Thursday, March 21, 2013


To prevent traffic, prevent accident for the welfare of the many, and for the matters to be made known to those concerned.

These are allegedly the reasons why a tricycle driver in Boracay went over to Yes FM to voice out his recurring problem.

In an interview with the driver, who requested anonymity but will be called “Rex” for reference, he mentioned the failure of passengers and his fellow drivers to load and unload on the designated loading and unloading areas of the island.

In particular, he cited a slanting portion of the road at the village of Manoc –Manoc.

 “Rex” claimed that it was often dangerous at the area because of the passengers who would often like to go down at the area although an unloading area had been set.

This allegedly is troublesome for drivers when their vehicles are climbing the area since they still have to overtake especially that the road is narrow.

The unloading tricycle and passengers could allegedly be hit by the speeding vehicles.

He claimed that there had already been many who met an accident at the area by just avoiding unloading vehicles.

He also added that there are also drivers who park at the loading area and this causes traffic.

Nevertheless, he also said that when the desire of some passengers to stop at the dangerous area is ignored, a driver is being threatened to be complained about at the Boracay Land Transportation Multi Purpose Cooperative (BLTMPC).

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