Saturday, July 13, 2013

Oyster Ferry, unsure of when to return to Boracay

Written by: Jay-ar Arante

It is not sure as to when Oyster Ferry would return and operate again in Boracay.

This is according to Jetty Port Statistician and Technical Assistant Marce Bernabe, stating that he hasn’t received any report as to when the fast-craft ferry will be back to resume its operation in the island.

Earlier, Caticlan Philippine Coast Guard PO1st Rokie Borja said that the ferry was expected to return to Boracay this July.

He said Oyster Ferry was brought to Navotas City for a “dry dock” which is being carried out annually.

Here, the fast-craft is checked and or fixed.

Meanwhile, Oyster Ferry have been of help to travelers going to and from Boracay as it could carry more passengers and operates at night.

However, the fast-craft has previously been in hot water for being in a controversy of disposing sea waste into to the waters which is strictly prohibited as it could destroy the island’s tourism industry.

Translated By: Shelah Casiano

Friday, July 12, 2013

Special Education Fund, a possible solution for BNHS’s flooding problem

Written by: Shelah Casiano

Good news.

This is how Boracay National High School Principal II Jose Niro Nillasca described the Special Education Fund (SEF) intended for the flooding problem of the school.

During an interview, Nillasca cited flooding, particularly this rainy season, as the immediate and urgent concern of the BNHS.

The Principal said that he already coordinated with the Municipal Engineering’s Office, adding that the Municipal Engineer will set a schedule to visit the school to start on the planning.

Although, not having the full idea of how the construction will go, Nillasca said the plan is to elevate the classrooms.

Nillasca also mentioned that as of the moment, the problem was lessened as Balabag Brgy. Captain Lilibeth Sacapano also sends a siphoning motor.

If carried out, this project will be the possible solution to the problem that has long been suffered by the BNHS.

Another Fishing Vessel caught Spear Fishing

BANTAY DAGAT arrested another compressor fishing vessel.

It was on Tuesday, July 9, 2013 around 4 in the afternoon, when one boat captain and his two personnel were seized after it was found out that they are doing spear fishing using scuba gears in the dive site of Station 1.

The 3 personnel were immediately brought to BANTAY DAGAT headquarters for investigation and it was confirmed that they are illegally fishing using spears.

Whereof, the arrested personnel said it was their first time to do this illegal act.

BANTAY DAGAT confiscated all their catch estimating to around 3 kilos including lobster, scuba gears, and issued CITATION ticket, wherein they violated Malay Municipal Ordinance No. 237 that regulates municipal fishing within the territorial waters of Malay.

BANTAY DAGAT has been deploying local assets in certain places to guard the municipal waters.

Moreover, they reminded the public specifically the divers to avoid fishing and refrain from coral harvesting in the dive site. This is to take good care of marine resources to continue promote Boracay Island.

Contributed by:  Kate Panaligan

Sewer connection at Bolabog area target date of completion, this month

Written by: Christy Dela Torre

The Boracay Island Water Company (BIWC) is now all out working to complete its projects as part of the company’s Waste Water Network Expansion.

One in particular, is the on-going sewer line construction at Bolabog area, at the front of Boracay National High School, which has caused some inconvenience to the residents as well as the students.

According to BIWC Customer Services Officer Acs Aldaba, they held a meeting last Monday based on the update report on the mentioned sewer line connection.

They are also on the target of completion this month, and are now working on the minor jobs such as restoration and tapping of manholes.

Earlier, there have been a number of complaints regarding the nuisance it has brought, particularly to the motorists.

However, Aldaba has also previously stated that the sewer line connection would be a factor to lessen the flooding at the area, mainly at the school, which has long been a major dilemma.

Translated by: Shelah Casiano

Thursday, July 11, 2013


Written by:  Jay-ar M. Arante

A ship from Star Cruises Samin China will visit Boracay for inspection on Saturday.

According to Jetty Port Statistician and Assistant Administrator Mars Bernabe, the visit will be in connection to the voyage of two cruise ships to the island in October and November.
File:Norwegian Dream1.jpg

Bernabe said the Department of Tourism, representatives from the Caticlan Jetty Port, and one (1) transport service agency will accompany the Star Cruise ship team for the inspection on Saturday and Sunday, July 13 and 14.

Places in Boracay that could possibly be visited by tourists from the two (2) cruise ships will be inspected.
Superstar Virgo

Bernabe added that, aside from Boracay, other places for tourism in Aklan that the tourists could possibly visit will also be inspected.

He had previously said that before the end of 2013, two (2) cruise ships will visit Boracay, aside from another in the coming year.

The ship “SuperStar Gemini” will be in Boracay in October, while “SuperStar Aquarius” will be visiting in November. Each cruise ship has passengers of almost one thousand five hundred (1,500).

Meanwhile, preparations are continuously made for the visit of the cruise ships, and it includes the preparation for the safety of the passengers.

Translated/Edited by: Rodel J. Abalus

SK Malay focuses on project before its term ends in October

Written by: Jay-ar Arante

The Sangguniang Kabataan or the Youth Council of Malay is now focusing on a livelihood project before its term ends in October 2013.

According to Malay SK Federation President Cristina Daguno, prior to the end of her tenure as leader to Malay’s youth, their last project which is on Livelihood is expected to be completed.

This, Daguno said, is a good project and would greatly help the youth, especially those who are out of school, who will possibly acquire the benefits of the project as it will be entrusted to them.

They are looking to establish the said program at Brgy. Dumlog or Kabulihan , an area seen to be a good location for such project which includes raising fowls and others.

The said Livelihood Project is also for the succeeding SK leader to expand and for them to help a greater number of people.

Meanwhile, Daguno expressed her gratitude for the chance to serve the Municipality and represent the youth in the council for the younger group’s voices to be heard and to share the programs and or projects that they wish to achieve.

Translated by: Shelah Casiano

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Written by:  Jay-ar M. Arante

Power interruptions at some portions of Boracay are expected on Thursday, July11.

Based on the power advisory released today, July 10, by Aklan Electric Cooperative Incorporated (Akelco), there will be a fifteen (15) minute power interruption from 8 until 8:15 in the morning, tomorrow, Thursday,  July 11 at portions of Bolabog, Lapus-Lapus, Pinaungon, Station 1, and Balabag plaza for “Isolation of Power” related to the “Replacement of Distribution Poles and Clearing of Lines.

Meanwhile, portions of Pinaungon, Sinagpa, Diniwid, and Yapak Village will have power interruption from 8 in the morning until 5 in the afternoon for the “Replacement of Distribution Poles and Clearing of Lines.”

If there are questions to be made, please text Akelco’s hotline at 090-742-236-29 or call 274-72-44 and look for Engr. Joel Martinez, or Engr. Arnaldo Arboleda.

Translated/Edited by: Rodel J. Abalus

BNHS addresses cutting classes’ problems

With the night classes going on, some students of Boracay National High school find another way to cut classes.

BNHS, lead School Principal II Jose Niro R. Nillasca, has sent a letter to the parents on the schedule of opening and closing of the school gate that was implemented on Monday, July 8.

During an interview, Mr. Nillasca, who took post as Principal just recently, admitted and expressed his concern over the fact that a few number of students really are skipping classes.

The letter contained the laid-out schedule for the parents to be aware of the times that their children should be inside the campus, adding that outside those times which are considered to be non-class hours they can no longer control the children.

The principal also mentioned about their plan of using the students' IDs to further control it.

However, Mr. Nillasca said that the students will possibly have their new IDs mid-July as it is still on the process.

But by that time, whenever students will be going out for a break for instance, they will be required to surrender their IDs to the guard, if they failed to claim it, meaning they did not return to the class.

The new IDs will be free as it is covered by DepEds MOOE (or maintenance and other operating expenses). If in event the student lost it, they will have to pay for a new one.

Meanwhile, the Principal cited consideration for the Four-days-a-week subjects.

This means, that in some days, students may have finished their classes earlier or are free during a certain time.

In line with this, Mr. Nillasca said that they might revise their schedule, in such a way that vacant periods will be on later hours.

By: Ma. Shelah Casiano

BFI, no objections on the reclamation at Caticlan if it’s only 2.6 hectares

Written By: Peach Ledesma

The Boracay Foundation Incorporated (BFI) won’t be having any objections if the reclamation project at Brgy. Caticlan will push through.

This, however, is if the Provincial Government of Aklan will pursue the project with only an area of 2.6 hectares.

This is BFI President Jony Salme’s reaction on an account that what they are only against with is the 30-hectare reclamation that the Provincial Government wants to implement previously.

According to Salme, the 2.6 dimension is what the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) has given a “go signal”, and is the area stated on the resolution and endorsement of the Municipal Council of Malay.

If, on the other hand, the Province will push on the previous proposal, the BFI will once again do a move to stop it.

The station has earlier reported Aklan Congressman Teodoro Hareso’s statement to continue the reclamation project in Caticlan for the sake of the tourists in Boracay.

Haresco declared this during the oath taking of the newly elected officials in the Municipality of Malay on the 22nd last month.

Translated by: Shelah Casiano

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Written by Jay-ar M. Arante

The wild life attraction of a resort in Boracay has been stopped.

According to Community Environment and Natural Resources Office (Cenro) Boracay-Protected Areas and Wildlife in Charge, Nilo Subong, the permit to operate for the tiger and python by the resort expired in the end of the month of June.

However, the management of the resort was reportedly asking for extension from the Region’s Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) to continue in its operation.

At the meantime the tiger and python are with the care of the resort and are no longer displayed at the front beach in adherence to the rule of Cenro Boracay.

Subong added that the two mentioned animals are not dangerous since they have been taken cared of since they were born, so those who would like to get near, need not be afraid.

He explained that animals that have been taken cared of since birth are not dangerous compared to animals which were already adults before they had someone to take care of them.

The two animals were entangled in controversy in the island because of criticisms from Facebook accounts related to the resort’s operation of a wildlife attraction.

Some tourists were also afraid to move near the animals which were believed to be dangerous and were only held by rope while being looked after by their caretakers.

Meanwhile, if the Regional Office of the DENR cannot grant the request of the resort for extension of its permit to operate, there is possibility that the animals will be brought back to Cebu where they came from.

Translated/Edited by: Rodel J. Abalus

Illegal fishing in Boracay, refuted by the Philippine Coast Guard

The Philippine Coast Guard refutes the issue on an alleged illegal fishing in Boracay.

In an interview with PO1st Condrito Alvarez of the Phil. Coast Guard Boracay Detachment, he said that most of the fishermen are indeed from Buruanga, Aklan.

Condrito, however clarified that their fishing area is away from Boracay’s vicinity, and in fact is already a part of the Caluya Island.

He added that Coast Guard Commander Lieutenant Vingno himself had talked with the fishing operators and explained the Malay Ordinance that prohibits fishing within Boracay’s area.

Meanwhile, with regards to Island Hoppers in Boracay, they were already informed of the areas restricted for fishing such as what is called the coral gardens.

Also, aside from the members of Boracay Association of Scuba Diving Schools or BASS, there are a number of stakeholders and boat operators who reports any illegal activities, resulting to a managed situation on illegal fishing.

Nonetheless, Alvarez bluntly said “only our apologies” to whoever will be caught-in-the-act violating the ordinance regarding this matter.

This report followed after information that an alleged illegal fishing is occurring in the island.

Increasing number of commissioners on the island, a dilemma for LGU-Malay and DOT

The Local Government of Malay and the Department of Tourism are having concerns regarding the increasing number of commissioners in the island.

In an interview with DOT Officer-in-Charge Tim Ticar, he said that their department alongside the LGU is now focusing on this matter as it poses as a problem.

The term commissioner refers to an individual who are offering island activities and such to the tourists.

According to Ticar, there are reports of complaints from the visitors on how some of these commissioners would stop them or be in their way and end up being bothersome.

The DOT OIC added, that it would be ok if they won’t come crowding in to cause enough nuisance.

But he also acknowledged those who are properly approaching that guests and are wearing their IDs.

In the meantime, the DOT and LGU-Malay are looking for ways to prevent the commissioners’ growing numbers for them to effectively control and monitor.

Monday, July 8, 2013


Written by: Jay-ar M. Arante
The Department of Tourism is still happy over the new ranking of Boracay Island.

This is despite being ranked number two (2) this year, a notch lower than the previous year on the newly released New York Travel and Leisure Magazine  survey  of December 2012 until April 2013.

According to DOT Boracay Officer-In-Charge Tim Ticar, the department has nothing to be sad or disappointed about the new ranking.

He added that the department is still happy even with the 2nd place ranking.

Ticar further added that it is still an achievement to be proud of to the world wherein two (2) of the most beautiful islands in the country led the ten (10) most beautiful islands in the whole world.

Palawan tops the ranking, followed by Boracay Island at second. Third is Maui of Hawaii, followed by Santorini of Greece, Prince Edward Island of Canada, the island of Bali of Indonesia, Sicily of Italy, Koh Samui of Thailand, and Galapagos Island of Ecuador.

Boracay Island was ranked the most beautiful island in the world in 2012 by the New York Travel and Leisure Magazine.

In addition, Ticar is glad regarding the continuous arrival of tourists in Boracay from other countries to experience the beauty of the island.

Translated/Edited by: Rodel J.Abalus

Launching of BTAC’s 20 Bicycle Patrols, conducted today at Balabag Plaza

20 Bicycle Patrols have been turned-over to the members of the Boracay Tourists Assistance Center (BTAC) last Friday.

Following this, a formal launching of the said units is conducted today at the Balabag Plaza.

This comes after the Boracay Action group’s joint flag-raising.

According to Boracay PNP Chief Police Sr./Insp. Joeffer Cabural , the Police-on-bikes will take a spin on the island as part of the public’s awareness.

Cabural earlier, however, said that the activity will depend on the weather condition.

The program aims to widen their patrol’s coverage, and for a more prompt response to any untoward incidents in Boracay.

The Chief also confirmed the “Bicycle Training” that 20 BTAC members have undergone in Camp Delgado in Iloilo City.

Included in the said training was the proper use of bicycles when responding to crime scenes, proper use of firearms when on the bike, and many others.

He added that they, at BTAC were the first batch to go through the training for this New PNP Program, which focuses primarily in Western Visayas, particularly in Boracay.