Friday, July 12, 2013

Sewer connection at Bolabog area target date of completion, this month

Written by: Christy Dela Torre

The Boracay Island Water Company (BIWC) is now all out working to complete its projects as part of the company’s Waste Water Network Expansion.

One in particular, is the on-going sewer line construction at Bolabog area, at the front of Boracay National High School, which has caused some inconvenience to the residents as well as the students.

According to BIWC Customer Services Officer Acs Aldaba, they held a meeting last Monday based on the update report on the mentioned sewer line connection.

They are also on the target of completion this month, and are now working on the minor jobs such as restoration and tapping of manholes.

Earlier, there have been a number of complaints regarding the nuisance it has brought, particularly to the motorists.

However, Aldaba has also previously stated that the sewer line connection would be a factor to lessen the flooding at the area, mainly at the school, which has long been a major dilemma.

Translated by: Shelah Casiano

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