Saturday, February 2, 2013

Balabag Baranggay Chairman apologizes for the slow-moving release of Baranggay Clearances

Balabag Baranggay Chairman Lilibeth Sacapano herself apologized and asked for the public’s understanding for the slow processing of documents at the Baranggay Hall.

This is amid all the efforts they have given to speed things up and cater all transactions such as with the Baranggay Clearance, IDs and Cedulas.

However there are some inevitable circumstances which could delay the process, a brown out for instance, which affects their operation.

They sometimes run out of receipts and other forms.

For this reason they set fund for a generator for the hall.

In fact, Sacapano said, they have added some personnel to accommodate everybody; especially it is the period of Business Permit renewals.

Aside from this, the chairwoman said, Balabag cannot be compared with other baranggays on the island as it has the most number of populations.

On the last survey in 2012 Balabag has a record of about 2000 individuals including non-local residents.

And as a response to those complaining about several requirements, Sacapano said this is a must for them to identify all the residents living in the area for security and implementation of regulations for the baranggay’s  orderliness.

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