Saturday, September 7, 2013

MABOVEN members, shelters at some resorts in the Boracay

Written by: Bert Dalida

A number of MABOVEN or Malay-Boracay Vendors Association members took shelter in some of the resorts in the island.

This is after the Boracay Re-development Task Force implemented the demolition of structures at the vegetation area last week.

Included in those removed were tents and beach beds used by MABOVEN members.

A certain “Aling Daisy,” who worked as a masseuse in the island for 8 years, told that they had no income for 3 days since their posts were pulled out.

This was also a bit disappointing for their returning guests, she added.

They are however fortunate because some of the resorts at the beach front allowed them to transfer within their area.

But she feels for their colleagues who weren't so lucky to find another place.

On the other hand, although “Aling Daisy” admits having a hard time adjusting to this change, she said they are “ok” with the process carried out by the Boracay Re-development Task Force for the betterment of the island.

Translated by: Shelah Casiano

Friday, September 6, 2013


Written by: Bert Dalida

A place for relocation is yet unavailable for vendors affected by the 25+5 meter easement.

This was the statement of Balabag Village Captain, Lilibeth Sacapaño regarding the status of vendors who lost their spot at the vegetation area.

The structures that were included to be removed by the Boracay Redevelopment Task Force included the structures of sellers of barbecue, souvenirs, accessories and other stuff.

In relation to this, the Village Captain advised the vendors to wait until the 25+5 easement in the island is over.

Sacapaño, however, reiterated that selling is really prohibited at the vegetation area.

Translated/Edited by: Rodel J. Abalus

Tricycle Drivers in Boracay, advised to return things left by passengers

Written by: Bert Dalida

It is good to return things rather than give it an interest.

This is what Boracay PNP Deputy Chief Police Inspector Fidel Gentallan has said yesterday.

This is in relation to the cell phones, left particularly by tourists that were recovered from tricycle drivers.

According to Gentallan, it is better for tricycle drivers to return things left by passengers rather than keep it as their own.

It is such dismay, he said, when for instance, they are being positively identified by the commuters but are insistent on denying.

Having cited this, Gentallan advised the said drivers to surrender and have the found items recorded at the police station.

The Deputy Chief added that those who are honest and responsible enough to bring in such finds are being recognized and awarded during the Joint Flag Raising Ceremony of the Boracay Action Group.

It was learned, that a certain tricycle driver has fallen into an entrapment operation of the Boracay PNP last Wednesday, wherein the said driver asked for Php 10,000 in exchange for a cell phone left by a Korean national on his unit.

Translated by: Shelah Casiano

Thursday, September 5, 2013


Written by: Bert Dalida

The task force will still look for an expert for Boracay on what is appropriate for Boracay.

That was the statement of Boracay DOT Officer-In Charge, Tim Ticar regarding the sea wall design that will replace the sea wall of Station 1 owners.

On Tuesday, September 03, Station 1 owners met with the Boracay Redevelopment Task Force to present the wall they designed.

The mentioned owners approached the Boracay Redevelopment Task Force since they were worried that their buildings, structures and properties may be affected if their sea wall will be removed.

However, according to Ticar, the design that was presented was not well studied so the task force still needs an expert.

Meanwhile, the task force was allegedly delighted that the Station 1 owners asked for their help.

Translated/Edited by: Rodel J. Abalus

Committee Members of Malay Council, reminded to attended committee meetings

Written by: Bert Dalida

More than three accumulated absences will be met by a corresponding disciplinary action.

This is what Malay SB Member Rowen Aguirre reminds his colleagues every committee meetings.

It is a must for them to abide to the rules they have made, he said.

Aguirre added that if in case a member cannot be able to attend he or she must inform the SB Secretary or the Committee Chairman immediately and accordingly.

Vice Mayor Wilbec Gelito has agreed and seconded this during Tuesday’s 8th regular session.

Meanwhile, the Vice Mayor said failing to communicate the reason for such absence will cause delay, particularly if a guest is present.

Gelito stressed out that the members of the LGU must be punctual at all times.

Translated by: Shelah Casiano

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Written by: Bert Dalida

The Solid Waste Management System of Boracay was inspected by a Japanese expert Wednesday morning, September 4.

According to Boracay DOT Officer, Tim Ticar, the inspection was related to the longtime problem about garbage in the island which needs solution.

Considered to be one of the reasons in the increase in waste is the increase in tourist arrivals which had been more than what they had expected.

Allegedly, the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) had previously estimated that Boracay would reach its 1 Million tourists target in 2016.

However, in 2011 the target was already reached by the island, which was also accompanied by the increase in waste.

Because of this, the national office of the Department of Tourism spoke with a Japanese expert in order to study the problem.

The group of the Japanese expert arrived at nine this morning (9am) and met with Mayor John Yap, the personnel of the Material Recovery Facilities (MRF) of the three (3) villages of the island, and Boracay Island Water Company (BIWC).

Translated/Edited by: Rodel J. Abalus

Deferred Task Force Save Bolabog operation, to kick off again

Written by: Bert Dalida

The operation of the Task Force Save Bolabog will soon start again.

This is what Malay Municipal Engineer Elizer Casidsid has confirmed yesterday after the delays met by their de-clogging and sweeping up of illegal drainage system in the area.

This is as Casidsid brushed off the issue that their project was bowled-over by the 25+5 meter easement.

According to the Municipal Engineer, the de-clogging operation was already conducted; however the person in-charge with the reports was transferred to another location.

As a result, the Task Force needs to meet with the contractor to discuss the next move.

The Task Force Save Bolabog was earlier assigned by Mayor John Yap in order to save the area from complete pollution and destruction.

 Translated by: Shelah Casiano

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Written by: Bert Dalida
The Boracay Task Force Redevelopment and Station 1 owners were scheduled to meet Tuesday, September 03 for an alternative design of sea wall.
Sea walls are considered to be illegal structures  that need to be removed from the beach front that is why according to the Boracay Task Force Redevelopment, a design will be presented by Station 1 owners which also need to be studied by the national task force.
Apparently, the seawall design will not look like a sea wall, instead this will blend with the beach front since the sea wall will be buried in sand during northeast monsoon, but could be seen during the southwest monsoon. 
The Boracay Task Force said that the initiative from the private sector is being recognized specially for the reason that both parties work hand in hand for the progress of Boracay.

Translated/Edited by: Rodel J. Abalus

Task Force to follow other areas covered by the redevelopment

Written by: Bert Dalida

The Task Force will soon follow other areas covered by the re-development.

This is what Mabel Bacani of the Redevelopment Task Force said in relation to the status of the self-demolition conducted by the establishments to their own structures affected by the 25+5 easement in Boracay.

 74% was said to have already complied.

After the vegetation area, the team will then proceed to sweep up the back beach, and other parts of the island.

Meanwhile, Bacani clarified that the task force will remain in Boracay for monitoring and until the redevelopment is done, more so that there is a CLUP or a Comprehensive Land Use Plan.

Translated by: Shelah Casiano

Monday, September 2, 2013

Unavailability of water transport for patients during night time, confirmed by Coast Guard

Written by: Mackie Pajarillo

“There should be a kind of water ambulance ready for use especially during night time.”

This is what PO1st Condrito Alvarez Jr. of the Coastguard Sub-station Boracay has said in relation to the unavailability of motorboats for patient transport especially during the late hours.

Alvarez confirmed this dilemma hoping that the PCGA will provide them with a water ambulance that will be ready for use whenever there is a need to transfer a patient.

They usually meet the difficulty at the port particularly after 10 pm since there are only 2 motorboats scheduled for a 24 hour trip.

What’s worse, he added, is that they are being charged for each operation.

If the request of a water ambulance will be granted, they will have an improved service and operation, Alvarez said.

Meanwhile, this matter has already been brought up by the coastguard to DOT OIC Tim Ticar during a consultative meeting last Thursday.

Ticar, in return, assured a meeting with the Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary (PCGA) and the CBTMPC or Caticlan-Boracay Transport Multi-Purpose Cooperative to address this concern.

Tranlsated by: Shelah Casiano