.

Translated/Edited by: Rodel J. Abalus

Malfunctioning ACs of Vans going to Kalibo, to be delved on by the DOT

Written by: Mackie Pajarillo

The Department of Tourism (DOT) is disappointed with some vans operating via Caticlan and Kalibo.

This is after DOT Officer-in-Charge Tim Ticar received reports that a number of vans on a trip to Kalibo Aiport have malfunctioning air-condition.

Ticar received complaints from tourists and regular passengers.

In line with this, the DOT OIC said, he will look into how their agency can be able to address this issue.

They also have to check if those in question are using yellow or rainbow plates.

Ticar explained that those with yellow plates are under the Land Transportation Office, which they cannot interfere with, while those with rainbow plates are for tourist transport, and are under the DOT.

With this, Ticar added that he will raise this matter to the proper authority to be acted upon, while reminding van operators to adhere to the standards that are required of them.

Translated by: Shelah Casiano