Friday, July 19, 2013

Executive Order for TASK FORCE SAVE BOLABOG, still in floating status

Executive Order for Task Force on Save Bolabog is still in floating status.

It was learned that the said Executive Order, number 005 series of 2013, will be the implementing arm of the Task Force.

Led by Engr. Casidsid himself, this task force will safeguard the environment from natural, human and corporate harmful activities that affect the tourism industry of Boracay Island and the Municipality of Malay.

It is expected that all establishments and residential houses' that have illegal connections to the drainage will be inspected as soon as the order is approved.

According to Boracay Island Water Company and Tourism Infastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority (TIEZA), there are lot of establishments and residential houses here that are not connected to the sewer line but to the drainage instead.

These illegal connections are believed to be the major contributor of drainage overflowing and flood.

With this the LGU Malay established the Task Force Mandatory Sewer Connection to adhere the problem.

The task force will then move as soon as the executive order is released.

Meanwhile, the task force’ name was later changed to Task Force Save Bolabog, due to some conflicts that might evolved.

Contributed by: Kate Panaligan

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