Saturday, March 23, 2013

DOT, coordinates with various agencies to ensure public safety in Boracay during Holy Week

The Department of Tourism (DOT) coordinates with different agencies to ensure the security of those on vacation and tourists in Boracay.

This is in relation to the anticipated tourists’ influx in the island during the Holy Week.

In an interview with DOT OIC Tim Ticar, he said that they already had communicated with the Boracay PNP, lifeguard and Red Cross as part of their preparation.

Aside from this they already assigned a number of licensed tour guides at the beach front to be of assistance and to give information to the tourists.

Meanwhile, Ticar also called upon and asked the garbage collectors to be on “double time” managing the garbage, more so that the visitors are also expected to double up during the period.

Moreover, as the OIC admits that the streetlights are still a problem on the island, Ticar calls upon the Office of the Malay Municipal Engineers to attend to these for public safety.

It has been observed that some of the street lights and or lamp posts are already rusty and appears to be unattended.

Friday, March 22, 2013


The gathered signatures of the signature campaign of the Catholic Church in Boracay will allegedly be sent to President Benigno Aquino III.

This was confirmed by Rev. Arnaldo “Nonoy” Crisostomo, the mediator of the Holy Rosary Parish Ministry in an interview by Yes FM on Thursday, March 21.

Supposedly, the purpose of the signature campaign is to express what is being felt and for the community to seek justice for the assassination of Ati spokesman Dexter Condez on February 22.

According to Rev. Crisostomo the assassination should not just be ignored by everyone and by those concerned.

He also invited those who would like to participate on the signature campaign to go to the Holy Rosary Parish.

Meanwhile, aside from President Benigno Aquino III, a copy of the signatures will also allegedly be sent to different agencies of the government.

Municipality’s “No permit to party” in Boracay on Good Friday, gladdens Catholic Church

The Catholic Church in Boracay is grateful regarding the “No permit to party” in the island during the Good Friday.

In an interview with Holy Rosary Parish Boracay team ministry mediator. Fr. Nonoy Crisostomo, he said that everybody, including the tourists, ought to feel the real essence of the Holy Week and Good Friday which is a day for reflection.

For this, he noted that he is grateful how the Local government of Malay continues to support for a solemn celebration of the Holy Week.

Last Tuesday, the Municipality sent a notice to the establishments on the island stating that they are not going to grant a permit for parties and or events with noisy or loud sounds.

It said that this will be strictly implemented and monitored to ensure peacefulness from 6am of Good Friday to 6am of Black Saturday.

Thursday, March 21, 2013


To prevent traffic, prevent accident for the welfare of the many, and for the matters to be made known to those concerned.

These are allegedly the reasons why a tricycle driver in Boracay went over to Yes FM to voice out his recurring problem.

In an interview with the driver, who requested anonymity but will be called “Rex” for reference, he mentioned the failure of passengers and his fellow drivers to load and unload on the designated loading and unloading areas of the island.

In particular, he cited a slanting portion of the road at the village of Manoc –Manoc.

 “Rex” claimed that it was often dangerous at the area because of the passengers who would often like to go down at the area although an unloading area had been set.

This allegedly is troublesome for drivers when their vehicles are climbing the area since they still have to overtake especially that the road is narrow.

The unloading tricycle and passengers could allegedly be hit by the speeding vehicles.

He claimed that there had already been many who met an accident at the area by just avoiding unloading vehicles.

He also added that there are also drivers who park at the loading area and this causes traffic.

Nevertheless, he also said that when the desire of some passengers to stop at the dangerous area is ignored, a driver is being threatened to be complained about at the Boracay Land Transportation Multi Purpose Cooperative (BLTMPC).

Boracay Catholic Church, to launch a prayer rally for the slain Ati Spokesman Dexter Condez

The Catholic Church in Boracay is set to initiate a prayer rally for the slain Ati Spokesman Dexter Condez tomorrow.

The said prayer rally will be held tomorrow afternoon through what is called, the Station of the Cross which would begin at the ancestral land at Sitio Lugutan, Manoc-manoc.

In line with this, the Parish circulated an invitation signed by Parish Pastoral Council Coordinator Dionesio “Jony” Salme and Holy Rosary Parish Team Ministry Moderator Fr. Nonoy Crisostomo.

The mentioned activity aims to encourage the public, particularly the Boracaynons, to take part through prayers for justice on the death of Condez.

The prayer rally and the Station of the Cross will conclude at the parish church.

Moreover, the pastoral council calls on to those who will join to bring with them streamers and banners stating “Justice for Dexter.”

The late Dexter Condez was the Ati Spokesman of the Boracay Ati Community, who was slain almost a month ago due to a land dispute. 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


A search and rescue training was launched by the Philippine Coastguard on Monday, March 18, 2013 in Boracay Island.

The Philippine Coastguard together with the Philippine Coastguard Auxilliary initiated a Water Search and Rescue, and Rubber Boat Operation and Maintenance (WASER/RBOM) training.

In the start of the training, a Classroom Instruction was scheduled at the Club Paraw, Station 1, and the water training is set at the waters of Boracay.

According to Lt. Senior Grade Jimmy Oliver Vingno of the Philippine Coastguard, included in the training are basic life support, basic water exit, right use of rubber boat, and First Aid.

The participants of the training are the Philippine Coastguard, Philippine Army, Philippine National Police, Red Cross, Boracay Action Group and some volunteers.

After the training, the participants could be considered Life Guards and are ready to respond at any time if ever there will be a disaster in Boracay Island.
Vingno added that aside from preventing incidents of drowning, the training is also vital in helping local residents of Boracay in saving the victims of drowning, instead of having to rely on the said agency all the time.
The current training will last for 6 days until March 23 of this year.
Vingno also disclosed that there will also be a one-week-training in Boracay in April of the same year.

Strict implementation of Liquor Ban during the midterm election, insisted by COMELEC Malay

From 12 midnight of May 9 until the midnight of May 13.

These are the official dates and times for the implementation of Liquor Ban on the coming 2013 midterm elections, said Malay COMELEC Officer Elma Cahilig.

Based on the Omnibus Election Code, the COMELEC will strictly carry out the ban against selling, purchase, giving and or offering any kind of alcoholic drinks during the period.

In an interview with Cahilig, she said whoever will be caught violating the code will be facing an Election Offense, which according to law can lead to imprisonment of one to six years, disqualification from public office, and revocation of the right to vote.

However, Cahilig clarified that there is an exemption to some establishments that are certified by the Department of Tourism.

Meanwhile, according to DOT Officer Tim Ticar, they are continously accepting applications from establishments for inspection and for them to be granted a certification.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


The Town Council of Malay is wondering why a loan of P25.6Million is still needed for the payment of the debt to the contractor which made the Municipal Sanitary Land Fill.

In the Town Council session held on Tuesday, March 12, the amount to be borrowed made the Councilmen wonder since allegedly in 2012, P15.255Million had already been borrowed.

If the two loans are added together, the total will be more than P40.8Million  or P40.855Million to be exact.

According to the Councilmen, the amount to be borrowed seemed too much since the cost of the project is only more than P38Million.

The Councilmen were also wondering for what the loan will be, and expressed doubt it will be for the payment of the interest.

Because of these, allegedly, before they will approve the authorization to be given to the Chief Executive to enter into a negotiation with a bank to loan again, they will find out first from the concerned authority what the loan is meant for in their next session.

Monday, March 18, 2013


The ordinance prohibiting and regulating the use of plastic bag and Styrofoam in the town of Malay especially in Boracay Island, has delighted the Department of Tourism (DoT) in Boracay.

In an interview, Department of Tourism (DoT) Boracay Officer in Charge, Tim Ticar optimistically received the planned implementation of the Municipal Ordinance #320 so that, allegedly, the island will be plastic free.

Ticar acknowledged that one of the serious problems faced today by the “2012 Best Beach in the World,” which is Boracay, is the problem on environment because of huge amount of garbage especially during Summer Season wherein many tourists are expected to go to Boracay.

According to Ticar, the move is hoped to be one of the solutions of the local government of Malay in order to sustain the environment of the island and for it to be “Plastic Free.”

Although Ticar believes that at first the ordinance is difficult to implement, he has high hopes for it especially if it is implemented well.

This is so since allegedly everyone is currently helping each other for Boracay, and that even the national government is already focusing on the island.

Philippine Coastguard launches a Free Search and Rescue Training today

The Philippine Coastguard launches today a free Search and Rescue Training.

Together with the Phil. Coastguard Auxiliary, a Water Search & Rescue, Rubber Boat & Operation Maintenance or WASER/RBOM training is to be conducted in the island of Boracay.

Joining on the said training are the members of the Philippine Coastguard, the Philippine Army, PNP, Red Cross, Boracay Action Group and some volunteers.

Commenced with a Classroom Instruction in Station 1, at Club paraw, the water training will be conducted on the beaches of Boracay.

According to Lt. Senior Grade, Jimmy Oliver Vingno of Phil. Coastguard, included in the exercises are Basic life support, basic water exit, proper use and handling of rubber boats and first aid.

The trainees on the said activity can be considered as Life Guards whenever there is a need for a response for calamities on the island.

Vingno added that apart from avoiding drowning incidents, this training is important as it will help the local residents of Boracay on how to respond to sea or water related accidents without the help of the mentioned agencies.

They will also conduct a week long training in April.

Meanwhile the current training will last for six days which will end on Saturday, 23rd of March 2013.