Thursday, September 5, 2013

Committee Members of Malay Council, reminded to attended committee meetings

Written by: Bert Dalida

More than three accumulated absences will be met by a corresponding disciplinary action.

This is what Malay SB Member Rowen Aguirre reminds his colleagues every committee meetings.

It is a must for them to abide to the rules they have made, he said.

Aguirre added that if in case a member cannot be able to attend he or she must inform the SB Secretary or the Committee Chairman immediately and accordingly.

Vice Mayor Wilbec Gelito has agreed and seconded this during Tuesday’s 8th regular session.

Meanwhile, the Vice Mayor said failing to communicate the reason for such absence will cause delay, particularly if a guest is present.

Gelito stressed out that the members of the LGU must be punctual at all times.

Translated by: Shelah Casiano

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