Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Vendors at vegetation areas in Balabag beach front, totally prohibited come February 1

“Tanods” of Baranggay Balabag patrolled the beach front of their jurisdiction.
This is after Baranggay Balabag Chairman Lilibeth Sacapaño ordered them to remind the vendors regarding their agreement these past weeks.
In an interview with the Chairwoman, she said that they had an agreement with the Vendors Association that by February 1st none of them will be vending at the vegetation area in Brgy. Balabag.
According to Sacapaño the vendors are aware, based on a Municipal Ordinance, that this is prohibited, and that they have only been given a privilege and were excused for quite a long time.
In fact, she is thankful that they (the vendors) understand that what they are aiming for is its long term effect on the island’s tourism.
The members of the Association themselves, the chairwoman added, concurred that selling at the vegetation area is actually an eye sore since they often are in a large group.
Meanwhile, although they had already set an agreement with the Vendors Association, she still ordered the “Tanods” to remind them again.
This is aside from the notice that they have sent to the Association.

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