Wednesday, March 20, 2013


A search and rescue training was launched by the Philippine Coastguard on Monday, March 18, 2013 in Boracay Island.

The Philippine Coastguard together with the Philippine Coastguard Auxilliary initiated a Water Search and Rescue, and Rubber Boat Operation and Maintenance (WASER/RBOM) training.

In the start of the training, a Classroom Instruction was scheduled at the Club Paraw, Station 1, and the water training is set at the waters of Boracay.

According to Lt. Senior Grade Jimmy Oliver Vingno of the Philippine Coastguard, included in the training are basic life support, basic water exit, right use of rubber boat, and First Aid.

The participants of the training are the Philippine Coastguard, Philippine Army, Philippine National Police, Red Cross, Boracay Action Group and some volunteers.

After the training, the participants could be considered Life Guards and are ready to respond at any time if ever there will be a disaster in Boracay Island.
Vingno added that aside from preventing incidents of drowning, the training is also vital in helping local residents of Boracay in saving the victims of drowning, instead of having to rely on the said agency all the time.
The current training will last for 6 days until March 23 of this year.
Vingno also disclosed that there will also be a one-week-training in Boracay in April of the same year.

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