Saturday, September 22, 2012

Streetlights in Boracay, still a concern

Like other tourists, SB Member Jupiter Gallenero, Committee Chairman on Public Safety is hoping that before December, the streetlights in Boracay will be fixed and utilized.

This is the councilman’s reaction regarding the public’s request to put up streetlights in some areas of Boracay aside from the main road.

Gallenero said the streetlights which were a project of what was then Philippine Tourism Authority is having a problem with connections until now, the reason why some areas of the main road are not lit.

The SB Member however said that this is now being handled by the Executive Level particularly of the Mayor’s office.

There have been a number of crimes recorded by the island police, which had occurred in areas with no streetlights or have occurred because there are no lightings on the streets or some areas in Boracay.

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