Saturday, September 22, 2012

UAAP 2012 Cheerdance Competition Winners!

UAAP 2012 Samsung Cheerdance Competition winners:

Champion: UP Pep Squad -University of the Philippines
First Runner-up: FEU Pep Squad - Far Eastern University
Second Runner-up: NU Pep Squad - National University

Congratulations to UP for their 3-peat win and total 8th title!

Watch UP's routine here:

Watch FEU's routine here:

Streetlights in Boracay, still a concern

Like other tourists, SB Member Jupiter Gallenero, Committee Chairman on Public Safety is hoping that before December, the streetlights in Boracay will be fixed and utilized.

This is the councilman’s reaction regarding the public’s request to put up streetlights in some areas of Boracay aside from the main road.

Gallenero said the streetlights which were a project of what was then Philippine Tourism Authority is having a problem with connections until now, the reason why some areas of the main road are not lit.

The SB Member however said that this is now being handled by the Executive Level particularly of the Mayor’s office.

There have been a number of crimes recorded by the island police, which had occurred in areas with no streetlights or have occurred because there are no lightings on the streets or some areas in Boracay.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Solution on Exposed Electric Wires at the Beach Line - Stakeholders' Cooperation Needed

Although it is only noticed during Southwest Monsoon, the electric wires that are exposed from establishments in the island particularly at the beach line at Station 1, can no longer be hidden especially during low tide.

This is because some plastic tubes for these electric wires buried in the sand are now showing while others are broken and their wires are exposed.

On this, Town Council Jupiter Gallenero, Chairman of the Committee on Public Safety asked owners of establishments for cooperation, that if possible such wires be removed or fixed since these put tourists in danger.

Meanwhile, aside from the wires at the coastal area, some wiring for lights put by establishments are also exposed at the vegetation area, and these are likewise unsafe.

Shifting to new units for tricycles in Boracay, now prohibited

The Municipal Transportation Office together with the Municipal Council of Malay targets to disseminate and explain to tricycle drivers and or operators in Boracay the strict prohibition of applications for shifting or changing motorcycles for a new unit.

In line with this, SB Member Dante Pagsugiron advices the operators to avoid purchasing new motorcycles in exchange to the units that they are currently using.

This is because the council has a resolution to stop the issuance of permits for now, which is in line with the implementation of the Electric tricycle or e-trike program in the island.

The councilman also advised the operators, especially those who are planning to change their current units to consult the transportation office to examine if there really is a need for a new unit or this could be repaired for the meantime.

Pagusigon explained that the Local government of Malay finds it difficult dealing with those who has a new motorcycle unit as most drivers/owners often reason out that the units needs to be on operation as it is still for payment or is an installment.

Reasons which can actually affect the E-trike program in the island.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Negative Commetnts on Boracay Island - Welcome to the DOT of Boracay

The existence of many problems in Boracay was admitted by Boracay Department of Tourism Officer In Charge, Tim Ticar.

He added that because of the existence of problems, if there are negative comments by tourists about the island, such comments are welcomed with delight.

This was the reaction of Ticar to the letter containing negative comments on Boracay sent by tourist John Blanchard, an English national, to the Yes FM 911.

Contained in the letter was Blanchard’s comment that Boracay is the ugliest tourist destination he has been. Adding that he would distribute the scenario he had witnessed on the Internet. Blanchard also recommended that the head of Boracay be replaced by someone who has concern for the island.

Blanchard’s letter contained alleged observations of harassment by vendors and commissioners on relaxing tourists at the front beach, scattered garbage, and few garbage bins, and restaurants alleged to be lacking in cleanliness.

However, Ticar said that the comments seemed extreme since he said that the truth was the LGU of Malay is also acting on the said issues.

Nevertheless, Ticar clarified that Blanchard had points on what he said since the island really has problems.

Nonetheless, the DOT’s Office In Charge said such comments are welcome because these would be helpful in giving solution to the problems of Boracay. In relation to this, Ticar encouraged tourists to give comments for the making of action plan.

In conclusion, Ticar said he would also bring up the comments of Blanchard to the concerned authority.

SB Malay clammed up by COA

Members of the Municipal Council of Malay went mum as State Auditor Judy Candari of the Commission on Audit/COA started speaking on the “Question Hour” during the council's session last Tuesday.

This is after the Auditors tone of speaking suggests that the council has inadequacy or has fallen short of ensuring the safety of Malay's “vault” or “depository.”

Particularly when Candari mentioned how the Legislative Body refused of having the salaries of LGU Malay employees be in the means of an Automated Teller Machine/ATM, and how they are hesitant to have a Land Bank branch here.

The COA claimed to have seen in the records that there are some amounts of money being released from the municipality that has been issued and handled not by an authorized personnel or a disbursement officer, and there are transactions of cash-advance which are obtained from the 'box' or 'cash-registry' when this is supposed to be prohibited.

The usual alibi was said to be because the disbursing officer is at Mainland Malay and the transactions occur at the Action Center in Boracay.

Candari suggested for additional disbursement officers for the island so that the fund will be handled and issued by an authorized person.

This Reaction by the COA officer followed after learning from the Manager of Land Bank of the Philippines Kalibo Branch that it was the SB who refused that the bank will have a branch in Malay.

Auditor of COA Aklan, wrong about SB Malay

On a session last Tuesday, members of the Municipal Council of Malay answered back after State Auditor Judy Candari of the Commission on Audit/COA-Aklan was done with her speaking which has a tinge of preaching.

The auditor’s message was said to be the opposite of what the SB is acting on months ago.

This is because, what Candari doesn’t know is that the SB had already tackled this issue in the past sessions and that the office of the Chief Executive had already sent a letter requesting Land Bank to have a branch in Boracay or Caticlan.

In fact, this request, of a Land Bank branch, has been their aim for quite a long time in order to ensure the safety of the Town’s funds.

They are concerned of the risks taken when the collections of Malay are being transported to be deposited in Kalibo, because the LGU Malay’s account is at Land Bank alone.

The council said they also wondered why the mentioned bank seemed to be hesitant of having a branch in Malay when the town could actually deposit a large amount of money, and they could gain more clients as Malay can be considered a “business central” because of Boracay.

After being enlightened, the State Auditor expressed amusement, out of what seemed to be a slight embarrassment,  as it turned out that she had obtain a wrong information from the Bank.

And because Candari was mistaken, the SB Malay took the opportunity to express their concern about the mentioned bank’s reluctance.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Flood and Drainage Problems Welcomed the New OIC of the DOT

The issues on flood and Drainage in Boracay were presented by the Town Council of Malay to the new Officer In Charge, Tim Ticar, of the Department of Tourism.

During Ticar’s attendance at the Town Council session Tuesday morning for a courtesy call, he answered some of the appeals of the Council including the Council’s request to be updated regarding the Drainage project in Boracay.

This followed Ticar’s announcement that he had a scheduled dialogue with the Boracay Island Water Company (BIWC).

Town Council Member Dante Pagsugiron requested Ticar to inquire about the plan of Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority (TIEZA) since the agency had allegedly promised several times to the Local Government of Malay , that it would fix the drainage problem.

Meanwhile, the Town Council also asked Ticar of his plans as the new OIC of the DOT, adding that the Council had not felt the presence of the DOT for some time in the island.

Although Ticar did not answer directly, he said that they have their own management styles. He added that he was instructed by higher authority to have an open communication with the LGU of Malay and stakeholders to know their sentiments. With this he said he would persistently communicate with the Town Council about different matters related to tourism.

In turn, the Council expressed its interest in helping the DOT.

Landfill at Baranggay Cabulihan, nearly full

The Municipal Council of Malay is set to conduct an inspection at Brgy. Cabulihan as it was observed that the landfill made for residual waste here are quite small.

The Town Council is planning to have an investigation and to study of what had occurred because it was being projected that the disposal area will be filled in 2017, but is almost brimming at the moment.

As a matter of fact, according to the councilmen if all the residual waste in Boracay is to be loaded, the landfill would be totally full.

In line with this, they are to look at the plan of JIACA, the group which conducted the study before this 40-million-peso landfill project was carried out.

Aside from this, they will also inquire from the contractors about problems that were encountered.

On the other hand, SB Member Jupiter Gallenero had learned and revealed that JIACA had a mistake in projection, the reason that this landfill which was expected to be filled in 2017 is almost loaded now.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Drainage at the Front Beach That Spews Water Cannot be Closed

It seems that nothing more can be done by the Local Government of Malay to the problem of water flowing from the Drainage going to the front beach at Station 2.

Island Administrator Glenn Sacapaño said that this is normal and it is the outlet of water, hence it is not possible to close the Drainage. This is allegedly because when it rains hard, water which gets accumulated goes to this Drainage which eventually flows to the beach.

The Administrator said that the Drainage was closed in the past by the Provincial Government and the Department of Tourism, however, water still overflowed in the middle of the island.

Nevertheless, he said water only flows from the Drainage when it is rainy season, but during dry season the area is orderly.

Sacapaño added that they are nonetheless monitoring the area to keep it uncluttered.

Electric rates this September, more than one peso lesser

The rainy season had brought about lesser consumption of electricity.

That is why the Aklan Electric Cooperative/Akelco will be implementing a more than one peso drop off per kilowatt-hour in electric charges this September.

This is Akleco’s early Christmas as the “ber” months begin.

In the previous month, August, the charge for residential was 11.14/kwH, however the Cooperative’s notice states that starting this September this will go down at 10 peso per kwH only.

Meanwhile for commercial rates, this will also be lesser at 9 pesos from the previous rate which is 10.25/kwH.

According to Akleco this cut in the billing is the result of the also lower demand especially this rainy season.

Moreover, the rain water brought about by the frequent down pour had also helped in the operation of the hydroelectric power plant which is the source and supplier of energy of the Spot Market, thus the lessened rate of Akleco’s purchased energy.

However, Akelco had also warned the consumers of a possible increase in charges this coming October.

Akelco added that this is because the electricity rate depends on the demand, generation charges and system loss.

In line with this Akleco still advices the public of wise electricity consumption.

American Idol Season 11 Top 10 finalists are in Manila! reported that as of 5:54 am on Sept. 18, ABS-CBN's Umagang Kay Ganda has reported that the American Idol season 11 finalists have landed at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport.
Phillip Phillips, Jessica Sanchez, Joshua Ledet, DeAndre Brackensick, Elise Testone, Erika Van Pelt, Hee Jun Han, Skylar Laine, Colton Dixon and Hollie Cavanagh will be having a one-night concert at the Smart Araneta Coliseum on Sept. 21, Friday.
Today at 1 pm, the AI finalists will be meeting the press at The Manila Hotel.
Sept. 19, Wednesday, 5pm:
Eastwood City - Jessica, Elise, DeAndre, Heejun and Erika
Glorietta Activity Center - Phillip, Colton, Joshua, Skylar and Hollie
Sept. 20, Thursday, 5pm:
Alabang Town Center - Jessica, Elise, DeAndre, Heejun and Erika
Venice Piazza McKinley Hill - Phillip, Colton, Joshua, Skylar and Hollie
And while the rest of the Top 10 are in the country only for the week, Sanchez might stay longer to work on endorsements and other possible projects. 
Ticket Prices:
VIP  (seated)  – P11,090
Patron (seated) – P10,560
Patron (standing) – P9,770
Lower Box VIP – P7,920
Lower Box Regular – P5,810
Upper Box A (UA) – P3,700
Upper Box B (UB) – P2,115
General Admission (GA) – P845
Call 911 5555 for ticket reservation. Reserve online at  Ticketnet 

Monday, September 17, 2012

Red Cross to Focus on the Management of Life Guards

One of the current priorities of the Philippine National Red Cross Malay Boracay Chapter in their Life Guarding Services is the management and training for the Life Guard in the island.

This is the plan by the Red Cross especially that a trainer was sent by the Philippine National Red Cross in the person of David Field, a professional lifeguard whose objective is to complete his commitment of giving sufficient capability to the Life Guards and to lessen the cases of drowning in the island.

The target of Red Cross is allegedly to make Boracay a Safe Destination and for Boracay to attain international standard when it comes to life saving.

Although some members of the Life Guard have undergone training, Field admitted in his presentation at the Town Council that aside from the problem of insufficient number of lifeguards on duty, the Life Guards’ capability is still lacking.

Field added that it can be expected that the Red Cross will also have its Life Guards who have sufficient capability, while the former Life Guards will be monitoring the beach line particularly the swimming area.

Included in the plan is the strict implementation of the red flag for the safety of swimmers.

Notice of Violation, already handed to establishments in Boracay with no ECC

CENRO Boracay Office
All establishments in Boracay without an Environmental Compliance Certificate/ECC from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources/DENR have already been given a Notice of Violation.

This has been revealed by Boracay CENRO Officer, Merza Samillano during an interview.

According to CENRO, establishments in Boracay, although having acquired a building permits from the Local Government of Malay, but has no ECC has been issued a Notice of Violation by the Environmental Management Bureau of the DENR.

Particularly those establishments whose developed areas spans more than 1000sq/m and still continued with the construction without having an Environmental Compliance Certificate.

While it was said that there are hundreds of buildings in Boracay without an ECC until now, Samillano hesitated in identifying the exact number of establishments in the island that has not acquired the said requirement.

The Municipal Council of Malay had previously announced that the DENR is no longer giving an ECC for establishments in Boracay, and even Samillano herself has said that the DENR had actually stopped the issuance of EECs way back in 1997.