Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Landfill at Baranggay Cabulihan, nearly full

The Municipal Council of Malay is set to conduct an inspection at Brgy. Cabulihan as it was observed that the landfill made for residual waste here are quite small.

The Town Council is planning to have an investigation and to study of what had occurred because it was being projected that the disposal area will be filled in 2017, but is almost brimming at the moment.

As a matter of fact, according to the councilmen if all the residual waste in Boracay is to be loaded, the landfill would be totally full.

In line with this, they are to look at the plan of JIACA, the group which conducted the study before this 40-million-peso landfill project was carried out.

Aside from this, they will also inquire from the contractors about problems that were encountered.

On the other hand, SB Member Jupiter Gallenero had learned and revealed that JIACA had a mistake in projection, the reason that this landfill which was expected to be filled in 2017 is almost loaded now.

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