Saturday, February 2, 2013

Balabag Baranggay Chairman apologizes for the slow-moving release of Baranggay Clearances

Balabag Baranggay Chairman Lilibeth Sacapano herself apologized and asked for the public’s understanding for the slow processing of documents at the Baranggay Hall.

This is amid all the efforts they have given to speed things up and cater all transactions such as with the Baranggay Clearance, IDs and Cedulas.

However there are some inevitable circumstances which could delay the process, a brown out for instance, which affects their operation.

They sometimes run out of receipts and other forms.

For this reason they set fund for a generator for the hall.

In fact, Sacapano said, they have added some personnel to accommodate everybody; especially it is the period of Business Permit renewals.

Aside from this, the chairwoman said, Balabag cannot be compared with other baranggays on the island as it has the most number of populations.

On the last survey in 2012 Balabag has a record of about 2000 individuals including non-local residents.

And as a response to those complaining about several requirements, Sacapano said this is a must for them to identify all the residents living in the area for security and implementation of regulations for the baranggay’s  orderliness.

Friday, February 1, 2013


The Provincial Comelec Supervisor of Aklan is already gearing up for re-shuffling.

This is in accordance to the reshuffling at the Commission on Elections for the coming May 2013 elections.

Due to the re-shuffling, Aklan Comelec Supervisor Atty. Lee Anoneria is busy coordinating or giving instructions to the employees she will be leaving at the province.

By next week, there will allegedly be a new Comelec Supervisor for Aklan and Anoneria is expected to be moved to Antique.

However, no name has been mentioned for the replacement of Anoneria.

Nevertheless, it was learned from the Provincial Comelec Office that the replacement will be from the province of Guimaras.

Meanwhile, Elma Cahilig remains seated as Comelec Officer in the town of Malay despite her earlier pronouncement that she will be included in the Comelec Officers who will be temporarily moved to a different town.

E-Trikes, solution to defective tricycles in Boracay

Electric Tricycles or E-trikes will be the solution to Boracay’s dilemma on tricycle units that are almost falling apart.

This is the answer that Malay Transportation Officer Cezar Oczon is looking forward to, as some old and defective tricycles are still operating.

In an interview with Oczon, he admitted that during their inspections, which are conducted before the operators are allowed to renew their franchises, there are times that some of the units were missed looked.

The Transportation Office is responsible for inspecting the tricycles annually to ensure that it is in good condition and appear desirable to the passengers and tourists.

For this year however, he is confident that by time the e-trikes are operational these problematic units will be replaced.

Thursday, January 31, 2013


The Town Council of Malay is contemplating if it will endorse the request of Boracay Tubi which has been dormant for some time.

Boracay Tubi is asking for permission or permit from the Local Government of Malay to dig at the Main Road of Boracay in order to lay pipes to fix its water service and sewerage system connection.

The request was made through a letter sent to the Town Council.

Apparently, the Council has felt guilt that the request has been given for almost a year and no action has been made on the request while the water company waits for an answer.

According to Vice Mayor Ceciron Cawaling, the Town Council already has to make a decision, and when a decision has been made the decision whether a permit will be issued will be in the hands of the Chief Executive.

Allegedly, as of press time, no problem has been seen on the request of Boracay Tubi and all the requirements have been submitted and processes been followed, hence it should already be endorsed.

BIHA bothered with MARINA’s sluggish service

Members of the Boracay Island Hopping Association are having dilemmas towards their document’s slow-moving process.

This is what SB Member Jupiter Gallenero, Chairman of Committee on Cooperatives has revealed during the SB Malay’s session.

According to Gallenero the mentioned cooperative are bothered and are appealing for assistance.

The reason behind is that their motor boat’s documents for operation and are for renewal are still at the MARINA office.

This caused the boat operators to complain about the sluggish processing of their papers.

More so, that the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) Boracay diligently implements their operation of seizing motor boats operating without necessary documents for 2013.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


MBC PAMASKONG MILYONES 2012 GRAND DRAW WINNERS     (Grand Draw: January 25, 2013)

One (1) Million Peso Winner (Grand Prize):
Marie Jo Bonamel Yao –Caloocan City    
POP:  Joy Dishwashing Liquid - Love Radio Manila

Two (2) Winners of P10, 000.00 (Consolation Prize):
Eddie Ayco – Nabaoy, Malay      
POP: Downy – Easy Rock Boracay

Jesusa Ronquillo – Tambisaan, Manoc, Manoc   
POP: Joy Dishwashing Liquid – YES FM Boracay


One (1) Million Peso Winner (Grand Prize):
Evelyn Anosa – Brgy. Bugtosan, Las Navas, Northern Samar        
POP: Gran Matador – Radyo Natin

One (1) Winner of P10, 000.00 (Consolation Prize):
Josie Puod – Lanas, Inihawan, Romblon                
POP: GSM Blue – YES FM Boracay

Please wait for further information to claim your prize


A  Transmittal Letter was released by the office of Island Administrator, Glenn Sacapañas a defense regarding the processing of business permits.

This is in relation to the recent comment of the Town Council of Malay which alleged that the processing of papers was slow and some requirements without basis are being required.

The Transmittal Letter sent to Yes FM 911 News Center stated that comments on the system and processing of requirements in obtaining business permits are welcome for improvements.

Allegedly, the requirements have a huge role in taking care of the Island of Boracay, aside from having originated from the ordinances which were well thought of, passed and made into law by the Town Council itself.

These requirements could allegedly be used to correct non compliance or violations of rules or ordinances of Boracay Island.

Sacapaño believes that incomplete requirements could be the cause of the delay and slow processing.

In addition, he appealed to all, including the Town Council Member who made the comments, for cooperation for a better processing of papers.

Vendors at vegetation areas in Balabag beach front, totally prohibited come February 1

“Tanods” of Baranggay Balabag patrolled the beach front of their jurisdiction.
This is after Baranggay Balabag Chairman Lilibeth Sacapaño ordered them to remind the vendors regarding their agreement these past weeks.
In an interview with the Chairwoman, she said that they had an agreement with the Vendors Association that by February 1st none of them will be vending at the vegetation area in Brgy. Balabag.
According to Sacapaño the vendors are aware, based on a Municipal Ordinance, that this is prohibited, and that they have only been given a privilege and were excused for quite a long time.
In fact, she is thankful that they (the vendors) understand that what they are aiming for is its long term effect on the island’s tourism.
The members of the Association themselves, the chairwoman added, concurred that selling at the vegetation area is actually an eye sore since they often are in a large group.
Meanwhile, although they had already set an agreement with the Vendors Association, she still ordered the “Tanods” to remind them again.
This is aside from the notice that they have sent to the Association.

Suspension of X-ray examination requirement for employees in Boracay, requested

“To suspend the x-ray examination as a requirement for employees in Boracay”
This is what SB Member Dante Pagsugiron is requesting.
In his privilege speech during Tuesday’s SB Session, Pagsuguiron expressed his concern that it causes difficulty to both the employees and employers.
According to him, the recent number of x-ray machines in Boracay is not enough to cater the many employees in the island, thereby causing such a delay in processing business permit renewals.
For this reason the Municipal Council will send a letter of appeal to the Mayor.
They find this X-ray examination as a reason of delay, more so that it takes about a week for its result to be released.
Plus heaps and heaps of other requirements are still needed to be passed.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Island Administrator Glenn Sacapaño to BAG Members: let’s help each other

Shortcomings in 2012 must be made up this 2013.

This is what Island Administrator Glenn Sacapaño has said during an interview regarding the first meeting of the Boracay Action Group or BAG this year.

After acknowledging and extending his gratitude to all the contributions of the private and business sectors and other members of BAG, Sacapaño expressed his message of encouragement.

He urged them to cooperate and help each other to maintain what the island has achieved such as becoming a premier tourist destination.

The Island Administrator believes that community’s oneness together with the BAG has a huge impact on the island’s development.

The Boracay Action Group has been of service for more than two years now since it was established from what was then the Boracay Action Team.

It is comprised of volunteers from different sectors such as the life guard, Boracay PNP, Coastguard, and Municipal Auxiliary Police among others.

Monday, January 28, 2013


The fund for the Cagban and Caticlan Jetty Ports is seventy eight million pesos (P78 Million) for 2013.

In the allocation given by the Provincial Government, almost thirty million pesos (P30 Million), according to Jetty Port Administrator Nieven Maquirang, will go to the salary for employees including security guards and utility personnel of the two ports.

Maquirang said facilities to be added this year will be metal detector or x-ray machine for the operation of the Roll-On Roll-Off (RORO) at Caticlan Port.

Aside from this, there will also be some structures to be made, hence the fund for the Jetty Port was allegedly increased from sixty million pesos (P60 Million) to P78 Million.

Meanwhile, with the use of the P78 Million fund, the provincial government is expecting that the target collection of two hundred sixty million pesos (P260 Million) for 2013 will be met.

The target collection in the previous year was one hundred eighteen million pesos (P118 Million).

Since during the month of May the Terminal Fee was increased, the target collection was met and the ports earned one hundred seventy five million (P175 Million) surplus.

4th Cruise ship to dock at Boracay, signals

The second and third cruise ships set to dock at Boracay are yet to come.

With this however, another luxury liner signals to visit the island carrying with it hundreds and even thousands of passengers.

As stated by Caticlan Jetty Port Administrator Nieven Maquirang, another cruise ship based in the United States intends to pass by the Philippines and has Boracay as a target destination.

The date of its arrival is yet to be scheduled.

Meanwhile at this moment, Maquirang said that they are continuously promoting the island to shipping companies, which are now one of Boracay’s target markets.

If this plan will pursue, the said ship will be the fourth cruise ship to visit the island.

The first two other ocean liners are expected to dock on February 28, and March 19.

Back in October last year, Caribbean cruise ship Legend of the Seas was first to dock in Boracay.