Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Electric rates this September, more than one peso lesser

The rainy season had brought about lesser consumption of electricity.

That is why the Aklan Electric Cooperative/Akelco will be implementing a more than one peso drop off per kilowatt-hour in electric charges this September.

This is Akleco’s early Christmas as the “ber” months begin.

In the previous month, August, the charge for residential was 11.14/kwH, however the Cooperative’s notice states that starting this September this will go down at 10 peso per kwH only.

Meanwhile for commercial rates, this will also be lesser at 9 pesos from the previous rate which is 10.25/kwH.

According to Akleco this cut in the billing is the result of the also lower demand especially this rainy season.

Moreover, the rain water brought about by the frequent down pour had also helped in the operation of the hydroelectric power plant which is the source and supplier of energy of the Spot Market, thus the lessened rate of Akleco’s purchased energy.

However, Akelco had also warned the consumers of a possible increase in charges this coming October.

Akelco added that this is because the electricity rate depends on the demand, generation charges and system loss.

In line with this Akleco still advices the public of wise electricity consumption.

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