Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Illegal fishing in Boracay, refuted by the Philippine Coast Guard

The Philippine Coast Guard refutes the issue on an alleged illegal fishing in Boracay.

In an interview with PO1st Condrito Alvarez of the Phil. Coast Guard Boracay Detachment, he said that most of the fishermen are indeed from Buruanga, Aklan.

Condrito, however clarified that their fishing area is away from Boracay’s vicinity, and in fact is already a part of the Caluya Island.

He added that Coast Guard Commander Lieutenant Vingno himself had talked with the fishing operators and explained the Malay Ordinance that prohibits fishing within Boracay’s area.

Meanwhile, with regards to Island Hoppers in Boracay, they were already informed of the areas restricted for fishing such as what is called the coral gardens.

Also, aside from the members of Boracay Association of Scuba Diving Schools or BASS, there are a number of stakeholders and boat operators who reports any illegal activities, resulting to a managed situation on illegal fishing.

Nonetheless, Alvarez bluntly said “only our apologies” to whoever will be caught-in-the-act violating the ordinance regarding this matter.

This report followed after information that an alleged illegal fishing is occurring in the island.

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